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How Automobiles Work

– I think the moment that I realized that I was a bus driver,
as crummy as it sounds, was when I got my employee Opal card. I felt like I was really
part of something special. My name’s Jonah, and
I’ve been a bus driver with State Transit for
about three weeks now. Before this, I worked
with ambulance, but it was very labor-intensive, and the hours were very long. Now that I’m doing bus driving, it’s great, because I don’t
have that labor-intensive work anymore. The hours are good, and I get a good break in between shifts. The pay is better. There’s a lot more
opportunities in State Transit. I know plenty of people who
used to be bus operators that are now doing training, and some have gone all the way to become managers, so
there’s plenty of room to grow in State Transit.

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