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How Automobiles Work

Testing Ford’s new obstacle avoidance
system takes nerves of steel. Researchers take their hands off the steering
wheel — the car automatically brakes and steers itself out of danger. The system is intended to prevent collisions
with slow or stopped vehicles, or pedestrians, and is being developed within a European consortium
including other car manufacturers and research institutes. You’re driving down the road, and a pedestrian
or something comes out from either side of the vehicle from your peripheral vision where
you don’t have a good look at it. Obstacle avoidance can sense that that pedestrian
or that object is coming across the front of your vehicle. If it doesn’t sense you responding accordingly
in your vehicle by braking or manoeuvring, it will take over and apply the brakes so
that you avoid that collision. Rear-end collisions are one of the most common
forms of road accident, but the new technology is intended to make them a thing of the past. The system is designed to be used even in
the most extreme conditions. It uses radars, ultrasonic sensors and a camera
to scan the road up to 200 metres ahead. The results of the research project are due
to be presented at the end of the year.

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