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We are on our way to pick up our new car. Yes a new car again! Why? Because we returned the A1, our daily driver we had the A1 for 6 months as a cooperation deal with Audi Schauerte we were allowed to drive a certain amount of miles with the car and we’ve reached the limit, so we returned the A1 last week and today we gonna pick up a new car from Audi Schauerte and this one will be the perfect car for the winter with quattro this time, a little bit bigger and which one is it? You’ll see it in a minute It’s not the best weather to pick up a car it’s dark outside, it’s raining but we gonna film inside so don’t worry you’ll see everything I will make another video where I drive the new car during daytime soon Now I have to hurry up, because we are at the dealer after closing time so we can take the video without other customers and I don’t wanna let Benni wait too long Hurry up, it’s raining! Hi, how are you? Hi! Hey Good to see you Claus! Hi! Oh look this is my A1 that I returned recently exactly, but this one is an identical copy of your A1 with one exception no H&R suspension exactly and the distance washers Okay, for those of you who just found my channel I drove this car until last week Audi A1, I mean the current version with edition one package with the black rings and so on, but now we upgraded a little which fits better to winter time and it’s a bit bigger I don’t want to let you wait too long I don’t want to wait too long either Can we see it? yes of course, I’ve prepared everything so far I find it super cool, I already know what’s underneath this and how it looks like but this has a certain ritual effect it’s supposed to be like that yes it has to be like that ready? and let’s go, here comes a little car porn in 3, 2, 1,… there it is! Finally Audi Q3 Sportback Edition One Edition One! Again! means what? black optic package, black rings and this one is the first version that’s pretty cool, everything is black on the car. You know, I don’t like chrome I don’t like aluminium. All black, rings black all details black like on the A1 before looks awesome! and when you look from this angle it looks like a huge car and because of the black color it’s kinda special isn’t it? I think the car looks big but it isn’t that big I mean the front is huge what’s the size of the car in comparison to other Audis? I would say it is longer than the A3, shorter than the A4 and a little taller Base model is the Q3, so when you look from the side it’ not that huge it just looks big on the front, with the grille and the LED headlights it also has witer tires right? 20″! They look awesome, have you seen such good looking tires for the winter before? I guess those are the rims for the summer too right? Exactly, we just put winter tires on the rims and it just looks amazing Tell us a little bit about the car. What’s the power output? It’s the 45 TFSI, it has 230 HP and it’s a quattro you should have the ideal car for the winter now definately! Here in Sauerland (region in Germany where it snows easily) 230 HP! Leave a comment below: is that enough for the winter? Yes or no? I say yes! I bet you’ll be perfectly prepared for the oncoming winter It’s no benchmark like your previous R8 you can’t compare these two exactly and I had the rear wheel drive R8 and now I have the quattro! the perfect car for the winter So you switched from rear wheel drive (R8) to front wheel drive (A1) to 4-wheel drive (Q3) right, I had all versions now Let’s have a look at the interior That is something you notice immediately blue alcantara leather highly exclusive I like that usually it’s grey, but we decided to go for blue it’s a nice contrast to black I like it that you can order parts in Alcantara at Audi yes that is new, absolutely right I always go for automatic gearbox I don’t drive stick shift anymore especially when you drive a lot and you need to make phonecalls etc. I have to say that I didn’t spec the car This one is a new model which is registered on Audi, that’s why it has “BO” number plate (for Bochum) and not my number plate, I basically rent the car from you for a certain timeframe You specced the car, that means I didn’t say anything about the configuration but still I love how it got specced The only thing I don’t like are leather seats, but that is a matter of taste I prefer sitting on Alcantara or fabric No problem, I can deal with that but still I love the black color the blue Alcantara. Feels good to be in here and it’s no big difference to the A1 Luckily the A1 is really well equipped in it’s class and when the A8 came out with the touch displays you got the touch displays in all cars, even the Q3 now it’s implemented like that that means I know where the functions are Exactly and we have all kinds of smartphone support, it’s really innovative The steering wheel is really nice Yes, especially the flat part here yes with the edges sporty absolutely By the way: Sportback we should show you why it is called sportback oh wait this is cool too! I love the door handles that is they are just installed upside down yes, but that’s cool it’s easier to open the doors like that how is the space in the back? comfortable! comfortable okay But I prefer to sit on the driver’s seat! let me show you the space in the trunk let me sit in it. Okay I’m actually not tall at all I’m 162cm (5’4″) by the way but you have a lot of space above you even the tall people would not touch the roof with the head the seats in the back are really comfortable. You have good space here so, Sportback! Why? 5 doors, Coupé, sport Soupé The Q8 was the very first Coupé that lead the design direction and there was a very high demand for the Q8 and then Audi made the Q3 as a Coupé I have to say that I was never interested in the Q3 but as a sportback it looks nice and sporty absolutely! so, how’s the space? I don’t know! I think it is… when you see it you think: Hey is this a coupé Sophia fits in the trunk when you see the car from outside you don’t think that it has such a big trunk right? But there is lots of space I think it looks bigger than it is but in a positive way. It’s not that huge it’s the perfect car for the city with a lot of space at the same time Here you can see the rear of the normal Q3 It is not that sporty as the designer at Audi made it with the Q3 Sportback and both have daytona-grey paint and this is the Q3 Sportback Same engine, but a little more understatement but when you look again it is way more sporty Absolutely! Same with the design lines From here it goes in the right direction It’s a sexy car isn’t it? I think you can say that Yes you can say that! But I’m happy that I can pick up my car now yes, let’s do that. Unfortunately it is dark outside, but there will be some videos with the car soon! If you have questions regarding the Q3 Sportback, let me know in the comments! and I will try to answer each and everyone of you I take the car and you can finally leave work for today yep and… yep? There will be more videos with the Q3 Sportback when it is sunny outside! and no bad weather anymore I take the car with me and I see you next week at the Essen Motor Show Thank you! Take care! Have fun with the car! Do you open the gate for me please? Of course! Very easy to get in the car same with getting out Ciao! Have fun! Ciao! Alright I’m finally in my garage There it is! It’s at home now it smells like a new car like all kinds of metal and stuff I cannot describe it by the way, here you can see the ambiente light a little bit better the quattro sign is illuminated and the blue Alcantara fits to the blue C63 here you can see both colors I really find the car super fancy As I said: there will be more videos with the Q3 Leave a comment below: What’s your opinion on the Q3 Sportback? Are you a Sportback fan or do you prefer the regular Q3? and yes, of course I’m very happy that I have a new car in my garage to create more content for you! Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel see you next time. Ciao!

39 thoughts on “Mein neues Auto! Perfektes Winterauto!

  1. Die Basis von dem Q3 ist ein Q3 (3.30min)…..welch Erkenntnis 🤣🤣
    Aber Blaue Akzente geht überhaupt nicht!

    Und für den Preis des Q3 bekommst du Leistungsstärkere Autos vom VAG Konzern für den Winter 🤣🤣

  2. Hatte ich als Q3 einen Tag zur Probe.
    Poltriges Fahrwerk schon mit 19-Zoll Rädern.
    Ausgeprägte Anfahrschwäche und Leistungsloch bei Drehzahlen <1700 U/min im Normalmodus.
    Tja, eine gelungene WLTP Abstimmung/Zertifizierung muss man halt können…

  3. Ahja, Automatik damit man telefonieren kann. Telefonieren sollte man ausschließlich über Freisprecheinrichtung. 5:06

  4. Das sieht ja mal mega bescheuert aus, wenn am Heck keine Endrohre sichtbar sind und auf beiden Seiten Rauch rauskommt. 😂

  5. Also jetzt nooooo front, ist auch nur meine Meinung, aber dieses blaue Alcantara finde ich so dermaßen hässlich sry

  6. Also sehe ich das richtig du hast in dem Fall eine Langzeitmiete gemacht, deshalb auch der Kennzeichen AZ für Audi Zentrum?

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