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This is the striking Mercedes-Benz Concept
GLA; the production version of which is poised to enter the booming compact SUV market. It’s
the latest model to be spun off Mercedes’ new front-wheel drive architecture, following
the A-Class, B-Class, and CLA Saloon. Mercedes describes the GLA as a sporty and
more coupé-like compact SUV. Its dimensions closely match those of the Audi Q3, BMW X1,
and Range Rover Evoque; the three chief rivals the GLA will face when it reaches the UK market
next year. The front end features perhaps the most modern
treatment yet of Mercedes’ familiar design, with just two horizontal bars used for the
front grille, which places the marque’s three-pointed star logo at its centre. The headlights are among the more futuristic
concept car features. They use laser beam projectors that act as headlights, but they
can also project pictures or films, or work in real time to project sat-nav functions
on the road ahead. This feature is not due to make production in the near future, let
alone on the GLA. The core exterior design of the car is tipped
to make it over from concept to production relatively unchanged. The 5-door concept GLA’s
gently-sloping roofline flows into the tailgate to give it a sleek and sporty silhouette.
The C-pillars wrap around the rear over slim taillights to visually widen the rear of the
car at the bottom, giving a sporty, squat stance. The large alloys and some of the detailing
on the bumpers and lights will be toned down for production, however. At first glance, the car’s 4-seat cabin offers
the outlandish look that you would expect in a concept car. Look past some of the material
and trim details, and it’s easy to spot the links that the production GLA will have with
the current Mercedes models. The Concept GLA is described by insiders as
closely resembling the production version, which is set to go on sale early next year
for around £25,000.

63 thoughts on “Mercedes GLA Concept SUV secrets revealed – autocar.co.uk

  1. I'm glad it has spotlights on the roof because I really struggle to see just how many leaves are in front of me on the Wentworth roads

  2. Concept designs are cool, hope it looks close to this… 4matic will be an option.. Looks stunning. Hope it has decent trunk space. This Iand the Cla are amazing lookers and should have the cla interior. Hope the US gets the 2.1 blutec. As for too many models, you named a few they don't make anymore.. In the US it's just cla, c, e, s, slk, sl, glk, ml, gl, g, sls. Of course like anyone else there are some cabs, coupes and engine/hi-po variants

  3. I have never been a huge Mercedes fan, but they do some rally great design lately, this being absolutely no exception. This will be the only real appealing and different rival to match the Evoque IMO. Because the Q3 is looking very boring and the X1 is still rather ugly (sorry AUDI and BMW). I would go as fa as say the Mercedes nailed it with this concept for this class – great design job.

  4. I don´t agree, if there is one thing that Mercedes really has not done such a great job with then it´s new headlight designs (not technical) but for the profile of the whole lamp. I find both BMW but especially AUDI still being ahead in that particular area. At least to your comment I don´t find it looking like AUDI lights at all.

  5. I have always been a great fan of BMW and still is for many models, but sorry this GLA will own the X1 for looks and appeal in this sector, only having to fight the Evoque which currently is the No.1 Design for smaller SUV´s. Don´t get me wrong I wish that both BMW and AUDI would tighten up in this sector, but currently AUDI is fighting some "boredom" in the Design DNA (the Q3 is a perfect example of this) and the X1/X3 have never been dynamic beauties – they are in need a complete new concept.

  6. To me (personal opinion) Mercedes has lost some of it's stately mojo… All of their new vehicles try so desperately hard to appeal to young audiences, that the end result winds up looking as garish and cheap as a tarded up floozy from Jersey Shore. Come on Merc, lose the wife beater and gold chain and buy a new suit.

  7. I love Mercedes but I absolutely detest their design language for their interior vents. The rounded, center-crossed design is hideous and is something they should move away from as soon as possible.

  8. I think this is by a long way the best looking thing to emerge from this platform, much more successful than any of the other A class derivatives.

  9. what a beautiful car. i see all the elements that i like from the audi q3, the infiniti fx50, and all the others. for all i care it could take 12 second to get to 60 i would still pay around 60k just for the way it looks (interior and out). looking forward to this much more than the lambo and bentley suvs

  10. The macan is an Audi q5… So mb glk/ml fighter.. It's a concept car , will look more normal. I'd get the A/B but we won't get that in the US. I'll settle for the GLA since my dog will hopefully fit in the back vs the CLA we get.. 4matic will be an option

  11. It would be nice if they actually sold this exact creation. But thanks to transport regulations and durability concerns – they won't.

  12. I doubt this is 2019 version. More like an old concept video of the current version. It doesn't have MBUX. It's like 2 steps backwards in time

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