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45 thoughts on “Motorcycle racer Carlin Dunne dies following crash in Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

  1. RIP Carlin. Thoughts go out to his family and friends.
    When I heard it announced over the radio today at the PPIHC shed a tear.

  2. Godspeed Carlin. Looking forward to riding with you on the other side. My thoughts and prayers are with his Family, Friends, co-workers, and Fans.

  3. So sad…never got the chance to meet Carlin but I was very aware of his accomplishments and some of my racing buds had met him. My only comment is about his age which was 36. I had hoped he would dial it back and didn't really understand why he was coming back again with Ducati for Pikes Peak. At 36 I definitely no longer had my razor quick motor skills that you need to stay fast and safe…RIP Carlin (a former two class AMA Expert License holder).

  4. Shocked? Anyone that is shocked hasn’t toured the track. Reminds me of when people were shocked about what happened to Nodar Kumaritashvili. Either way, RIP.

  5. Larry chen took some photos shortly before the accident, check his Instagram out it captures his legacy in just a few photos, absolutely heartbreaking. 🙁

  6. Carretera peligrosa con demasiadas curvas, y sin proteccion, es sinonimo de accidentes y desde luego de muerte.
    Esas carreras, de por si son un peligro, para los pilotos, y para los que se desplazan a verlas..
    Deberian ponet barreras.
    Los responsables deberian tomar conciencia y evitar mas muertes.
    Descanse en paz.

  7. I was there at the race and watched him take his last ride. The honor was absolutely mine, he seemed like a great man and great rider. My prayers and thoughts go out to his family and friends. Rip Carlin

  8. "On the back of a motorcycle, that's the way I want to see the world." – Carlin Dunne, On any Sunday The Next Chapter.

    RIP Carlin. You will always be a legend.

  9. Here is the information gathered by The Gazette:

    • Carlin Dunne was the favorite to break the Pikes Peak motorcycle record on his 2019 Ducati Streetfighter V4 Prototype. He had the fastest qualifying time by more than five seconds and was anticipated to break the Exhibition Powersport and motorcycle course records.

    • The crash occurred at 10:29 a.m. Sunday as Dunne was making his final push to the finish line. He apparently hit a bump in the road and lost control. He flew from the front of the bike, across the road and 20 to 30 feet down an embankment, witnesses said.

    • A LifeLine helicopter circled the summit for two to three minutes, and an ambulance was sent to the site. Crews spent about 15 minutes helping Dunne.

    • The racer was taken by stretcher to an ambulance about 11 a.m., then transported to Penrose Hospital via helicopter, according to the El Paso County Search and Rescue Facebook page.

    • Dunne was pronounced dead at 11:42 a.m. The county Coroner’s Office will determine the cause and manner of his death after all autopsy results are received, spokeswoman Sandy Way said.

  10. Guess his number came up sadly..for God sake High Risk takers..if you have a wife and kids…think about them 1st… The pain they will Suffer..I lost my little brother on bike crash 33 yrs ago..I remember the crash site like like it was Yesterday…it leaves a permanent videotape in your brain that Never goes away…RIP

  11. Not that it matters, but I read he crashed 50 yards from the finish line, curious to know if he was on the back wheel for style points crossing the line and looped it? RIP, he seemed like a cool dude.

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