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78 thoughts on “Mercedes-Benz Buses | Tourismo K on the test track

  1. I was stationed in Germany and can tell you the German bus operators are exceptionally skilled.  They can do things with a large bus that you wouldn't try with a sports car.  I'm sure it's a combination of operator skill, familiarity with the capabilities of their equipment, and a well engineered product. Great video!

  2. Want to test buses? You should bring em to México and make them work as urban buses Just one week. Thats a very tug duty, streets are full of holes, and drivers are crazy.

  3. Bei uns im Lettland fahren die Busse schlechwege jeden tag, die alte Busse des 1987.- 1992 jahres gilten als sehr zuverlassige, neue generation rattelt und klappert nach zwei jahren als die gleich brechen auseinander…

  4. I have had the pleasure of driving an earlier Tourismo and what a great experience it was. My other Mercedes drive was a B180 car also great!!!…. still, they''ve been at it a while now so they should know what they are doing.

  5. German technology at its best. Alexander-Dennis could learn a lot from the Germans for building buses. Germany and Japan are the best for quality and dedication.

  6. I visited that museum last summer, the collection was amazing, very historical and they even have a room with every single Mercedes E class generation and the current one displayed in chronological order and speaking of the E class, most of the Taxis are E-classes which is super cool.

  7. After WW2, America and Britain forcibly closed all military manufacturers in German and Japan. and then Everyone engineers were lost their jobs who had been making fighter airplanes, submarines, main battle tanks, warships in German and Japan. but this situation made a chance to German's and Japanese's engineers that they had been concentrated in commercial motor industry such as motorcycles and cars. but at that times, America and Britain were faced to communist Soviet union and had started the cold war. America's and Britain's engineers had been start to concentrate to make ballistic missiles, rocket launcher, nuclear warheads, nuclear submarines, aircraft carriers. So that with 1960's comes, America and Britain automobile industry was ruined.

  8. Also ich persönlich (meine Meinung) finde die Idee den Test mal zu zeigen und Werbung für die Marke zu machen ist nicht schlecht, doch die Aufnahmen sehen aus als wären sie mit dem Handy gemacht…
    Wer einen Richtigen Bus will ist bei MB (meiner Meinung nach) falsch geht zu MAN, Scania, VDL, Solaris, Scania, … da gibt es auch hochwertige Videos!

  9. No people has ever tried this stunt with their bus before either on fear of getting laid off his job or getting a good thrashing from public. I wonder how does German government gives green signal to this nonsense without taking safety precautions of passengers.
    Moreover What about fuel economy and honest disclosure of emmision norms?
    I wonder how many German automobile makers are involved in this scam?

  10. Irresponsible to do these tests with real passengers. They should have used mass simulators like crash test dummies or water barrels. But hey, they're Germans. They calculate everything precisely.

  11. Зачем засняли придурка с серёшками??! Тем самым всё видео испортили!!.

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