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University of Minnesota senior Tim Bettger, has more than a letter grade
riding on his class project. Essentially what this provides is
legs for a rider when they stop. Bettger, and rest of the
U of M’s Team Motorcycle, have developed a machine
that a paraplegic can ride. What this does, is deploys and stabilizes
the bike as the rider’s coming to a stop. With fighter jet landing gear as their
inspiration, Team Motorcycle designed this bike to stay upright when the bike comes to a stop. Which means the rider, doesn’t
need legs to ride. When you think about how a motorcycle operates,
you can replace the function of his legs through a couple of simple-looking systems
like the one that we’ve put together and put on the motorcycle here today. Advisor Andrew Hightower’s friend Scott
Tyson, who has been a paraplegic for 16 years, will be the recipient of the bike. “He’s been interested in riding
ever since the day of his accident. And so, my role in this project is
to help facilitate his riding again.” Now that it’s built, Scott will
soon have that chance again. The movement portion of this is
right here in the linear actuator. To build this motorcycle took a lot of creative
thinking, giving the students who worked on it a one of a kind, hands-on experience. It’s really cool to be able to start
with something on paper, an idea, that someone approached you with,
and then, four months later, have something that you can
flip a switch and it works. The project was especially meaningful for
Bettger, who is a disabled rider himself. I can understand how much of a sense
of accomplishment it will be for him, when he can finally get on the
bike again and go for a ride. Just like he did, before his accident. The next step is to take the
motorcycle up to Calgary, Alberta, where a very anxious rider will be waiting. And my goal is to provide for him his
dream ride up into the Rocky Mountains. For the University of Minnesota, I’m Justin Ware.

23 thoughts on “Motorcycle for paraplegic rider hits the road

  1. A regular inverted trike or one of the new leaning trikes with a lock for slow speed would make a lot more sense IMO. Take a look at the Piaggio MP3 scooter as an example.

  2. As ive said on another video of the same kind of thing, being disabled (spina bifida and a wheelchair user) and liking motorbikes, mostly harleys, this would be a brilliant thing to have for me, but theres just one problem, where do you put the wheelchair for when you get where youre going!!.

  3. How do you shift gears? Did you switch the shifter to a hand shifter and the back break would have needed to be switched.

  4. I'm a left leg amputee and ride an FJ1200. I've attached a vid showing my hand operated side stand and kliktronic gear shifter.
    I ride by putting my right leg down to hold the bike (holding on the hand brake) but would like to duplicate this to replace my side stand to provide extra security when stopping and manoeuvring the bike.
    Is there any way of getting tech diagrams and specs on this unit so I can adapt it to my own needs?

  5. i have also got post polio residual paralysis involving my left leg…no sorts of facilities are available in india for disabled people. I got a trike made from a very creative road side mechanic..I found this technology awesome..if only it could be imported here in India on affordable basis…then that crippling feeling would be gone..for the record…THE POSITION OF DISABLED IN INDIA IS VERY PATHETIC IN EVERY POSSIBLE NOTION…

  6. @xneverwalkalonex Get 1 of the chairs like the hospitals use. Where u lift up on the middle of the seat and it collapses flat instead of a rigid frame wheelchair. The ones that collapse flat are soo much easier to attach to a setup on the back of the bike.

  7. Great idea. But what about shifting gears or the rear brake. this wold work better on a bike with a scooter or skido type transmishion.

  8. How can I get in contact with the builders?? I'm trying to make landing gears for my motorcycle and could use some advice

  9. Hello!

    I want to buy this system (retractable Wheeled motorcycle) for a motorcycle! Can be ordered? How much does it cost?


  10. Its a very compact system compared to some … Although wheels seem a little on the small side. Wish I could get plans for this

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