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all right so if you guys guessed in the
last video it is a Pontiac Fiero GT and this is an 87 which means that it does
have the v6 bein a GT model and has a better transmission as well and with
that being said this project is going to be in a complete transformation
you guys saw in these before shots I’m going to be cleaning the inside and the
outside of this car and on the inside we have my scrap some last details that I
did the Ford Escape the kid trashed one I finished that detail and how to drive
back from Cleveland and in the process of doing that detail this got dropped
off in my driveway and when I pulled up pitch-black dark and I could literally
see the mice underneath it scurrying away because this thing’s probably
infested the problem is I don’t know where where I haven’t even started this
project yet so you guys are gonna find out with me where these mice lived where
they are besides the interior this is gonna be a fun one it is rust free which
is the main reason why I picked it up and apparently it ran a year and a half
ago when it was parked don’t know if that’s true or not but it was parked in
a barn and then within the last several months it’s been wheeled outside and
maybe the mice haven’t been in there very long but I’m guessing they’ve been
there for a while and this thing has probably said a lot longer than I was
told not only does this thing have pop-up headlights which are awesome in
super 80s all of these body panels are like they’re pretty much like better
because they don’t dent that’s like the coolest thing ever before the engine I
got a few ideas in my head you guys let me know what you think I should swap
into this thing so if you guys are new hit the subscribe button below like it
if you like free errors and if you don’t like it subscribe to stauffer garage anyways because it’s
gonna be a fun project enough talking let’s get started
week everything dies in the dream but we
still wake up all right so today is a new day on stock
for garage and fir yesterday I did get the car completely pressure washed and
rinsed off and got majority of the mold on but if you guys can’t tell how bright
it is this happened so we have a car covered in snow if you guys follow me on
instagram at stock for Grad you have already seen the dilemma that i’m
dealing with but all the wheels are almost flat and the guy that dropped it
off so that it is a hard thing to roll around so i’m gonna have to get some
wheel chock but first I have to run by the post office drop off all of the
brushes that you guys have ordered I have a ton I have a huge bin full so
thank you guys for all the support on that and if you are looking for
detailing brushes check out Fox to clean I’ll leave a link in the description box
below but we need to go to Home Depot and I’m gonna pick up one of those like
salamander propane heaters for the garage I need to figure out a name for
this car guys so I need your help let me know in the comments below what we want
to codename this one so that way you guys know come on rogue I go to the
store man he’s my helper for today thank this guy my dad says butanes a
bastard gasps we’re gonna start pulling out the interior start getting that all
deep cleaned go through the whole process do you guys know that I do on
all my deep cleans and this one is no exception whatsoever so we’re gonna fill
up the tires I got I picked these up from Harbor Freight yesterday so I got
four wheel dollies that we’re gonna put the car on I just let the mice that were
in the car are not in the car any longer at all in my summer garage so ladies enroll as easy as I thought of it
since the propane here is cordless I might just try to put it close to the
car and just do the detail out here because to be honest I’m not gonna be
able to get it in today by myself i’ma have to get a buddy to come help me but
let’s go ahead and get started with the failed so far detail and the good news is now that I’ve
sucked all that mice crap out of there if I start seeing more it means that the
mice are still in the car which it’s not a bad thing that I haven’t gotten inside
because that’s that way I don’t the worry about them getting into the garage alright so as in right now we got the
seat out we got the whole floor completely back and on the driver’s side
I’m gonna start wiping on the panels somewhere inside hauntings like a drug I
keep unwanted there’s a love that fits so perfect it’s hard to believe I can feel my heart stops beating and
the egg gets up just breathe I’m alone but I’m still feeling like
someone’s tom is unfair cuz I know you’re out
there somewhere patience waiting a new we’re feeling
like your grip might zips chasing speeded got it
I’ll be right there believe me straight through the inside has been completely scrubbed
on the door panels and they came out really good and that was really only
moldy spots that I saw in the car the seats are in great condition I think
that they’ll shampoo and scrub out no problem the mice decided not to eat
those which is awesome and I think the carpets will actually get cleaned pretty
well too see we’re gonna eventually pull out all of
the panels the whole interior the headliner is sagging and completely like
torn in a couple spots so an upcoming video we’re gonna also replace that bad
boy I’m gonna show you how to recap at the door panels because I think what I
want to do is change it all to black carpet I think it’ll look awesome I
might even try to dye the current carpet in there you Eli’s is what so the interesting part with these seats
is apparently these are supposed to be like speakers up in here there is a
cable down here left and right I’m excited about this car because it’s an
eighties car and the eighties technology was like so over-the-top and so crazy
that it just didn’t make sense but it would just was the coolest thing ever
let me know if you guys agree with that but their speakers up here so I need to
be careful with that but that’s cool as hell Oh see the memories cursing
so close to the edge you the seats look great it seemed like
everything was just on the surface there’s nothing embedded all the foam
seems to be in good shape underneath and everything’s really
strong including all the bolsters so I’m gonna dry those out overnight see how
they look look in the morning see if they need to be replaced at all if
there’s any scenes that wouldn’t come out but for the most part everything
turned out awesome but if you guys are new and you like this restoration sort
of videos detailing or anything that you guys have seen today hit subscribe turn
on notifications it helps this channel out and it also means that you guys do
not miss out on future videos on this project or on other details I do I want
to know what you guys think I should do with the project you want this to be
like a Mad Max build a all out speed build
I have a few engine swap ideas in mind I don’t want to keep the current engine I
don’t think I want to put something bigger or something newer if you will
have a few ideas so I’ll let you guys collaborate down below I’ll see you guys
in the next video we’ve got a lot of work ahead of us but this thing’s gonna
turn out awesome and it’s gonna be with your guys’s help that it’s gonna happen
so see you guys next time

100 thoughts on “MICE INFESTED Car Restoration 1987 Pontiac Fiero GT Part 1 – Complete Disaster Detailing The Yuck!

  1. I've owned a few of these, love them like most people who have driven and owned them. I've dyed the carpets before and they turn out good, don't dye the speaker covers on the dash recover them in black fabric (the dye fades fast there). A nice touch I did on my last car was Suede headliner and A Pillars, doing the rear panel in seude as well( the waterfall). When you get around to mechanical save yourself the trouble and do the Distributor, Clutch master, and Slave cylinder right away ( RodneyDickman sells upgraded parts that I recommend).As far as engine change the LS4 or 3.8SC swaps tend to be the way to go. I also responded to someone else but those seats and wheels are not original to that year. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Oh and have you pulled the carpet in the trunk to check for rust?

  2. I love this car, I had a 2m4 and loved it. The gt was my dream car as a kid. I'm so happy when I see guys like you save them where do you get parts for a car like that?

  3. I love this build we had a 1986 Pontiac sunbird and the fiero you have seems so familiar. I'd do a restomod,restore it with some good updates.

  4. Hopefully you don’t have any mice in your house! Somehow my sister’s car had mice living in her car and as she always parked outside of our garage, the mice found its way into our house and we always hear them crawling along the walls. They come back seasonally. I don’t mind, they are friendly… it would only get bad if they carry infectious diseases, and we don’t know. 🤷‍♀️

  5. if that smells like my 92 talon tsi you’ll never get the smell out.
    i gutted the interior to the firewall, replaced headliner,carpet
    even stripped the seats down to the foam and bleached them.

    good luck with the project tho

  6. As soon as you said “pop up headlights” I was praying that you’ve seen the donut media sing about them and then it popped up. Literally made my day 😂

  7. Cleaning dirt and grim is one thing but with fecal residue still being present i would advise throwing away the seats and floor liner and using an ozone generator in the vehicle. Then spray bleach on the metal surfaces that are exposed after throwing out the carpets and seats. No amount of extraction/common car cleaners are going to make that car safe for normal use! Do not sell it as you can be held liable for suit if some one becomes sick or dies from exposures. Chances are everything will be okay but still dont risk it.

  8. It's sad how many of these cars ended up in a state of extreme neglect like this one. What's not sad is the interest that the Fiero is starting to garner online… it's a car finally coming of age, and deservedly so. Thanks for saving one more!

  9. Since the car comes with a V6 and the transmission that is designed to meet up with a V6 you should look into swapping in a 3800 series supercharged V6 from the Pontiac Grand Prix GTP series

  10. Cannot wait to see more videos I was scrolling and seen this and said please let this be old I wanna watch all the videos and. Then seen it said 3 days ago now I’m so excited for every video

  11. Would you and your wife every consider changing Channels for 1 video. We’re she does car detail and you do home cleaning and you both see how the other did? I’d love to see how they both turned out!

  12. Ugh, well I WAS going to have a relaxing Thanksgiving… But I guess I'll clean my car before the snow really hits! 😉 Thank you for these videos, you really inspire me to kick my depressive habits.

  13. Lot of people swap in L67s into these. You should think about finding front suspension from an 88 too. A turbo ecotec would be neat, or maybe a w41 quad 4.

  14. Okay- call me weird 😂 but I’ve just recently started watching your videos again, but I feel like I cheated on you in a way because I was watching your videos for 3 months before moving onto The Detailed Geek, and now I’m back to watching you. Lmfao.

  15. swap a 3800 series 2 v6! manuals make the swap easier, my 86 sc came with an auto and i plan on keeping it auto to make the swap easier and possibly converting to manual.mine is not rust free tho lol, so im recreating the rear frame with 1 3/4in tubing then going on with the swap. the supercharged motors are said to be the way to go, but ive had a 2000 grand prix gt for a long time and with little mods being only poly motor mounts and a zzp tune, it is plenty of power for a fiero and if you get the zzp hv3 insert (about $115 as of 11/30/19) they are rated for 30hp towards the top end and doesnt lower hp in the lower range, and that with an exhaust and tune brings power right next to the supercharged engines, and on top of that, the n/a's have higher comression, so they love boost and they are much more easier to find, and easier to find that havent been neglected and beat to hell like most sc'd motors. best of luck though man with the overall build and choice of engine you go with

  16. I remember pottering these things at the dealership I used to work at when they were brand new. Deathtraps. Speakers in the seat headrest are complete junk. When u deep clean the cloth seats, aren't u worried about mold? That water gets and stays into the foam. No extractor gets all of that out.

  17. I would gut it install new racing seats install a Honda k24 turbo swap engine rebuild the transmission to hold the new power and update the suspension.

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