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Hello Guys and Girls it’s ‘Lurgs’ here, welcome to my channel and today how to check the battery on your Mercedes C-Class, this is
checking that it’s in good condition and that it is charging correctly. Now what
you need to do first is open the bonnet or the hood and there’s a link above now
about how to do that. And the battery on the Mercedes C-Class
is over here, it’s just underneath this pollen filter. Now to get access to the
battery you need to remove these 3 clips, these are just like the clips you
get on top of a Grolsh beer bottle and you just need to unclip these cables
here, so just pull them out of the bottom just lift them up out of the way. Now the
3 clips at the top you just need to remove the metal over clips from the
back, once you’ve done that then just pull the whole pollen filter towards you
and up and then that gives you access to the battery, and there we go you can see
the battery is underneath there. Now this is an old-style battery which has
electrolytes in it with the water where you can top it up. But first of all what
we’re going to do is we’re just going to test the battery with a multimeter while
the engine isn’t running, so set your digital multimeter to 20 volts because
obviously it is a 12 volt battery and that is the nearest selection. Put the black
node on the negative [-] terminal on the battery make sure that looks in good
condition and there’s no corrosion, and the positive [+] terminal is just underneath
this cover so just lift it and then twist it slightly. Again you’re looking
for any corrosion on the battery terminals and this one looks okay, so get
your red terminal onto there your red node and we’ve got a reading of 12.2 volts which is pretty good. Now what I’m going to do now is just start the engine. Gentlemen start your engine. And then see what charge we’ve got on the battery. This will prove that we’re getting a
good charge from the alternator so we’re looking at something a lot higher than
12 volts, just to prove that the battery is charging correctly. So get the
positive [+] on there, make sure you get a good connection and we’ve got 13.65 volts which is excellent, really good news. Okay so just put the red cover
back on just to stop you shorting anything, and as I said earlier this is
an older style of battery. Normally batteries you get now are sealed units
but you can check the water levels on each of these nodes (cells). A word of warning here, if you do need to top them up do not use normal water you have to use
distilled water. You can buy distilled water or you can get to distilled water from your dehumidifier. So you’re just checking that all the levels are up
above the battery electrolytes so you can do that on all 6 of those there. So
I’m just going to put this one back on I’ve checked all these and these look
good. Okay so we just need to get the pollen filter back on there’s another
video about how to check the pollen filter and how to replace the pollen
filter and the link above is now. So the pollen filter has just got a small clip
on the end there and that has to line up with that and sit over the top, so just
get that lined up and get that sitting on the top there there we go
once you’ve got that sitting on on there and you just need to clip in those 3
clips at the top now it’s the longer metal clip which you need to flick over and then that sits behind the plastic
divot, and then you get a lovely satisfying clicking noise, oh, don’t know
why that sounds so good, just satisfying that it’s getting a good seal I guess. So
you just need to do that to all 3 of those so just lift the long metal clip
over the back and again pull that down and listen for the lovely click, oh, and
then the last one we don’t need to see that I’ll just speed this up quickly
because you get the idea I’m easily pleased. And then you just need to get
those cables back in put the small one up first and then the bigger one next
because that holds it into place. And that is how you check the battery on
your Mercedes C-Class and I think after all that hard work we definitely
definitely deserve a lovely cup of tea. If you’re gonna be working on the motor
make sure you’ve always got a lovely cup of tea, Oh, superb. If you found that video
useful please subscribe by pressing this button down here I really do appreciate
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