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How Automobiles Work

Stop! Get out! Immediately! Or I am going to shoot… Now go away from the car. Stay there! I am going to take your car. I have to leave fast. First, I have to start the motor. Now I can drive fast. I have to call the police! Hello, please help me. Please remain calm. Describe what happened. My car has been stolen. The man had a pistol. Are you injured? No, I am just shocked. Okay. Where are you at the moment? I am on the Münsterstraße. Could you describe the perpetrator? He is approximately 1.80m tall. He is wearing a black top with a white star. His pants are black. I could not see his face.. He was wearing a mask. Thank you for the description. The police is on the way. Thank you very much. I am waiting here. Thank you for coming. He has driven this way. I think that I have escaped. We got him! He is driving in the front. Oh no, they have caught up with me! What I am going to do now? I have to drive even faster. He becomes faster and faster. We have to follow! Get out of the way! OH NO! Careful! He caused an accident. He wants to escape. I am going to run after him. Freeze! Otherwise, I am going to shoot! Hands in the air! Please don’t shoot! I surrender! I am going to arrest you. You have the right to remain silent. How long do I have to stay in prison? The judge will descide on that. This is unfair! No, you have committed a crime. Subscribe to our channel and turn on the bell notifications, so you don’t miss new videos.

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