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The main purpose of this training days is to draw together the different members of the team. staff, medical, mechanic, coach and riders to create a team spirit with people who don’t know each other. This session is a rehearsal of the event one month before. Same places, hotel, track… Gautier Paulin, MXGP rider, Romain Fevebre, Open rider and Benoit Paturel, substitute MX2 rider, are taking part of this training sessions. Unfortunately, Marvin Musquin can’t be with us. He’s still in USA. All years long, riders are competing for an individual title and they are fighting each other. And now, they have this common challenge : to fight together. It’s time to share private moment, create and strengthen links. This training session, reveals a real pleasure for riders to be together, same age, same generation, 25 or 26 years old. They are so proud to wear the french jersey and represent France. Finally, it’s only competition and it’s important to win and hear the “Marseillaise”. I believe that’s really important for them to represent France at this time. We took part of playful activities like karting sessions. It wasn’t a race. The key words were “have fun” and “who is capable of pushing someone off track”. It was fair play fighting with a good cohesion between us. After karting session, there were lot of discussion. Everybody was open minded and relax. We have worked on starts as well. We have to try different strategies. It’s important to know which riders will be first and second behind the grid. Performance isn’t the question. Gautier and Romain are leading the World GP classification. We put asunder performance. The atmosphere was really positive without group pressure. It’s very important. Normally it’s an individual sport. For MXoN, we have to be a strong team to defend the title and keep the cup. All sounds good with Romain. We have exchanged lot of things on and out track. The Benoit presence was important. We need a MX2 rider on track like a marker. Benoit is in Top 10 in GP for his first year. I respect that. He’s a funny guy and has created a good atmosphere inside the group. I don’t know the best approach for this race. It will be first time for me. I’m taking this race like a GP. The MXoN’s atmosphere will be insane, in France with the plates 1, 2 and 3. We are on top in GP and USA. This moment will be great.

7 thoughts on “Motocross des Nations 2015 : l’Equipe de France en stage à Ernée (53)

  1. With Musquin I'd say unbeatable. America would be better had it had a healthy last years team. Not sure about this years other than Martin.

  2. vous êtes magique faites une f a q et dites moi vous faite des stages pour les jeunes en 85 ….
    paulin mon idole

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