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BRUCE DIETZEN: When I actually started to take a look at the numbers, at just how green
the car was, it was amazing to me. That’s when I was convinced I have to make this car
out of cannabis. BRUCE DIETZEN: You probably think that looks like a regular fiberglass car or even a steel
car just looking at it. When you go up and touch it and knock on it, you’ll go “Wow,
that’s fiberglass!” but actually it’s not fiberglass. We used about, typically about
three ply’s of woven hemp, and that made it rigid enough to keep its shape. COMM: Built by Bruce Dietzen, this stunning sports car is made from around 100lbs of hemp.
As well as being a lot lighter than fiberglass or steel, the unusual material has another
impressive quality. BRUCE DIETZEN: It’s 10 times more dent resistant than steel, I’m gonna do that right now! COMM: Although this prototype is built on a Mazda chassis, Bruce hopes that if the car
gets to production, that too will be made from hemp. He took his inspiration from Henry
Ford, the great pioneer of affordable motoring, who was said to have experimented with hemp
as both a material and a fuel in the 1940s. BRUCE DIETZEN: Not everyone is familiar with Henry Ford’s cannabis car. It was made not
only out of cannabis, but also used soy for the resin and it also used flacks and some
other things, weed straws etc. The most interesting aspect of that car is that it used both cannabis
for the strength in the body and then he also used cannabis remnants, he would make that
into a fuel. His car incredibly was about 3 times greener than today’s electric vehicles
because of how it was made and then how it was fuelled. COMM: Bruce estimates that building the car cost him around $200,000 in cash and a further
$200,000 in lost earnings. But he hopes his project will help him spread his environmental
message. BRUCE DIETZEN: It sets an example and it lets people know that we can make everything out
of plants. That’s what Henry Ford was really out to tell everyone when he created his first
cannabis car. Man: Saw you pull up, buddy, car is amazing. Bruce Dietzen: Thank you.
Man: Amazing! This is beautiful, man. BRUCE DIETZEN: We may not be able to pull up to our local gas stations right now and
say, “Fill it up with hemp gasoline” because we have to wait for these fuel companies to
catch up and start doing the right thing. It’s really a symbolic product right now
but I think as we go into the future, we’re gonna see more and more companies realising
that what we have to do is start making things from plants, if we’re going to turn things
around and start to reverse climate change. COMM: As well as wanting to get the car to manufacture, Bruce is developing a TV show
featuring the car, which will look at all the possibilities for the use of hemp in the
future. BRUCE DIETZEN: I live in Florida. Hemp is still illegal to grow in Florida. I had to
important the woven material all the way from China because we still don’t even have facilities
that can make fabrics like, like this out of hemp, it has to come out of places like
China. What a terrible waste of opportunity, what a, we could employing all these people.
We were gonna take the car around the country and investigate these things, because if cannabis
can be used, there’s many different ways. We’ve got to accelerate the process of making
it legal across the country and start using it more and more and more for both ecological
purposes and medical purposes etc.

86 thoughts on “My Way Or The High-Way: Eco Cannabis Car

  1. Thank you to Barcroft Media and Barcroft Cars and my hero/mentor Bruce Michael Dietzen for creating the first US Hemp Car since Henry Fords in 41.  To see all media and order your very own Hemp Car starting price 40k, at Renew Sports Cars in Key West at www.renewsporstcars.comto see my first film in the Hempsters Doc/film Series the multi award winning Hempsters Plant the Seed on Apple TV, Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, ITunes, Free Speech TV and Hempsters You Tube Channel.Please vote for HEMP at www.votehemp.com and support Hemp History Week Events this June 2016 at www.hemphistoryweek.comThank you, Producer/Director Diana Oliver Thunderbird Productions

  2. From my understanding the state has started to give special permits to some of our farmers here in Maine. To be able to grow hemp for usage in wood, paper, cloth,, so forth. Also to allow our farmers to have another rotation crop available for our weather climate. Maine already has medical marijuana, becoming closer to recreational, so the acceptance of it being grown by our farmers for all it's uses is easy.  (With the explanation that medical and recreational marijuana is very different from marijuana grown for paper so forth. For those unsure,, not to insult anyone.)

  3. Cool fella with an impressive goal. Henry Ford was a truly a visionary and it's great that someone is following his footsteps

    hemp is the reason cannabis is illegal in the usa, it got targeted by a rival to the hemp industry, to make both hemp and cannabis illegal. all about $$$.


  6. All for the eco friendly building process, but if you're going to base the looks on a 250 Testa Rossa, at least take some more time to make it look good. As for it being a "production" car, he better put a different body on it of Ferrari will sue his ass into the next dimension haha.

  7. 200 grand for a body? dafuq? this guys full of shit. seems way too far away right now for this idea to become a reality.

  8. Thank you for standing up and doing the right thing with your resources. You are an inspiring example of leadership. Henry is smiling down on you:)

  9. The click bait was "100% of the car made out of weed"(site linking). I was very curious about how they managed to create a working car MOTOR out of hemp. The chassis is made out of hemp, probably nothing else on the car is.

  10. We in America think we are so smart and free….just a fine example of the value of commercials…FUCK AMERICA!

  11. "wait for the fuel companies to catch up and start doing the right thing"
    yeah, right. I'll be waiting at the near term human extinction bell curve.

  12. Good evening, i'm very interest in this project, please may i have a directly contact with you to develop some project in this way?

  13. Excellent Bruce! Great meeting you today in our building, I was wondering what the car was in the parking lot, I thought at first it might be a Panoz but then saw it was different.

  14. thus is the stupidest thing ive ever seen. only body is made of hemp. body costs 40 thousand to make. current cars body costs maybe 200-400 in steel? on top of that. the frame and all that are unchanged. oh no. someone with too much money and time on their hands put a body kit on their car. totally revolutionizing though. idiot.

  15. I like the idea but if the cannabis body is too strong to crumple in a crash there may be a safety issue. I would like information on the car body's ability to absorb energy in a crash. Maybe it is better than steel or maybe its worse.

  16. America has a love for large vehicles like the pick up truck with the strength it would make a great bed of the truck if not the whole truck

  17. it only cost that much because it was made on an individual level, the cost would be much less if it were done on an industrial level.

  18. Biofuels are not green. They're renewable, but they are dirty. It's still a fuel and when you burn it, it still pollutes the atmosphere just as much as a fossil fuel. You just didn't have to wait for it to turn into a fossil first.

  19. Stop calling it a cannabis car. It's a hemp car, not a cannabis car. There's nothing psychotropic about hemp. The way to make hemp legal is to make it clear that it's not psychotropic and to disassociate it from marijuana.

    But of course, this guy actually wants to do the reverse, make marijuana legal by associating it with benign hemp.

  20. I've been telling dumbasses that didn't realize the difference of marijuana and hemp that we used to use hemp in the world wars and hemp alone can be made into over 2,500 different products and grow in almost any climate. Those that were closed minded thought about getting high and it shows how dumbed down people are. We should of been using hemp a long time ago, but big business makes way more money off logging.

  21. It's a damn-nice-looking car. But will the hemp-reinforced-plastic body hold up as well as the fiberglass-reinforced-plastic body of Chevy's Corvette?

    Maybe I'm super-skeptical, this evening, because I had my fiberglass-reinforced-plastic boat soda-blasted to get rid of years and years and layers and layers of old bottom-paint. Now that it's down the the gel-coat, it looks like it has measles from all of the tiny fissures and blisters in the bare gel-coat. (We're going to fix that before she goes back in the water.)

    The big thing that worries me about Bruce Dietzen's Hempmobile is … glass fibers don't rot. Hemp fibers DO … that's why every line on my boat, my 'fiberglass mistress,' is polyester, or nylon (dock-lines, anchor-rode), or Dyneema.

  22. You are to be commended, sir! This car made with, HEMP like over 200 yrs. ago is the future!. If it wasn't for greedy pricks like the Duponts, Herst, and others who patented and made chemicals or more specific petroleum-based fuels, clothes, plastics which are ALL toxic to our world in the name of greed, we'd still be using the better for the environment, stronger, last longer hemp-based items. Cannabis/hemp is the future for mans' ills and beneficial uses! been waiting for someone with the hindsite and monies to do what Ford did. A shame it has taken so long but better late…

  23. $200,000 to build a rebodied Miata?!? YIKES! Googled it and found it seems you can buy one from him for $40,000… still no thanks. You can buy a used Miata for like ten grand and, even though it's no "unique", have a car that looks every bit as good as this one.

  24. Someone spam Elon musk about this. I mean living on Mars is good but we can still make an effort to live here too!

  25. If only big oil and energy companies would show interest and put into practice all their interested in is money and how much they can get

  26. They should do more tests on how strong this car can be. If it's strong enough to not crush the driver, we could use that hemp to make storm proof cars and bullet proof windows.

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