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How Automobiles Work

“Congratulations, you’ve “just become the most
successful American rider.” “You won your fourth
World Championship.” “Just how do you feel right now?” Eddie: “Ah, I can’t– “there’s no words to explain it.” “I’m just really happy for the
team, Erv and all the guys.” “They did a terrific job, and
I’m just so happy right now.” So one day, a friend of mine
is out riding his Giant E-bike, and he lets me ride it. And from that day
forward, I was hooked. I had to go get one. I wake up in the
morning, and I just think, “I have to
go ride my bike,” where I never thought
about that before. Before, it was kind of like,
“hmm, I’m going to go work out “today on my mountain bike,
because I want to be outside, “and I want to ride
on these trails.” But now it’s like
riding my motocross bike or taking the jet skis out. It’s something you
really want to do. And I wake up and
think, “I’m going to go ride my E-bike today.” And that’s the difference. I just want to be
out on the trails riding that bike every day. So yeah, I’m kind of a
hardcore E-bike guy now. Of course, back in the
’80s, mountain bikes weren’t as quick
or as sophisticated as they are today. But still, it was a
great way to train. It was a great training tool. Eye-hand coordination, you were
concentrating all the time. So it helped for
the road racing, because we had to concentrate
so hard for that hour. And just mentally
and physically, you had to be so focused. And that’s what I liked
about the bicycles. If you’re out on a
mountain bike trail, you can do it as hard
or as easy as you want. And it was fun to
focus like that. Announcer: “…500cc
World’s Championship, “228 points to 210 and 1/2 gives
the championship to Lawson “for the fourth time.” “And now Eddie Lawson
must go down in history “as one of the greatest
riders of all time.”

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