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hey what’s up ladies and gentletubers my
name is everide and today I’m going to put on all of my protective motorcycle
gear then take it off slowly for your pleasure
now I don’t mean like that as you know one of the purposes of this channel
is to help new and budget-conscious adventurers
get into dual sport and adventure motorcycling I’m going to show you how I obtain every
piece a protective equipment to be ATGATT or all the gear all the time for
less than three hundred fifty dollars this includes a helmet waterproof jacket
riding pants motocross boots chest protection back protection elbow
shoulder and knee protection hip pads a neck brace and more and more before we get into it if you prefer
skipping my lecture on why I ride atgatt you can use these annotations to skip
around this video and see the gear that interests you the most now if you’re brand new to
adventure riding or enduro the idea that you procure everything you
need at once and wear it every time you ride no
matter what might seem like a seriously expensive
proposition and perhaps even overkill however the
total sum of all the gear I’m wearing came in at less than three hundred forty
dollars which is less than what you’d pay for some helmets were individual pieces
armor all by themselves obviously I’m not
touting any of these pieces of equipment to be the best on the market or the most protective or even the
most fashionable however the have saved me from serious
and minor injuries on several occasions for a rider who like to be atgatt but is on
a budget these items have been tested for years
and stood out as the best budget gear in the crucible of enduro in Utah and
Arizona’s badlands motorcycle armor is like a form of
insurance and if you don’t have all of it you’re
gambling that a certain part of your body will be struck while another part of your body goes unharmed riding without a helmet or without some armor just doesn’t make
a lot of sense many riders choose to wear atgatt to
mitigate the risk while riding so here is my dirt cheap atgatt get setup
complete with pros cons brief reviews and prices there are links to every one
of these items in the description at the lowest prices I could find in my
research and using those links that I provided
supports this channel help me to create more budget friendly
writing tips videos now if you find a lower price than what
is listed in the links please share it in the comments below I’d much rather help people find the
lowest prices then make the commissions on the sales because if this channel doesn’t showcase the
best values out there and I’m not doing right by my viewers now again these are budget friendly
piece of equipment and I find these things to be the best value for
protection per dollar each of them passes my test value for
money durability protection and function tested over
several years against several similar products so
let’s get started with the helmet this is an a FX affects 39 the FX 39 is also produced by fly as the
flight tracker but with a higher price tag a d-ring
strap ons to ratcheting straps and from 1 reviews have said less
quality components like cheaper padding and the lenses are
slightly more prone to scratching so I would definitely recommend the PFX
version over the more expensive flight tracker
this helmet allows for use in goggles as a variety
aftermarket face shields and lenses comes in a slew of colors at different
price points since this isn’t at get video we’re talking about safety
I do recommend hi viz it’s just easier for other people
to see it’s a decent wait for a budget helmet lighter than most dual sport
helmet around this price point but not later than motocross helmets
that don’t have the face shield wind noise is an issue at high speeds
prepare for your plugs makes this a non-issue when on highway also when you’re riding
on the highway as with any dual sport helmet with the
peak I would recommend removing the peak with visor on the FX 39 this only takes three
finger terminal screws and you’re done this helmet is a
favorite have dual sport rental outfits it’s just slightly snot to size and cost
anywhere from eighty dollars to one hundred fifty
dollars depending on the color choice in size the cheapest fix prices can be had on
Amazon dot com in the link below for you can use the emailing description
to automatically search for options and perhaps core an even lower price the next piece of
gear is this PDS neck brace from Amazon that cost have had experiences where I crash with
and without this brace on and I can say that even in slower
crashes it’s nice to have something the helmet but up against it said making
your head flop around have also found it to be comfortable on
longer journeys to rest the way to my helmet on my shoulders almost neck braces cost anywhere from 40
to two hundred fifty dollars and are more for hardcore motocross this basic net
protection can be had for less than twenty dollars function similarly without some other
pricier bills list for the kind of writing done by dual
sport adventures this piece protection may seem like overkill but from my own experience having
crashed with and without it it is definitely better than nothing
even at the low speed stacks what are the most critical items to wear
during riding up any type is glut here I’ve got a thicker leather armored
glove on my left hand and warm weather glove on my right the thick leather glove has
armor in all the right places and as exxon protection the warm enough
down to about 40 degrees tolerable to about ninety they have gone
let so that they go slightly up the sleeve to prevent women from going up
there armored knuckles joint are really quite
comfortable these are decade gloves and depending on
the amazon or ebay seller they’re available anywhere from eleven
dollars to forty five dollars I’ve gone through two pairs of these
gloves and tens of thousands of miles and each pair is only cost me about 20
bucks shipped the warm weather gloves are simply
mechanics gloves from the Home Depot leather cross the fingers and palms is
thick enough to stand up to a slide with gloves meant for warmer weather
like these you do give up some protection on the knuckles that’s not a problem now there are
plenty a mechanic gloves out there was a bit surprised armor across the fingers
and knuckles all relatively inexpensive onto the
jacket this is a bill typhoon jacket from Cycle
Gear it comes in black gray and red I’d shows
red for the visibility factor I like any budget waterproof motorcycle
jacket you can either have readability or waterproofing but rarely bull that is
also the case with this jacket the jacket is nicely waterproof but any
amount of water proofing is pointless if you just get sweaty
inside since vents on the front and back allow for some air flow and you can remove the inner lining to
help but this is best worn on call the rainy days it has been armor padding on elbows
shoulders and spine and the fabric has been shown to be
quite durable through brief slides over the desert floor this can be purchased through Cycle Gear
in the link below it is often on sale for around one hundred dollars if that’s not this jacket can be a good
fine on e-bay and even then similar styles are almost
always available for that price at Cycle Gear and the difference between
jack it seems to be mainly in the ok depending on the weather I usually
leave the jacket of when riding with or without a textile
jacket I’ve always wear this TMS armor underneath even on long-range
venture towards this is a very close clone of the
popular one hundred fifty dollar box-type it has molded plastic armor
cops over a thin layer of gray patting adorable mashallah meant to be one close
to the skin armor for your chest shoulders elbows
and forearms an articulating spine peace it has open
armpits and a little lacking kidney belt in the
front the real protection looks to be the same as the Titans summer the differences between the two
with the thumb loops on the cheaper version slightly thinner padding under the
plastics and much cheaper zippers it’s readable and lightweight so I feel
as comfortable wearing this harbor in the 100 degree desert heat as I do wearing it under a jacket Jersey
cold or even a hoodie reviews for this product indicate a
hit-or-miss quality control some people like me by it love it from
the comment on my other reviews videos have this jacket the vast majority of buyers think it’s a
great buy I’ve had this one and crashed in it many times for more than a year and a half in over
10,000 miles have no mercy adventure and Earl not only if I crashed
in it many times have submitted it to a veritable torture
cleaning when it’s dirty I simply how’s it off
and let it dry in the Sun I writing this at least twice a week
rain or shine and the only issues that have the rear
zippers and this little hole in the sleeve when I said hit-or-miss quality before I
should clarify this armor comes a size small so if
you’re a large getting extra-large most guys my size standard medium to
large t-shirt have found this armor to be in excellent value guys who need to order a size double
extra-large or bigger are usually the ones to have the
problems this armor is a very close clone at the one hundred fifty dollar
Fox Titan in similar Armour shirts and is a steal at one hundred ten
dollars less a mere 40 dollar ship highly recommend
this armor now onto the pan its in most cases new riding pants was
talking about eighty to one hundred dollars and more my last two pairs of pants
type: purchase in my size which is a common way sizeof 34 to 36 slightly used on eBay for twenty dollars
and twenty five dollars respectively your mileage may vary but both for the
past came in nearly new condition with no defects or holes does writing I prefer pants
that zip of attorney like the ship three compounds al supra for pants that fit over the
have sip open vents now for me pancer really just pass that
can stand up to some abuse my most recent para writing pounce was
found at a thrift store for 10 bucks and their nearly new I don’t really have
a solid recommendation on what pants to buy but I do suggest that if you’re on a
budget you look for a slightly used pansit thrift stores or on TV personally
I wouldn’t pay more than twenty-five dollars for a pair of standard writing pants as for the waterproof variety
cheaper options will be far less breathable and quite bulky however for me this
isn’t much of an issue since I do most my riding in the desert when I have
needed waterproofing were at least water resistant pants I
picked up some spray on waterproofing and has worked quite well my cheaper than dirt use pants
underneath my pants and here’s where things get sexy or
awkward are these ARC riding shorts from rockin
on a TD NC now there has long been a lack of hip
and pelvis padding for motorcycle riders and most offering seem very thin and
almost pointless but this is the best I could find for
the money very thin hip and butt pads will help a little but not much however wearing these while riding is
markedly more comfortable them without as the padding extends along saddle area
for 20 bucks I would recommend knees now this is an area that I feel
shouldn’t be scammed on and thats knee protection now keep in
mind some knee braces are hundreds of dollars even thousands and will protect your knee from twisting
injuries however for my budget I need something that would offer added chin
protection under the food fall on the protection and a third strap
over the fight to keep the garden place many budget regards come with the
kneecaps 10 demand word crash leave no protection near the
top of the media the slide down other knee guards after articulating
protection over to me but the build quality is so poor that
they’re almost useless this fifteen dollar set TMS knee guards require me to replace the plastic
grommets with zip ties just to stay together there seem to be almost nothing that
offer decent up for new protection and cost less than
ninety dollars and tell I found the ARC Corona knee
guard from Rocky Mountain ATV see this card is nearly identical to
more expensive articulating knee guard for just $25
dollars has protected my knees and some crash
that could have been extremely painful world ended my riding season good now
again these guards won’t protect from the twisting injuries like a fall brace but for protecting from bumps and
bruises over the phone the these do rate they are quite large for a
guy my size but criss-crossing the lower strapped in
the back and the guard make them fit nice and snug within my boot now the final pieces in my at get set up are my boots I prefer wearing for
motocross style boots whether I’m on the road taking long-term adventures or riding in
the dirt even though they are very stiff the
first time I wore MX boots I was in my lap and the full
weight my DRZ 400 basically rolled my lower leg down a slab of
sandstone via the swing arm if I was wearing anything less than full
motocross boots I’m sure my leg would have snapped as a
student I was able to easily right away now it’s almost unavoidable but boots
are very expensive even the most budget-conscious boots
will cost at least a hundred dollars and finding use boots for less than that
price is also difficult however a fifty dollar para views boots
is possible to come by in the Classified but an even better
deal can be happy thrift stores these Akhtar boots that I where all the
time once retail for over three hundred dollars but I snagged them for ten dollars at my
local thrift store and getting boots for this cheap isn’t
easy might take some patience I suggest looking in local online
classified ads trolling through stores for checking eBay in the link below Eva
Notty they use motocross boots can we quite pricey however I have found some o’neill boots
on Amazon for a decent price brand new never tried them but the reviews seem
quite possibly again of pulling for you to check out in the
description below motocross boots offer crash protection which is critical
I think for off-road riding however even combat boots will be better
than 10 issues or local roots for riding off-road because they at least have some
skin protection for your ankles if you can get some steel toes well
ladies and gentle- tumors I hope you’re able to find some amazing deals on gear that will make your ride a little
safer a little more comfortable and a lot less expensive if you’ve got
any questions or comments about any of this gear where if you find a
lower price on something you feel is a great value please leave it in a comment below if
you like this video please hit the thumbs up on if you like to see more budget friendly
your videos reviews writing tips for new writers and adventures click that subscribe thank you so much for watching much love have a ride out

98 thoughts on “My Top Picks for Cheap Motorcycle Armor & Gear – ATGATT o#o

  1. Just found your channel and really love what you are doing.  I just went to order the A.R.C. Pro-Flex Knee/Shin Guards and are sold out everywhere.  So maybe you should tell these companies ahead of time about your reviews so they can increase production 🙂  Got any other recommendations for knee gaurds?

  2. Obviously your presentation has a lot of practical and personal experience and that is well appreciated. There is a lot of good advice in what you've said and how to reasonably look at the safe way to enjoy motor sports such as dual sporting. There is all credibility in what you shown….unlike a guy wearing sneakers while doing a dual sport motor cycle comparison ……not credit worthy at all. 
    Am ready to venture back out to the tall and uncut myself. Thanks for your truths .

  3. Hi everide. Just wanted to say love the videos man keep em coming. They are very informative and helpful. I've been out of riding for a few years. But a few videos of yours and I'm ready to be back on two wheels. I'm from Pennsylvania so I am running out of summer. But anyways have a great day.

  4. Yea my buddy ordered the body armor in a triple large which he is normally a xl. He got it in and it was way to small he ended up giving it to me and it fits me just right. I normally wear a medium to large. I think they just made the same size armor but just retagged the different sizes. But just went to the good old goodwill here and found some Alpinestars tech 3 boots almost new for $7(i instantly thought of this video). Also found a new nelson-rigg rain suit for $3. And a riding jersey for about $3. And new riding pants for about $2. And Just the other day went riding and found a new helmet out in the middle of nowhere for free. Looked like someone was cleaning out there garage and just dumped it and sat the helmet right on top for someone to pick up. Didn't look like it had been sitting there for more than a day. Lol. But I'm always up for a deal and hate paying full price for anything, plus my wallet can't afford full price.

  5. Thanks for all the useful info and vids. Just got a Honda crf250l and looking to get into ADV riding and your channel has been a goldmine! You have a new subscriber in me so keep doing you 🙂

  6. I was just looking for some knee/shin guards, and went back to this video for your review, but when I went looking for the ones you have in the vid, amazon doesn't have them anymore.  Just thought I would let you know.

  7. I just rode 1300 miles on the Eastern portion of the TAT wearing 3/4 steel toe Timberland Pro work boots. I had a fall at about 25mph where my right foot was caught under the bike. The steel toes kept my toes from being broken but the lack of a steel shank in the boot sole allowed my toes to bend together and hyper extend my arch. The soft tissue damage ended the trip for me. I agree that Steel toe work boots are better than nothing… I'm buying full motocross boots as suggested here. Great video…thanks

  8. Any ideas on padded riding shorts for us, ahem, larger folks? The ARC padded shorts only go up to 36" waist, which I haven't been able to squeeze into since high-school.

  9. I bought some O'Neal boots and they are nice but I have a hard time shifting up. I actually haven't ridden with them because of this. When I sit on the bike the left boot is too tall to comfortably get low enough to get under the shift lever. Is that normal?

  10. I also use the body armored shirt and it saved my ass a lot, i will never use just a chest protect-er, saw some bad crashes with that. The Leatt dual axis knee guards is very good.

  11. I daily ride my 1989 XT 600. I have a very small budget for motorcycle gear so I wear lace up work boots, denim jeans and a T shirt with a hoodie (hoodie is weather dependent as I am from Australia), Motorcross gloves (similar to the mechanic gloves showed in this video) and an Rjays Dakar Helmet with a pair of sunglasses. I have crashed wearing this gear both on and off road. On road the gloves and hoodie needed replacing after a crash at about 60kmph however it protected me. Off road I tore a hole in the butt of the jeans so they needed replacing however everything else survived. This gear is within my budget and almost everyone has it in their closet.

  12. While I really love the focus on low cost, I would really hope the next one like this could cover the CE rated gear. Or at least talk about the ratings, so new folks know to look for it. I'm still buying some of these things, though.

  13. This is good information and is a great way to get started without feeling overwhelmed by the glut of expensive gear on the market. However, as with most products, while you can get something that fulfills the basic function for cheap, that's really not what you are paying for with higher end products. What you get when you pay more includes: comfort, fit, adaptability, usability, better craftsmanship, better looks and most importantly, the ability to wear fewer pieces that work very well together, i.e. integrity. This shows up in products in the form of features like light weight, weather protection (heat, cold, wind rain, sun), waterproofing, odor resistance, microbe resistance, noise reduction, venting, wicking, and it goes on and on. I used to buy cheap stuff and make them work but I no longer do. Now I focus on having minimal gear that is the highest quality I can afford and I save up until I can afford them. Buy nice, or buy twice.

  14. I just bought a new KTM250xc. I love dirt bikes but I hate hospitals, I`m planning to look like a power ranger when I ride. Good to know there are some cheaper options.

  15. Hey ever ride great reviews on everything Iv already carted a lot of these items for the next season ride. I had a question about the gloves I found them cheapest in Amazon but they only come in 2 sizes medium/large or large/ extra large. Would you say a loose glove is better the snug one or vice versa?

  16. Check out the Fly Racing Maverick Motocross boots. Only 79.99 on revzilla, I absolutely love them. Super sturdy and great protection for a great price.

  17. I am sure you won't remember me since you reply to so many comments weekly. Close to a year ago I said I was going to get a dual sport and you replied and gave advice. Well, finally I , made the purchase and got a 1986 xl250r. Love it!

  18. If I wear a large size t shirt I should get a size xl TMS armor jacket correct? Im 5 foot 11 and 155 pounds

  19. I got fazer boots at my local atv dealership that were originally $130 on sale for $75 and same for my helmet I got them and they have held up extremely well in my crashes

  20. As a slightly larger guy needing the xl or more armor I chose the fly barricade, we'll see how it holds up but it looks similar to the Fox Titan and was 126 at a slight discount.
    Also Imho looking at the clearance mx helmets will be a better value than the Afx. (slower trail riding)

    My friend and riding buddy has the Afx and without the face shield it's incredibly loud, whereas my one industries mx was reality quiet with goggles. I also paid $90 for it. Regular price I would have picked up the scorpion vx35 or bell mx9.

  21. Hello Everide. Just wanted to know some personal information about you :DD… Kidding yea. I am on the way to buy like your TMS body armor, but again I am confused by the sizes. Sooo personal question: How tall are you and what is your weight, and this body armor of yours is in XL size? Thanks

  22. I'm in the proves of collecting gear and I was thinking, maybe getting a pair of hockey girdles for upper leg protection.

  23. Ive used the ARC Corona knee guards since they came out. The only issue i've had has been where the upper part connects to the lower. The screws they use have unthreaded and came apart while riding. A little lock tite will fix that though. All in all an excellent value for the money.

  24. Neckbrace obviously keeps your neck safe… But one thing it seems no one mentions is that it keeps the bottom edge of your helmet from busting your collar bone.

  25. on amazon the tms armor is 60 bucks, but right now there's a discount and its 50 bucks
    sadly I live in hungary and shipping costs more than 30 dollars everytime

  26. Thanks for this video, Tyler! I'm a Senior Motorcycle Instructor for the Canada Safety Council. We make sure we stress ATGATT for on-road situations, but people tend to forget about the considerable dangers off-road because it often tends to be at lower speeds than on-road and the lack of asphalt may make traditional "road-rash" less likely. However, as you know, off-road riding has it's own set of unique hazards! Well-done, as usual!

  27. I wish we had more riders for our thrift stores to be stocked with riding gear it's usually old lady clothes and Rocky raccoon shirts hahaha

  28. love the look of those knee guards! the knee pads in my pants are inadequate, and my knees are all bruised! shorts and skirt season is upon us….and i look like i have been beaten. so I will look into the ARC corona knee guards. Thanks for the video

  29. Really wish I watched this before. Thought I wouldn't get able to afford any of it. Too late tho. Wore combat boots and crushed my foot.

  30. The neck brace is a great idea. I've been thrown over my handle bars before and hit the cement helmet first. I am surprised that my neck was fine after that, but I could easily see how my neck could have been snapped without a brace.

  31. The neck brace/collar is most certainly not overkill. I went over a gnarly sand whoop and high sided 3 weeks ago and my back and neck are still sore. Wish i hadn't been such a cheap bastard and just bought a decent neck brace 😭

  32. after watching this I need to dig out my old a star boots from riding my kx in high school. I've been using my Harleys open face helmet on the wr and I know it's an accident waiting to happen so a ds helmet is in my future. thanks Tyler.

  33. For guys who ride dual sports with more street use, Revzilla.com lists the AFX FX-41's on close out for $139.95 which is pretty nice.

  34. I am 11 and I bought gloves for 100 bucks but aren't waterproof but the up sides are the knuckles are carbon fibre with thick plastic over and the finger tips are able to use a phone. Do you guys think I spend to much but the gloves are monster energy gloves so it is a big brand and I think that it will have good protection

  35. when I picked up a dual sport helmet this year I made sure to choose the color "everide yellow". keep up the great videos.

  36. everRide you rock man! love your videos! They're always so entertaining and educational. Your two wheel community appreciates and loves you for it!

  37. EverRide videos are the best I've seen about riding……thanks for your time and effort putting the videos together!

  38. Tyler, thanks so much for putting out all you’re videos you were the first Chanel I found to for information I found that the things you recommend were a good place to start but left me wanting to upgrade everything as I tried harder stuff, got faster bikes, and fell off more. I suppose I didn’t need it but I feel better with better gear. I was wondering if you still ride with the same stuff or have you gotten better since you made this video?

  39. I heard you mention stell toed boots at the end of this. I thought those were frowned upon in MC boots? I think the reason is the steel bending and cutting off toes. Anyway, composite toe boots are widely available and also don't get so cold when the temps drop. Keep up the great work.

  40. Thanks I appreciate this since I'm a cheap sumbitch. I really need to be wearing gear…I commute everyday and now on a 2014 klr650. Selling the harley, dual is so much more fun per mile. What do you wear for street? Do you have a vid for that?

  41. THANK YOU! I bought the Armor Protective Jacket you recommended and it saved me. Finished a technical ride and was cruising a gravel road; hit sand in a turn doing about 30mph and the front end washed out; belly slide for 10 yards through gravel. Ripped my shirt to pieces, but the armor protected my skin and bones. I'm glad I found your channel. I live in Denver and ride an 09 DR650. Hope to see you on the trails…

  42. Aldi, which is everywhere except the USA, sells astoundingly good stuff at way below market prices but it’s CE approved. The whole garment, not just the armour. Americans can probably get it by buying online and/or through a forwarding company. Jackets, pants, gloves, and boots but not much else is what they have. I ordered a whole set of clothes for less than $200 and bought a Bell mx-9 adventure MIPS. My total was about the same as yours.

    By the way, I love your budget approach. I’m not in a position to spend crazy amounts on gear but want to be safe all the same.

  43. First of all, nice job on the video. Thanks for your efforts! It appears the knee protection is no longer available… Has anyone found a similar alternative?

  44. Why buy cheap crap armour
    I brought a leatti armoured vest top of the line for $200 aud & as for boots spend the money on the best on the market as you can’t put a price on quality or safety hence I brought sidi crossfire2

  45. Go to Amazon and look up hwk duelsport pants, waterproof and very comfortable with knee and hip pads for only $49.99 uve told us alot of good deals figured I would throw one ur way. Safe rideing…

  46. I love your tips. I’m an adventure rider from the UK but living in Mongolia. I’m also on a very, very tight budget. I’ve trolled eBay and local ads and found some great bargains. RST is a UK brand that makes gear at about 1/2 to 1/3 of the price of fancy brands for similar protection. For example their adventure 2 boot $130, is similar design to Sidi adventure boot for 1/3rd of the retail price. I’ve owned both. I bought my girlfriend the fly racing trekker and I have the Bell mx-9 adventure mips. Both were about $180 on sale. For the clothing we bought Aldi suits they cost about $150 for the jacket and pants or a lot less slightly used.

  47. Holy Geoengineered sky at 0:22!! … These doumentaries are a place to start for those who wish to learn what geoengineering is 1) https://youtu.be/mEfJO0-cTis 2) https://youtu.be/kyxmrwbTKoM
    Links to Geoengineering Patents here > : https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/links-to-geoengineering-patents/

    Links to Public & Congressional Geoengineering Documents here> https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/documents-2/

  48. Though this video is somewhat aged, and (some) prices may have changed on new equipment, it's still pretty much spot-on. It has great recommendations for those just getting started in dual sport riding. Value shop; look for the "deals", or the bike won't be your most expensive purchase. Thanks for leaving this video up. "Thumbs up" from this Kentucky boy.

  49. Craigslist almost brand new Alpinestar tech 3 boots talked down to 40 bucks – traded a front wheel of a road bicycle for 661 pressure suit – gloves 3 pairs at Home Depot for 10 dollars, Big Five has street Hockey under the shorts padding for cheap- new Bell adventure 9 helmet came with my Honda xr400 that I traded some weapons for.. The deals are out there !! Shop in winter!

  50. Hello! What helmet do you think would be best for an ebike that goes
    between 25-30mph max (Juiced Bike Scorpion)? I'm planning on using it
    only on the paved road. Are MTB/Dirtbike helmets even recommended on the
    street? I don't see them often. Thanks!

  51. Hello! What helmet do you think would be best for an ebike that goes
    between 25-30mph max (Juiced Bike Scorpion)? I'm planning on using it
    only on the paved road. Are MTB/Dirtbike helmets even recommended on the
    street? I don't see them often. Thanks!

  52. Hello! What helmet do you think would be best for an ebike that goes
    between 25-30mph max (Juiced Bike Scorpion)? I'm planning on using it
    only on the paved road. Are MTB/Dirtbike helmets even recommended on the
    street? I don't see them often. Thanks!

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