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Then we’re off to …. What’s it called … Mörkret! (The Darkness).
And then to Røros. … and then to Trondheim. Awesome! Awesome! We’re on our way to
Njup … Njupfallet … I think. Pretty beautiful here. Now we’re getting closer. It was a little … … a little longer than you’d think. Right? A little longer yeah, but worth it.
Definitely worth it! Five out of five. Two kilometers in motorcycle gear,
not such a great idea. Next time: Shorts, hiking boots and no motorcycle gear … A little break along the way. Huh? I’m recording a little. Now we’re in Norway,
for the second time today. We’re in …
Isterfossen. Can’t get enough of Norway. There we go,
the end of bad hair day! Yeah, I’m stuck with this helmet hair. Ridiculous … We’ve been riding for 330 plus 60 kilometers today, almost … Damn, that’s a lot.
Yep, we’ve done great. And we have about 100 kilometers
left to go today to get to Røros. Starting to get a little chilly. We’ve bought some canned sausages … punk beer … … and bacon cheese! Feels like appropriate food for the occasion.
Right! Bachelor food! When the brothers are out and about.
Here’s a buff.
Thanks! Time to dress up
and get moving. First night … Second night! But first one outdoors.
Right! The first night was luxury compared to this. Quite the contrast. No rain, they said. No rain … But lucky enough, I put up the tarp anyway. And now it rains. Feet are a little cold,
but otherwise everything’s great! Then we finally arrived in Røros. And there’s your new hat,
anything to protect yourself from rain Up or down? I don’t think it really matters … I’ll just go with it. It’s Norway. So we’re in Røros.
Standing at some mill… what’s it called? Mine? Some mill-mine or something.
We didn’t really read up on this place. World Heritage list. Right! World Heritage list … was it? Feels like something we should know. UNESCOs list, that important one. From Røros … … towards Trondheim. 110 kilometers left.
We’re getting dirty! Quite a pretty place here.
Your shoes are clean … Yeah, they’re clean. Here we are.
Pretty nice! See you in Trondheim! Oops!
Hello there! Now we’re at the hotel.
We bailed a little … Shame on us.
There’s been so much rain today. They got a sauna.
Damn good beer here. We’ll continue with the adventures tomorrow.
Yeah, tomorrow we’ll go back … … to the rough way. Sun again! Now damn it, towards Trollveggen. We lived at Comfort Hotel …?
Park! Park? Right!
Not too bad. Totally fine. Went to Una, had some pizza. And we went to …
Mikrobryggeriet. Super nice! Now our mules are packed
and ready to go! Where did those kids go?
Oh well, see you soon! A little boat trip! Yeah, a ferry. And motorcycle switch.
That was a little interesting. A little forward leaning
sporty position. Probably not the first ones to get
up there to take a picture. Every picture of this bridge on social media
is probably from this position. One of our planned stops; Atlantic Sea Road. Mighty place! Found myself a little ridge,
let’s see if I can pan around a little A road that passes next
to the Atlantic Sea, basically. This place is … how do I put it … pretty photogenic. Mighty! In about an hour, we need to find
a place to hang our hammocks. So we don’t have to set it up in
pitch black darkness, like the first night. It’s 9 am, and we’ve woken up next to Trollveggen
(Trolls Wall) After som kick ass sleep. We had to put our hammocks up in the dark … again. We arrived a little late,
but it’s okay! Here we’ve put up our hammocks We only managed to get a sneak peak
of how it looks here by Trollveggen. None of us have been here before. So this is … hang on. Let’s see if I can capture this. So this is how this
place looks like We’re completely
surrounded by … … by mountains. This place is jawdropping. All right. Constable Kling and Klang “Is goin’ out to get yooo!” Damn right, now it’s time
for the next Troll! Trolls path! Another troll. Check my pretty windshield. It’s not a lollipop. Nah. Ew, we’ll have to cut that out.
(Editor note: no way) So we rode up the Trolls Path. To a lookout place. A little deck at the top. Let’s take a look … … over the railing.
Let’s hope I don’t drop the phone. Seriously scary riding. Without proper road barriers … … on motorcycles.
But … … it was fun! Scary fun. We didn’t get far.
Only a couple of kilometers. How far have we gotten for
the last six hours? 20 kilometers?
We’re supposed to go 400 kilometers. … and arrive before dark. Good luck to us. This is Gudbrandsjuvet,
looks quite nice. Check it out! Now we’re in Geiranger.
And we’re going to Hellesylt … What was it called? Hellesylt. World Heritage Fjord. Looks like this.
And we’re going …. There, and around. There. Not a single toast on camera. One drinks alcohol.
The other one doesn’t. One is the responsible adult. Yeah, exactly. One has to be. Oh, you’re awake! Jeppe! How are you feeling? Really solid sleep, right? You feel as you deserve though.
Yeah . But it was nice!
Sure was! And it feels great to wake up to …
sunshine! Yeah, that is nice to hear. To hear the sunshine? Mhm. Shall we aim for some breakfast perhaps? And we’ll be golden.
Do you remember where we are? Not really, a few kilometers past Stryn,
and a little east of … What was it? Ålesund? South of Geiranger In a fjord cul-de-sac We’ll see soon. All right. Let’s make breakfast. We didn’t get as far as we
planned yesterday So we ended up in the middle of nowhere.
In darkness. Had to wait until morning to
have look at the scenery We’re by a … light blue fjord,
which is sort of a dead end alley. Let’s see if we can re-calibrate the camera.
There we have them … lovely mountains! Ridiculously beautiful place here. But first, breakfast! Then we have quite a
long trip ahead of us today. To compensate for the poor tempo yesterday. But, we’ll take it as it comes. All right … Jesus … Fucking cold! Perhaps you have to go around on
the left side. Just want to get up fast. Actually quite nice. We’re on our way to Sogndal and Baverton …
Bövertun? Sky station We’ve had eggs and bacon,
which I made! It went all right,
thumb up from the guest. We took a swim, at Helset. Fantastic place, highly recommend it! Unreal.
Yeah, unreal place. And it was … survivable,
can you say that? To swim. It felt good. A little stingy,
but it was nice to get out of the water. And to dispel all old Burboun thoughts. We’re in the Stryn municipal. Looks like this. Oh, it’s so beautiful! And there we have the mountains. And now …
… towards Sogndal! So now we’re on our way to …
… we’ve changed our route completely. Well not completely.
Instead of going north, we’re going south. Otherwise our last stop will be
a little too far away We’ll save Jotunheimen and the mountains
for the next trip So, now we’re heading to … Vikfoss …
Lofthus, Griegs composer cabin. And then to … Odda! And then … And then Hardangervidda. A classic!
And then we’ll see. Before that, the Hardanger fjord. So we hope that will be smashing! And now we’re on a ferry. We’re a little bit tired,
but we’ll just have to suck it up. Everything is beautiful. And we’re headed …
there. And we’re going to go …
I’ll show you again. We’re going that way. Showing the route with your
finger in the video again? Yeah, and pointing in the wrong direction.
Bye bye! Morning again, and we’re up early. Tough night. Fucking windy. Sorry, very windy. We have a great view,
but the weather isn’t very nice. Been up and fixing … … the lines all night long. My brother is sleeping in a little. Good morning in the wind! Christ!
Now we’ll pack up make some breakfast
and aim for Telemark. We’re having waffles at … At the end or beginning of,
but still on top of, Hardangervidda. It’s still at least 1100 meters
over sea level. It says “1000 meters over sea level”
in big letters outside on this building. Damn it, didn’t see that. A short stop at an unknown place in Norway. Slowly making are way home. Rode up some sort of mountain. Quite beautiful and awesome.

49 thoughts on “Motorcycle roadtrip 2018: Sweden & Norway

  1. Great postings and thanks for adding text for us English readers. Have to say after 4 bike trips in last 5 years from uk that Norway has roads through some of the best scenery in the world.

  2. The only Norwegian my folks taught me was mange tusen takk. I would really like to see a map of your route. I hope to travel in Norway in a few years after retiring from my job.

  3. Tack för en intressant video,
    Beautiful scenery. We took a trip in Norway this summer in middle of July. It was a lot of traffic on “trollstigen” that time of the year. I have reader some where that it can be about 3000 vehicles every day trafficking trollstigen during tourist season. That’s a lot of vehicles for that road. The weather was awesome almost a little to good, over 30 degrees Celsius in the shadow. That’s uncommon for the Norwegian mountain areas. Atb/Jonas

  4. Snygg film gubbar! Har också gjort film av en väldigt liknande rutt från i somras, in och kika när ni har lust😃

  5. Fantastisk video! Morro, og flott filmet! Vist dere skal kjøre i Norge igjen, si fra, så kan vi guide dere steder som er vanskeligt å finne. Bor i området ikke langt unna Trollstigen. Blir å kjøre en større 2-3 uker tur i Møre og Romsdal i år, og en god del i Sverige 🙂

    Igjen, fantastisk video!

  6. Grymt fin video. Fina kombinationer med drönare och selfie snack. Bilderna på slutet var läckra. Bra jobbat.

  7. tack för den trevliga videoen,echt tolle bilder,tack :)) euch beiden noch viele schöne touren und allzeit gute fahrt ! many greetings from germany dirk ;)))

  8. kan man få några tips i nästa video för oss som hoppas snart ska kunna börja med sånt typ av resor

  9. En flott film dere har laget, men når dere var i Åndalsnes så skulle dere ha tatt turen til Aursjøvegen. Der hadde dere fått en enda tøffere opplevelse mange ganger mer spektakulært enn Trollstigen, samt sett Eikesdals vannet og verdens 4 høyest frie fossefall(Mardalsfossen). Anbefaler dere og se bildene av vegen, kanskje det blir en ny tur.
    Takk for en flott film.

  10. Great video and a nice trip! After 46 minuts into the video I think you were on Imingfjell and heading south. Ca 1 hour from Rjukan / Vemork, which also is on the world heritage list. Looking forward to more videos from both of you.

  11. Great Video guys!! one question though because I noticed you had a lot of rain…how come you prefered hammocks with tarps instead of tents? Was it for faster setup?

  12. Dritbra video! 😀 I am also thinking of a trip like this just a little shorter 😀 had any experiences with the police in norway? did you ever been stopped by them? 🙂

  13. Awesome Video! I have seen a lot of the places you´ve shown, when I was in norway 2017. By the way: Seem´s you are funny guys!

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