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rev up your engines, Khan says Scotty how
do I find a good trustworthy mechanic, everybody
everybody today is out to make money, a lot of places
are chains there’s pressure on the people to sell as much as possible, I’ve
known guys that ran shops and they said, oh we want our average bill to the customer
to be about eight hundred and fifty dollars, so no matter what you bring in
they’re gonna try to sell you 850 dollars worth of stuff, so I never
advertised, I fix cars people know they tell their friends I don’t waste money
in advertising, they don’t waste their time with somebody who’s trying to rip them
off, try to find a good independent mechanic, ask your friends, the bigger the
chain, the more overhead people have especially a dealership, some of these
big dealerships have millions and overhead every year, you’re paying for
their overhead so, not such a smart idea to go there if you want to save money
you know, you gotta ask around, ask your friends and then when you go there, hey
before you go I even have a video on how to find a good mechanic watch that it
give some really good in-depth tips, and leblowski says Scotty what do you
think of a 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, jeeps quality has been going
downhill for a long time, but at least back in 2003 Fiat didn’t own them, and
I’ve got customers with those Grand Cherokees, yes they’re pretty much gas hogs, but you
get a big truck / SUV it’s gonna be kind of a gas hog, those were decent
vehicles if you took care of them, you did have the kind of baby the automatic
transmissions cuz that was the weak point, those are the things that always
burn out first, as they age they often had electronic problems but it’s stuff
that you could fix, the engines were pretty solid
unlike the modern-day ones, if you find a good used one that had lower mileage it
could be okay, just don’t pay too much they’re not collectors items or anything
dj Dillon says what do you think of Porsche cars, well historically they’re
interesting cars, you know Ferdinand Porsche they made the first Volkswagen
Beetle, zippy sports cars way back in the day in the fifties and early sixties
air-cooled boxer engines that’s all technology, it’s got a few amount of
people that really liked them and stuff like that, but I mean you can get much
more horsepower out of better designs, it’s a name thing now a snob
appeal, oh I own a Porsche and they call it
Porsche not Porsche but Porsche, if you want to lose money buy a Porsche because
their values plummet like no tomorrow and if you buy a used one, you
spend a fortune fixing it, so yeah I mean if you want a lawn ornament buy one cheap
and parked it in your front lawn, they are good-looking vehicles I’ll give
them that, Hansel showcase says which dodge is better, the Dodge Avenger
or the Dodge Dart, well I’m not a Chrysler fan, but out of those the
Avengers are better than the dart is, the darts are you know they’re basically
Fiat set up stuff, Fiat took over Chrysler they started putting all this
Italian stuff in them, I actually rented a dart one time when I went to Nashville
man it was a little pile of junk as far as I was concerned, I mean it did get
phenomenal gas mileage cuz they had a tiny engine, I could tell the thing was
less than a year old that already was flimsy, didn’t handle all that well in the
rain, I wasn’t impressed by the car I’d never by one, Cindy the cat one, is a Dodge
Challenger a good car, we had a lot of dodge questions today, if you like speed
and driving like a maniac, yeah the Dodge challengers are screaming cars, that said
they’re not gonna hold up over time, people are either gonna wrap around
trees or they’re gonna wear the engine or transmission out by driving way too
fast, that’s what those are those are muscle cars, and if you want a muscle car
most people don’t think, I’m gonna keep a muscle car for 20 years and drive it for
two hundred thousand miles, so you know if you got some money to spend and you in
a buy a brand new one and race it around feel
free, just realize that its resale value won’t be much, and then it’s gonna start
falling apart when it gets to be older stylis graphics,
how do I fix water in the gas tank problem Acura TL 08, if you really have water and
your gas tank and a whole bunch of it, you gotta drain it out and get it all out
which is a pain in the butt, you can put in what we used to call dry gas, made up
north for the winter, because if you have water your gas tank up north the winter,
it’ll freeze and then it won’t go through anywhere, it’s basically alcohol,
so if you mixed that with it, that will absorb the water, because alcohol absorbs
water which is the main reason you get a hangover,
if your drink a lot of rum or whiskey and you don’t drink water, that
starts sucking the water out of your body and then you got a headache from that
from not having enough water, if you get any this dry gas or any kind of
additives that have alcohol in it, they can get
rid of a certain amount, you might try that first before you go to the trouble
of tearing all that down, taking the gas tank off, emptying it out, and cleaning it
out, a lot of times you add to treatment the alcohol
in it will absorb the water and then just burn it out when your done,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell

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  2. As a muscle car the Challenger is a great car! As a RELIABLE low maintenance daily driver after some mileage on it, it is junk!
    Muscle cars have to be worked on and repaired frequently, just like the old ones! The old ones were the same way back in the old days. That said, I say again the Challenger is one hell of a muscle car!

  3. Ay Scotty. I'm completely in love with the Dodge Charger. I was considering the 2013 SE model. What are your thoughts, and should I invest in certain types of tires to help with the rear wheel drive? I live in an area that tends to get rainfall 90% of the year. Thanks!

  4. 3:35 Scotty, I actually think I would get a muscle car and drive it for 200K. I'm trying to get my Civic to 200K right now instead though. Picked it up at 90K. Kilometers though.

  5. I got a discount oil change at Meineke last year, and everything was fine for a week or two then my van's engine started making a constant grinding noise. I drove it straight to a mechanic and they said that the engine had only 1/3 the oil it should have and that the oil cap gasket was never installed which allowed the oil to slowly leak out over time. They topped it off and put on a new gasket and that solved the grinding noise but now my van still make the noise for a few seconds on startup.

  6. Again I say we just need to Clone ya Scotty, so we can have a decent, honest, mechanic wherever we need ya.

  7. As an ASE certified ex mechanic for Bridgestone, tires plus, midas, GMC, and various mom and pop shops It’s very difficult to find a trust worthy mechanic. Don’t be afraid to pick up a wrench, it’s all nuts and bolts people.

  8. Putting alcohol gas treatment in a gas tank is a waste of money. Most gas now is 10% alcohol. So if you have 10 gallons in your tank you already have a gallon of alchol in there.

    What is another 8oz going to do for you?

  9. So i know your not a Subaru Fan but i do own a 2018 Legacy 3.6r what are things i should worry about? The Engine or the Transmission?

  10. Porsche actually doesn’t depreciate like most sports cars and are relatively reliable in comparison with everything that comes from that side of the world

  11. This is the same scam that firestone runs daily on people. I once heard them charging someone 40 something dollars to install wipers.

  12. Thanks for show a Meineke as the main picture. I work at a Meineke in every time a customer comes in for an oil change I don't try to sell them $800 worth of parts and labor. But keep telling people ignorant things seems to be your new style.

  13. Scotty… ever hear of a 2014 gmc savanna applying it's brakes while driving, automatically ? Happened to me….

  14. Scotty !!! You’re Fkn awesome 👏🏽 keep up the genuine feeling in your videos. That’s you’re key and why you are great !!!!

  15. No advertising is better, normal advertising better too but any advertising that interrupts whatever I’m doing is a cursed advertising coz I hate them already

  16. Ive been to one once and they are complete scumbags… crooks.. i dont see how meinake is in business

  17. Choosing a Meineke as a place not to go, goes against your mantra of finding an independent guy. 99% of all Meineke shops are “independently owned and operated”. I owned one for 25 years and built a very good customer base because I took care of my customers. Scotty, I love your videos but that was a cheap shot!

  18. Hi, Scotty.
    Just a question. Our toyota innova 2005 (asian model that was featured a few weeks ago in show off sunday) a manual transmission has a wobbly shift stick. It shifts perfectly fine and it doesnt slip off while on gear, its just wobbly. Can this be fixed so it would be firm.again?

  19. It's not a snob thing. It's a respect thing. It's pronounced Poor-sha because it's the guy's name. Should I call you Scooty Clamer?

  20. Never go to a chain shop. Only use the dealer for warranty work. Look for a small shop where the owner also wrenches that also has a bunch of great reviews. I have always found these shops to be the best. Most of the time these guys worked for dealers before going out on their own.

  21. I really like your videos Scotty, but today I must say I really like your cat cushion in the background!

  22. Questions: why do car manufacturers want to build new cars like i-phones? Too expensive to repair and cheaper to replace.

  23. Dealer= studio mechanic lol. I'd rather go to shade tree mechanics who can swap an engine with chains n rope.. lol

  24. I have a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo with the 4.0L and it has 300,000 miles on it and still runs strong. They stopped making that motor in 2006 though. Never buy an older V8 cherokee….EVER!

  25. Scotty what do you think from a private mechanic, change 4 rotors and 4 brake pads and 1 line from the master cylinder that was leaking, cost and labor = $800 2004 sonata in NYC. is it fair

  26. I learned my lesson w meineke. Got one of those super cheap oil change deals, and I asked them to measure my brake pads but made clear I didn’t have money to have them done that day (though I did). They told me they needed to be replaced ASAP, and I needed a new axle and all this other stuff. Took it to my regular independent shop I like, and they said none of that was true and showed me the brake thickness – not even halfway down. Lol now I wonder if meineke even fully changed the oil

  27. I inherited my dad's old '01 Grand Cherokee as a ride to high school. Super fun car but the engine starting eating oil around 120k miles. Disappointing end to its story.

  28. My wife's Highlander had the VSC, engine, and ATC lights go on and she (being a lady) immediately took it to the nearest shop where a Meineke mechanic said it was the catalytic converter being shot and that it would cost $1200 to repair. I noticed some posts about this actually being a gas cap with a bad gasket, checked my cap and, bad gasket. Changed my gas cap, pulled the negative off my battery to reset the codes and…it's been months and no lights. Saved $1180.

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