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one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel today I’m going to show you how to fix a misfiring engine, now this Audi is
running poorly and the check engine light is on, and when I hook the scan tool
under the dash, it says P0301 cylinder number one misfire detective, now
many things can make an engine misfire but let’s start with a basic one, the spark
plugs and coils, and this Audi you can pull all of the coil on plugs off, then to
get to the spark plugs, we’ll get a socket and a ratchet, stick it in the hole
and pull out the spark plug, and in this case, we can see that it’s really burnt
out, there’s a bunch of crud on the spark plug, unfortunately for the owner of the
car, that means the engines wearing out on this particular Audi design, because
when we check another spark plug, it’s not quite as bad, but it’s got a bunch of
crud on it too and when we look at the last spark plug from number four, it doesn’t
have much crud on it at all, which means that the only cylinder on this car that’s
really in good shape, is number four, number one, two, and three, are pretty well
worn, now four new spark plugs will make it run better, it won’t fix the underlying
problem, which is an engine that’s just flat worn out, but it’ll make it run
better, you just have to realize on these gasoline direct injection Audi
turbocharged engines, they only last so long and if you don’t change the oil a
lot, they’ll start burning it, because they wear out inside from all the
friction, and since it did have the number one misfire, we’re going to try a
trick just to check that out, we’re going to take the number one coil, and swap it out and
put it in the number four coil place, and of course so we’re going to put the number
four coil in the number one place, if the number one coil is bad, when we drive it
around, if it now says misfire cylinder number four instead of one, we’ll know
that that coil is also bad and we’ll replace that coil, because often the best
test is to swap a part with another one that’s the same part, and if the problem
moves to that area, you know that’s part that causes the problem,
so now we’ll slap this coil on plugs back on top of the spark plugs, line them
all up and pop them in, and put the little screws in and hold in place, then
start her up and take her for a drive, now I’m taking it for a ride and guess
what, the check engine light came back on, and when we hooked up the scanner again,
it says cylinder number one misfire, so in this case we know it’s not a bad
ignition coil, because we put the number one coil on four, and four on one, since
it’s still misfiring on one, then there’s a problem in cylinder 1, and since the
number one spark plug is so fouled out, that’s no surprise, the engines just flat
wearing out inside that cylinder, I did a compression test of the engine, and it’s
only got like 80 psi in the number 1, where the number 4 has 170 pounds
pressure, so we know the engine is just flat worn out, so the engine basically
needs to be rebuilt and being a complex Audi,
nobody’s going to spend that kind of money, it’s three, four times what the car is
worth, but it runs quite a bit better now, he can just drive until he drives if he
wants to, just keep changing the spark plugs every couple of months, it’s a
shame it just couldn’t have been a bad ignition coil, but hey, that’s the brakes
of these fancy German cars, you don’t want to put too much money into them, they’ll
bankrupt you, and remember if you’ve got any car questions just visit the Scotty Kilmer

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  2. I got a 2001 pathfinder for free because of the p301 code it turned out to be a $150 fuel injector. Its got 255K on it now and it runs like a champ. I've always had good luck with chevy pickups and ford pick ups,a always run them to 300K no problems but now I see that japanese cars can run to 300k even when you abuse them and don't take care of them. In Iraq our unit had these beater land cruisers we used to drive around to the gym or dining facility, never changed the oil on them, I bet they haven't been maintained for years in that 130 degree heat but they ran decent unlike the 2011 ford f150 that blew its engine our last night in country. My LT had us leave it in a field with the keys in it.

  3. Rev up the engine and spray water through the throttle will clear the carbon or spend $250 on water injection and it won't have any carbon again plus gain power and fuel mileage

  4. Scotty i'm an audi and VW technician and that compression shows the valves has a lot of carbon build up on the valves specially on cylinder number 1. It's and easy fix. Remove intake manifold and do a carbon clean. The engine sounds fine.

  5. My little brother bought a used Audi for 6k and by judging the oil that was in it, the car was not taken care of and of course it did get this code but it was a bad coil though. However he is now ricing out the car even though I told him that the car is not going to last. Yes Im embarrassed to have a ricer as a brother.

  6. Good tips Scotty but you missed a few possible causes. I pulled a spark plug from a friend's car that was getting the P0301 code and the spark plug looked good.
    1. It could be a bad ignition coil as you said.
    2. It could be a bad fuel injector or bad electrical connection to the injector.
    3. It could be a bad intake manifold gasket.
    4. It could be a bad spark plug wire.
    I worked on other issues (P0410 code & trunk lock) on his car and haven't got around to this problem yet.

  7. Always great vids by Scotty K.
    (strangely reminds me of someone who would be Dwight's (from The Office) friend tho…)

  8. I had a cylinder misfire on cylinder #5 in a Ford F150 2003. I took the coil out and saw debris, even a stuck piece of rock or pebble! i cleaned the connectors, sprayed compressed air into the valve, and saw debris blow up into the air.
    The misfire no longer shows. Folks, check for debris in the cylinder.

  9. I have a Fiat doblo 119 model of 2002 1,6 cc and its missfiring while it is in IDLE or while driving no matter what's the car speed is (high or low) , this phenomenon is not always happening, sometimes it happens and sometimes it just DOSENT!!… i dont know what to do i just repaired the whole ENGINE, new Spark Plugs new Tank Pump new Filters everywhere new Oil new Alternator, i am looking for the spark pipes or the throttle body or the wires or the Electric Multipliers, the MAIN THING IS THAT when it DOSENT MISSFIRE IT WORKS PERFECT, missfire is completelly randomly… HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP

  10. Got an exquisite 2004 Nissan Sentra 1.8L Turd, P0301 and Pending P0300. Swapped ECU, Coil Packs, new injectors, PVC valve, New Variable Cam Timing Solenoid, new MAF. Found I have a clogged exhaust (seperated manifold from engine block) Idles now but still P0301. Piston head wet with fuel, spark plug unfowled.

  11. I put a piece of plastic end of tailpipe skips I cylinder out of 6 runs smooth then one skip old school well check under eng.thanks

  12. I’m having codes for all 6 cylinder saying their misfiring on my is300 Lexus and po300 which is saying random misfiring also so what do u suggest I do

  13. i have a p0301 code but I have oil in 1 of my spark plugs, I'm guessing its my valve cover gasket but im not so sure, what do you think?

  14. I have a 2004 VW Passat 1.8T with a P0304 "Camshaft position sensor code", Changed the Cam sensor, new plugs (platinum ), coil pack switching even got new ones off ebay that were crap and threw codes off all cylinders, (changed back) and still getting the code and a smell of raw gas after 100 mi. of clearing it. Don't see fuel dripping. Timing belt jumped tooth maybe???

  15. Hey Scotty. I just bought 2002 Ford Explorer xls 4wd with 23000 miles on it. But the check engine light is on. Code read misfired 3 cylinders, Changed spark plug and ignition coil. What should I do?

  16. Can I rely on OBD data to find out the right time to change spark plugs? If I change "old" spark plugs based on the Toyota maintenance sheet, they look like new.

  17. My little brother bought one of those turbo Audi's and I'm just waiting for the day when he comes to me and says "My car isn't running right" and the engine is junk after all of the cosmetics he put on it. He treats the POS like it's a Shelby Cobra. SMH

  18. Hey scotty i got a 2003 chevy silverado 4.8 have random miss fire p0300 chaged o2 sensers and plugs and wires and heater colis and cats ok what else can i chage or look next

  19. I have a 2003 Buick Century 3100 series 240k Miles.

    Cylinder one misfires under load (cruising up long steady incline around 80mph). Two shops cannot make it do it and cannot figure it out.

    I’ve changed: plugs, wires, fuel filter, air filter, ignition coil, and ignition control module, no avail.

    May be just flat worn out. Any suggestions?

  20. What's with cars nowadays? I've had 1970's cars with engines so bad they smoked but they never misfired. These coil packs for each cylinder are a poor design. I never had to replace the coil that just had one coil going to a distributor.

  21. Hey Scotty love ur videos I have 5 codes coming up for po 300,301,302,303,304. I know they r for sparks plugs and wires. I replace them all and I’m still getting that codes. My check engine light is blinking on and off when I’m driving what else can it be. I drive a 2005 Honda Civic ex can u tell me what ur could be and how much would it cost me to get it fixed thanks.

  22. Hey Scotty, I just used the switching the coil method for my Mercedes C300. It worked perfectly because the problem did move to the other cylinder. Thank you for the knowledge you pass along.

  23. Hey scotty my 2010 prius check engine light came on and in read a misfire on cylinder 1. My mechanic replaced the cylinder and still doing the same. What do u suggest. Or what should I do ? My odometer reads 119,000 mi.

  24. hey Scotty
    i have misfire on cyider3 2006 bmw 325xi . i have replaced the coil and spark plugs.
    didnt fix if its engine worn out is there a simple fix.

  25. Hi Scotty I love your channel! I’d just like to ask your opinion on something, what’s the most common reason you’ve seen for code po301 on a Chevy Colorado? The trucks a 06. Thank you so much!

  26. Hey Scott I have a 2000 Honda CR-V and I think it's misfiring but I can't really tell cuz I don't have the tools or equipment to check. What is the easiest way to diagnose the misfire?

  27. The reason German cars are bad in the us is because that's where they ge t built and assembled a German car built and assembled in Germany is way better quality

  28. Lolll your very good my friend, your kind if savage when you explain the state if your clients cars though 😂, but all in all very professional!

  29. If you just replaced the plugs and wires , most times a cylinder misfire is the ignition coil gone bad; they cost about 57 $.

  30. Oldie but goodie! Just had this problem on my 2003 Nissan Sentra 1.8L. P0301 even after I did this time proven Scotty Method. I guess I'm running it till the wheels fall out. Thanks Scotty!

  31. 2004 vw passat 1.8 t start up rough idling after run a little or warm's up ran,s better has replace all plug,s and coil,s having a hard time -meter reading multiple misfire can't seem to find any vacuum leaks –have watched most video's concerning misfire. CAN SOME ONE HELP ME !!!!!!

  32. My car won't run or turn over and I want to test the coil packs on my 02 Camry is it possible to test them with a multi meter if it is would you make a video as well as resistance numbers.

  33. Scotty I hope you see this I drove my car in 2nd gear for about 2mile at around 65mphs now it has a slight shake at the light in drive any idea what could be the problem..?😔

  34. Hey scotty, I have a 2003 Mercedes c240 and I scanned it and it says error code P0730 and I know the transmission is not shifting properly. I'm hoping that maybe you can help me

  35. But when it comes to a misfire, that means the check engine light will stay on. Meaning he wont be able to pass inspection. So in the end it's a car that he can't really even "keep driving" unless he risks it.

  36. Thank you Scotty. Ive been working on my Mother In-Laws car today, a 2011 Chevrolet HHR. You just help me figure out what's wrong. I watch your channel religiously!!!

  37. You forgot to mention that Audi’s tend to leak oil and that combine with an irresponsible owner that doesn’t carry oil around with them than you get an engine worn out. I have Audi engines that have over 200 thousand miles on them and run great. Cause I put oil in them when it’s needed

  38. Idk why I'm watching this like ima pop the hood np. I don't know wtf im doing here?!. Lol I guess my car just likes to dance why would I stop that ..keep pushing!!!

  39. Scotty 2006 kia sorento lx 3.5 v6 po301 n po304 cylinder misfire. changed spark plugs, wires, coils, coil harness. Timing crank changed. Po 301 comes on 1st than later po304. ??

  40. Hey anybody I have a 2007 Nissan Murano with 193,000 miles and I was just doing preventive maintenance by changing the valve covers because when I changed the spark plugs at 170,000 miles one spark plug was covered in oil the ceramic and where it sparks at and changed the 3 rear ignition coils but anyways this week I replaced the valve covers front and rear and that took me 4 days since it’s very cold in Chicago and it was snowing and so when I was working on the front one I had the front ignition coils in a drawer and they were kind of getting snowed on so I just wiped them off and closed the dresser to dry them and install them tomorrow so when I put the car back together I had a code that read P0081 then I looked around the engine and I just reconnected a harness and I reset the code then it was running fine for 30 seconds then it got to running rough again and got a code P0300 and wonder if it’s the front ignition coils but I replaced all the spark plugs at 170,000 miles and only the rear 3 ignition coils

  41. You could try an oil change change oil cleaning oil might clean up those rings check the valve adjustment just about just take the valve cover off and just about see if that will help change oil maybe clean the gas

  42. top overhaul will solve the problem, but….. labor cost, Plan B …. Buy a secondhand engine in the junk shop but…..labor cost too 😉

  43. Uhh wish I took ur advice on Nissan’s Altima. I picked one up offa of close friend for $350. As he paid 1,350 from a used car dealership. October 15th/18 I just got it in late August. Ran wAs running and I was actually enjoying the v6 naturally aspirated VQ engine. I was driving along and came to a yelid sign yesterday and noitced the car was hesitating idling rough and low when in drive or any gear. Engine light misfired I tryed resetting the light didn’t help at first. Drove it 20-25km and parked it misfired again. Filled up with new fuel and now it seems to running just fine. But my check engine light is now on and lit up I don’t wanna reset the car again (the battery way) again to worries the idle will go Wacko on me again. I’m thinkin if replAcing all plugs with NGKS since I will be driving the car for the next 6 months if it last….. any advice lmao

  44. Hey Scotty, i have a 2002 honda civic ex ,manual transmission. I developed misfire on all 4 cylinders.i change sparks plugs,coil packs and fuel strainer in the tank but the problem still persists..im not sure what else to do.

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