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How Automobiles Work

The name Sortimo stands for mobile assortments. We started with a suitcase and continued to develop these assortments into a modular construction kit and thereby offer our
customers mobile workshops. With those mobile workshops, the customer can not only do their work on-site, but more and more, as it is called “on the road” or, of course, on the spot at our customer’s premises. We work in a customer-centrizied way and see ourselves as a provider of solutions, so that customers can become significantly more productive. My first touchpoint with Sortimo was at the tender age of a few months, because I was born here in Zusmarshausen. I’m working for this company since 1993. VanSolution is a very interesting building block that has been developed over the last few years. MB and Sortimo customers can purchase a common solution. We combine a Mercedes-Benz vehicle with a Sortimo solution, so that it can be just in time at the construction site or to its place of work the day after production. Our customers have less time, therefore we strive to decrease production time while at the same time increase efficiency in cooperation with Mercedes-Benz. One advantage, of course, is that the entire wall mountings fit without damaging the vehicle. This makes re-installation and removal possible at any time. This works perfectly in the VanSolution programme. Here you can see our brand new SR5 furnishing range in the new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. SR5 stands for “Sortimo shelf of the fifth generation”. This will be the future of interior design for decades to come. We are breaking new ground. It is important to offer systems that fit into a digital environment. The customers are able to create individual solutions online using a configurator, so they can change and adapt their solution for their specific needs. Already in the conception phase we have created all of the premises to not only persist but improve in the coming years, and in respect of the customer further create unique solutions. Our motto, as Mercedes-Benz says, is “The best or nothing”, and of course we are strongly guided by this, one of the core values of Mercedes-Benz is quality. We always strive to combine quality and innovation while at the same time we never forget our tradition and origin.

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