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How Automobiles Work

As a motorbike, moped or scooter rider, what
lanes can you use? Well, you can ride in bus lanes, but be careful,
because turning cars might not expect you to be there. Only when riding in a bus lane
and you come to a white B signal, you can proceed in the directions allowed by the lane,
even if the traffic light is showing a red disc, however, you can’t proceed if there’s
a red arrow in the direction you want to go. You can also ride in transit lanes, that’s
T2 and T3 lanes, but you can’t ride along Bus Only lanes and you can’t ride along cycle
lanes either, otherwise you could find yourself with a $150 infringement. So, how does it
go? Yes to bus lanes and no to bus only lanes. Yes to transit lanes and no to cycle lanes.
Whatever lane you use, remember to take extra care at intersections, which is where we tend
to see the most crashes. Be extra aware of the traffic, ensure you’re
visible, but ride like you might not be. Ride your lane and ride safe.

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