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I’m in a Mercedes AMG S63 and that is a BMW M760li I’m rear wheel drive, he’s all wheel drive But hey, we’re gonna have a drag race anyway Now for more videos like this click on our logo to subscribe to our Channel and make sure you hit the bell icon so you are notified when we make a new upload Right and let’s get it on 3… 2… 1… Good start by me Little bit of traction issues He hasn’t got any But it’s close He’s gonna take it Oh That was close though, and it was just down to that little bit of added traction that he had but once I was going Didn’t really really matter there was nothing in it Now all you non UK viewers may be crying foul and wondering why the heck didn’t we use the all-wheel drive s63 Well, we only get the rear wheel drive version here in Britain so sorry about that. Anyway. It was pretty close the 135 thousand pounds 609 horsepower 6.6 liter v12 BMW covered the standing quarter mile in just eleven point three seconds whereas the 125 thousand pounds 612 horsepower 4-liter v8 Mercedes took eleven point five seconds To negate the fact that this is two-wheel drive and that is all-wheel drive Let’s have a more realistic race the kind you have out on the road so cruising along 50 miles an hour in comfort mode as you would do you mean sports? It wouldn’t be doing it manual you would be in fully auto comfort mode cruising someone challenges you and you put your foot down so you want to see how quick the gearboxes respond and How fast the engines pick up so then it count it in three… two… one go My gearbox kicked down a bit faster. What’s happening here? Ohhhhh…This is exciting. I think this Mercedes Just has the legs over the BMW. It’s pulling the lead that’s enough of that gonna brake here That is a win for the Mercedes in terms of the gearbox this seem to kick down a little bit quicker, but then Dingley on the power so well, but it just seemed to get a lead out Over that BMW such a strong engine even though the engine on the BMW is about 50% larger in terms of capacity AMG make brilliant engines It’s a fact Despite being smaller the AMG’s engine actually has 900 Newton meters of torque compared to the BMWs 800 Newton meters And that’s why even though it faltered slightly have to kick down it managed to pull past the BMW so the score is now one all Time for the decider right now it’s time for a brake test from 70 miles an hour So you just hold it at 70 when we hit the cone full emergency stop see what happens That is so close I’m gonna have to get out to see I’m gonna have to get out to see You know what I think that is win just about for the BMW So close though they could be reaction time error, but you have to hand it to the BMW at 2.2 tonnes It’s 200 kilograms heavier than the Mercedes so did well to beat it in that brake test which means overall the M760 wins 2 to 1 if you enjoyed this video please like it share it click on our logo to subscribe to our channel on the video window for more content or click on the Deals button on the right or the link below the video to see how much you can save on a new car on carwow.com

100 thoughts on “Mercedes-AMG S63 vs BMW M760 – DRAG RACE, ROLLING RACE & BRAKE TEST | Head-to-Head

  1. To all those complaining that we didn't run the S65 – the reason is there isn't one available on the Mercedes press fleet. All the cars we film are kindly lent to us by each manufacturer's press office and so we rely on whichever models they have available. Hope this makes sense… We always try our best to make these match ups as fair or as interesting as possible. Lots of love – Mat.

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  3. Guys both is a great car stop fighting over lol i owned a c63 and m740i both are great bmw more to sporty while merc more to comfort and sporty yeah i like them both if you guys keep comparing there no point how about afford both of it and shut the fuck up

  4. Tbh its kind of a fair race…given that the bmw isn't even an m car it done okay but you can keep your unreliable turbo engines and give my an old m3 or c63 amg with naturally aspirated engines

  5. Imma remind you that m7 did quarter mile in 11.3 seconds and the AMG E63s does qaurter mile in 11.2 seconds ( though it's a segment below)

  6. right at the moment Mat gave the credits to the s63 on pulling away from the BMW, I think the BMW started to slightly gain in on the mere

  7. It's not just torque it's more to do with awd vs rwd power delivery on rolling relwd always faster bcz less power gets waisted on shafts and diffs

  8. Thing is that 760i isn't a M. That engine hasn't been maxed out. A true M beats any Merc as you can see in all those videos real M's competed. Just saying BMW has still some space up whereas I can't see AMG does with that S Class.

  9. In the end, this comparison is completely useless. In this class, no one cares about which car is a few milliseconds faster than the other. No one.

  10. 3:30 merc was ahead before breaking:( unfair, it's a tie or win for the s63
    If both were AWD versions, the s63 would have destroyed the bmw 3-0

  11. Мерседес s63 (222)хоть и неочень валит, но он по комфорту лучше в5х раз от бмв 7-рки!
    Кто согласен, лайкните посмотрим сколько нас=*)

  12. Bmw over everything
    Bmw fucks everything bmw destroyers everything bmw is the power the only sporty car after Porsche in this price segment 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  13. Хуевый ты водила Ярик на мерсе, с места не мог нормально тронутся

  14. Point is the 760li is a full out comfort cruiser with smooth v12 refinement . Effortless drive .

    The s63 is a full out race car . It was meant to go quick and handle .

    Why do you think the S65 amg v12 is slower than the s63 amg ????

  15. This test has no basis… You should test it against the S65, which as you know is the equivalent 6.0 litre V12 bi-turbo… Then the BMW would just plain lose…

  16. Close race. I noticed that BMW had one more passenger on board behind driver but I didn't see this kind of extra weight on Merc or I missed something?

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