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rev up your engines,
grumpy and grumpy says hey Scotty who makes the best wiper blades, wiper blades
are an interesting commodity because they have to be relatively thin, if
they’re not relatively thin when they’re wiping your windscreen, what happens is
they’ll shutter and make all kinds of noise, because too much rubs they won’t
wipe right, so they got to make them thin well if you make rubber thin, guess what
it’s gonna deteriorate our filthy atmosphere is full of pollutants that’s
gonna eat them up, the ones that last the longest
are the ones that are made out of a hundred percent silicone, now years ago I
had a Toyota Corolla sr5 hatchback and a company gave me a set of silicone wiper
blades for them, this is before I even hit YouTube, this is when I had a TV show
on CBS, and I thought ok I’ll try them out well and I’m not making this up, twelve
years later those blades were still on and they still work, now every once in a
while I’d clean them use a little bit pure alcohol from a hardware store and
I’d clean them, you see the black come off but twelve years later they were still
wiping clean, and I sold the car to a customer who blew their engine up for a
thousand bucks, and they were still wiping clean so the silicone ones are
the absolute best, now you generally gotta buy them online cuz most auto
parts stores won’t sell them, I even asked a guy who managed one once, hey how
come you don’t sell they still go wiper blades, and he said that’s Scotty we sell
hundreds and hundreds of wiper blades each month if we sold the silicone ones
we would sell much less in a long run because our customers would have blades
that just lasted too long, so if you don’t mind the extra price they’ll cost
anywhere from two to three times the regular rubber ones, but the silicone
ones basically can last a really really long time, like I said mine lasted 12
years and here in houston with grime and the pollution from Baytown
from the petrochemical plants, I’ve got customers every two three months they
gotta buy regular rubber ones cuz they get deteriorated, motion concerts on the
Toyotas making Kentucky as reliable as those made in Japan, no there’s still
well-built, I had a Camry station wagon it was made in Kentucky and it was a good
car, but it wasn’t as good as the ones that I had that were made
in Japan, there’s something about the Japanese, they got that Japanese samurai
warrior idea and they’re very precise when they make things, I’ve watched
programs made in the factories Japan where they’re building them and they
really know what they’re doing there, and if I’m buying a Japanese
car I want one made in Japan that’s just the way I am, and the ones that Kentucky
are okay, but they’re not gonna last the four five hundred thousand miles like the
ones that I see that are made in Japan that go that far, Jerry Nightbeat says
is a 2014 Dodge Charger a bad buy, well generally I’d say yes but it depends on
the previous owner, how they took care of it who it was, let’s say it was a young
guy bought one, you know he beat the heck out of the thing it was probably falling
apart now, but let’s say it was an older guy and he drove it conservatively, they
do have a pretty little resale value if you had a mechanic like me check it out
maybe it would be a fun car to drive around, but realize why do people buy
Dodge Chargers to drive like maniacs so generally they’re gonna drive like
maniacs and when a car six years old a lot of times their starting to fall apart
even if their well made in the first place, if they have the heck
throttle out of them they’re gonna fall apart eventually, sorry says Scotty
what’s your opinion of the new Volkswagen it has Aisin design
automatic transmissions, yeah I got a laugh out of that, finally Volkswagen
realize they weren’t any good at making automatic transmissions so they let
Toyota design it for them, why not just buy a Toyota you know I wouldn’t trust
the Germans and I would never trust them on a new design, look how they cheated on
that diesel emissions that cost them billions of dollars for their cheating, I
wouldn’t trust them you know I just wouldn’t trust them, and I certainly
would not buy a new designed vehicle until it’s been out a few years to see
if the bugs are out them, I wouldn’t even buy a new Toyota design until it’s been
out three to four years to see how they held up over time, you never know you
know you never know with anything these days, music man says Scotty what could make
a car shake when it’s accelerating this is
the 2011 Buick Century 3100, if it shakes when you’re just driving a certain speed it
could be tires are out of balance
tie rods, ball joints, but if they only shake while you’re accelerating the main
problem on those is the automatic transmissions starting to go out, now you
could pray that the cv joints are worn if the boots are ripped and the grease
leaked out, then the bearings get worn inside and they can shake when you
accelerate and that you can see easily, and that’s a lot cheaper, but I know from
my experience if it only does it while you’re accelerating and it shakes, it
means the inside of the transmission is starting to go out, and that’s why it’s
shaken and then when you ease up and your just cruising it stops and if
that’s the case get rid of it as soon as you can
unless you want to spend three or five thousand dollars put another
transmission in that, TP says my 2014 f150 hops when I brake the pads are good
okay the first thing you want to check your tire you got bad tires, things gonna
hop when you’re braking because it’s uneven patches, yeah you’ve got a worn
tie rod orr ball joints it can hop when you do that when you’re breaking, now if you
have that all checked out, Jack it up and pull on it, there’s no play everything
then it’s okay, have somebody measure your brake rotors because if the brake rotors
are warped when you hit them it’s gonna start shaking and hopping because
they’re no longer smooth but warped, and so the pads are going in and out, if it
does it more at higher speeds, generally it is the rotors are worn out and when
you change them always change the pads in a set so they’re all flat again
hola says I think my car was in a flood smells, like mold no matter how
much I clean it, okay go to a mechanic like me have them scan it with a
computer to make sure there is no real problem from a flood, hidden computer
problems, if there aren’t any unfortunately you’re in for a lot of
work then, you got to pull all the seats out, they just unbolt, take all the rugs out
and underneath that is what’s called jute, that’s an underlayment that’s gonna
be all ruined, take it out and throw it away, now
you can buy new stuff and put it and that’s just padding for your feet or you
could just say the heck with it and the old rugs that you take out, go to some
laundromat if you can find one that even exists anymore, and wash them in their
big tumbler machines and dry them and put them back with no jute, the jute is just
for insulation and feel, and the smell probably will be gone cuz that
soaks up all the stuff, but you have to tear it all apart clean, soms says
Scotty my retired Crown Victoria Police Interceptor runs on propane what do you
think about propane as car fuel, well if you set them up right they actually run
better a little bit more horsepower, they can really run
well, you don’t have any places you can refill propane, now I know around the
world there’s a lot of places that use it for one main reason and that’s
because where they live gasoline is real expensive and compressed natural gas is
a lot cheaper, so they’ll go and do it that route, if it’s converted correctly the
engines will actually last longer pollute less but you gotta have an
infrastructure for it, and here in the United States where gasoline has been
cheap for quite some time, not that many people do it anymore I’m sure one day
when the price of gas goes up to 7 $8 a gallon, then people will probably start
converting more of them, if the gas the propane stays down in price, but if they
both follow there’s no point in switching from one to the other, denied says is it worth
buying a Chevy Volt before it gets discontinued or stick with buying a Prius
prime, buy the Prius they’re the original they’ve been out over 20 years now, the
Priuses they know their stuff, chevy they mess around with here or there, stop
making stuff, and from what I read now they’re gonna make all their electric
cars in China and if you want an electric car, wait’ll they have one out
from China it’s been out 2 or 3 years if you want an electric car and see how
they held up and then buy one, because you know even Tesla I noticed he’s
making a factory in China now to build his Tesla’s, so you know they all talk bad
about the Chinese but they’re all gonna be making their stuff, but wait until
they’re out a while and see which ones are reliable and which ones aren’t
Travis Harris says what’s the best Ford Motor ever made, I would have to say the
351 Windsor v8 that was made in Windsor Ontario, Canadians used to be really good
at making engines, and the 351 Windsor in a Mustang that was the car to beat when
I was a young kid, and those were soild and put
out horsepower and they ran it, anybody that knows the history of it, if they see
a 351 Windsor that’s what they want to get
their hands on, it’s old technology and all that stuff, but if you look at it
historically, I think of 351 Windsor made in Windsor Ontario was the best one
Windsor is just across the river from Detroit of course
the sly man says I need a car without rust issues, well then come down here to
Houston and buy them they don’t rust down here, the only way
they rust here is if they started rusting,
my sister had a Ford Pinto in Buffalo that she got from her sister-in-law
and it didn’t look bad when it came down here, but the rust had started from the
salt and the snow they put on the roads there, and within a couple of years it
rusted so bad that one day she opened the driver’s door and it fell off, we had
to put it back on and she climbed any other door, or go to Arizona by car that
doesn’t rust but if you buy a newer car especially Toyota’s they really don’t
rust anymore, my mother still lives in Buffalo New York got a 14 year old
Corolla has no rust on it, because those are made with zinc primer
that’s electrostatically applied when they build it, and it has no rust on
it, so the newer ones don’t rust at least the Toyotas cuz they’re coated so they
don’t rust, they could have always done that, they just wanted them to rust so
then you buy another car, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car
repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

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  2. Hey Scotty my moms 2010 Toyota Corolla has the check engine light on with the VSC off and blinking along with the abs (swerving a little car) always on what do you think it might be? Thanks Luis

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    Thanks for the Windsor, Ontario shout out, brother!
    I didn't know we were famous for making the best Ford engine out there! That's amazing!
    Our former motor city is a shell of its former industrious self but Windsor is still makin' cars for now!
    I used to work at Chrysler but now I'm making nuclear power! XD
    Cheers and all the best from your friends up in Canada, eh!
    Love your channel
    Keeps me coming back

  6. Hi Scotty, thanks for your straightforward advice. Is there any models of Toyota still marketed in North America that are built in Japan? Is there a way to spot this besides the door tag?

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    3. the guy with the swamp/flood car might just have a water leak getting into the car past some weather seals, tail light seals or even a clogged a/c drain.

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  18. I used silicone wipers on my truck for years and they did last longer. The nice thing I liked about them was they seemed to keep the windshield cleaner. I worked second shift so all my driving coming home was in the dark. On the long stretches of road in the rain I didn't need to use them because the water just ran off.

  19. The biggest problem I have with my front wiper is that there's not enough force in the springs to put enough pressure on the 26" wiper blade. So only certain ones make contact across the entire windscreen and even then still have issues with certain places being missed.

  20. My front rotors are warped, but most of my driving is local where it's not noticeable, and I still have half the pads left. I just deal with the shimmy if I have to hit the brakes hard on the highway.

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  22. There is a reason most Lexus vehicles are made in Japan … it is literally the "old Toyota" that made that brand's reputation. Unfortunately real "legendary Toyota quality" .. oh surprise surprise costs more; and in the end you get what you pay for it. There are examples of Toyota and Lexus cars that are really identical; but the Lexus MADE IN JAPAN is much better after a few years. That said, Toyota's today represent an outstanding value because you essentially get a lot of bang for your buck.

  23. Most people wouldn't buy the silicone ones anyway because they cost more. Most people can't see past the initial cost.

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  33. Sorry Scotty. I know you like the Toyotas, but I'd pick the Volt over the Prius prime. Even my Gen 1 Volt has more electric range than the Prime. Sure the Prius gets a bit better gas mileage, but my better electric range trumps that unless I'm on a road trip. Then I still get about 40mpg. Beats the Prius in performance too. There's a Gen 1 Volt out the with 475K miles and counting. There are plenty that have done over 100k. You'd have to pay me to trade my 2014 Volt for a brand new Prius prime. Seriously, a free Prius and a bunch of cash.

  34. Have a 03 Honda Accord. When wipers are on medium to high speed. They slap/ slam when reach top position and, when they are all the way down. What do I need to do. Thanks. Your videos have saved me numerous times.

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