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Hello, welcome in GWL Technical department Today we would like to show you the newest
technology in lithium ion batteries the lithium titanite cells LTO are
carefully packed in to six pieces which makes it possible to build a pack
with the voltage of 10,8 – 15,9 volts. Every cell has a capacity of 40Ah and a nominal voltage of 2,3 Volts. With careful use, you can easily exceed
30 000 cycles during the cell’s life. Maximum charging and
discharging current is 10C which is 400 Amperes for this cell. Last but not least,
it is usable in the environment within the temperature
range from -50°C to + 65°C with a minimal loss of
capacity or performance! To link the cells,
one can use original jumpers or ones designed for Winston cells,
which will work just as well. As with LiFePO4 technology,
LTO cells are not flammable there is no risk of fire,
explosion or leakage of toxic substances. A 40Ah LTO cell is 250g
lighter than a 40Ah LFP cell however, the energy density
is relatively the same because the LTO cell has a 0,9V lower
nominal voltage than an LFP cell. Once connected to the pack,
we have more options of cell arrangement flat, in a pyramid shape or in any
other shape that best suits your needs. When you would like to try this
alternative, look at our website. Thanks for watching!

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