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– What’s up! I’m glad you guys
joined me today for this 3DMachines production. We’re gonna start
some things out right. And what I mean by right is, froggy fresh. Got a little fan mail. And then I have two
mysteries for you guys. Well this is already
looking sweet. So before I talk
about my two mysteries let’s get into this. Holy smokes! This must be from Fatt Lee, he sent me some
ratcheting wrenches, now it looks like
he sent me a tripod. And the reason
why I know this is he personal messaged
me on YouTube. Smells extremely good, smells
like brand-new plastic. Now don’t make me feel
like a weirdo and say that you don’t like the
smell of new plastic. I love the smell of new plastic! (sniffs) This is gettin’ really
sketchy isn’t it? Thanks again Fatt
Lee for notifying me that you were
sending me a tripod, and then thank you for
actually sending me the tripod. Let’s check this thing out. I’ll use this one for the
garage and then I’ll use the one I’m that I’m using
right now for inside. So thank you very much. I appreciate it! Next order of business. Mystery box number two! This is not fan mail. This is a hint for The big mystery on my trailer. When YouTubers and creators
come up with these new surprises and like things inside boxes, now I don’t wanna
speak for everybody, but at least for me, I feel like it’s like Christmas. You don’t wanna
just rush into it. Because once the surprise
is out it’s like, oh, okay, it’s still cool
but it’s not as thrilling. Saying that, I wasn’t going
to make this video today, I was actually going to
make it tomorrow, but… YOLO. Here is the hint. Ugh! Not diggin’ the smell of that! Two tubes. Without any further
hesitation, let’s get to it. Are you ready? Keep in mind I have two tubes
for it, so it can’t be a tank. Or can it? That’s right, I bought a Gator. (funky hip-hop music) I have never been so excited
to go so slow. (laughs) This thing is going
to be amazing! Especially after I
get my hands on it. (hip-hop beat) I mean this thing’s
true four-wheel drive. And it’s got the dump bucket. That is currently tied down. So as you can see
it’s got the dump box. Unfortunately, you have
to do it by yourself. There’s no like hydraulics
or a wench system or anything like that. But I mean, I’m sure I
could come up with something if I really wanted to. (hip-hop beat) But this sucker is
true four-wheel drive. I mean, look at that. It’s got a chain goin’ from the
rear tire to the front tire. And that’s doin’
that on both sides! Here’s the transmission,
it’s got a, like a snowmobile clutch on it. I’m not a very good
auction-buyer, how’s that. I’ll tell you the
story in a second. But the reason why
I bought the tubes is, well, you can probably see. And then these tires
are a little flat. And then we have the Kawasaki. So yes, that is the new
machine, that’s the reveal. I bought a five-wheeled Gator. I think it’s a six-three-six
or something like that. It’s a John Deere Gator,
it’s four-wheel drive, it’s four-by-five. And I think it’s gonna be
an awesome mudding machine. Or just something to
like take on the trails, and kinda improve trails,
maintenance trails. I do wanna tell you guys a
story on how I bought it, because I, the reason
why I didn’t do the, the reason why I didn’t do
the reveal sooner was because I have absolutely no
idea what I bought. What honestly happened
was I was talking to like two or three fans, and we were just
talking and I look over and this thing’s being sold. And I hear like 600 bucks,
and 650 bucks and I’m like, man, that’s extremely cheap! That’s so worth 600 dollars
worth of fun, right? So I put a bid in,
I end up winning. And then I start
checking the machine out. I see that there’s
three low tires, one completely off the rim. I see it’s a John Deere Gator. I didn’t know that
it was a manual dump. And I don’t even know
what kinda shape it’s in. I still don’t know what
kinda shape it’s in, I’ve been way too busy. Saying that, I bought
two tubes so that we can finally get this
thing off the trailer, so I can make it
start moving forward. Well initially backwards
because I have to unload it from the trailer,
but other than that, we need air in the tires, we
need to roll this thing off. As you guys know I’m
usually a one-man crew. Things are hard to
push with flat tires. That’s why we got these. So let me get changed
into my work clothes, and we’ll start working baby! So as you’re aware, for the
most part I’m a one-man band. (air compressor revs) Jesus. And what I mean by that is– (air compressor revs)
(exasperated sigh) (air compressor revs) That stupid trigger! And what I mean by that is I
have to do everything by myself unless I’m with Jake,
Seth, and his parents like I were yesterday. Yes, those are Jake’s parents. Awesome people.
(starts air compressor) (hip-hop music) The reason why I bring
up the one-man band thing is the fact that, you know, something as simple as
unloading a new purchase becomes a hassle really. Now if I had Seth and
Jake and Jake’s parents, then I could just
unload this by hand. Don’t get me wrong,
this hassle is awesome. I love chaos. So when I have to
take an extra step, or in this case a
couple extra steps, I love it! Look at this! Not even on the ground
because this one’s pumped up. That’s awesome. (hip-hop music) I don’t think I’ve even asked
you if you like the Gator yet. Is the Gator good?
Medium? Or bad? Leave it in the
comment section below. I personally think it’s one
of my best purchases ever. (hip-hop music) One of the most difficult
to unload though. I’m still havin’ a blast! (hip-hop music) (crash) Aw man, I didn’t even
get that on camera! Well basically, the
front end slammed down. And then the dump box
almost pinched my fingers. I got it off though. (crash) (hip-hop music) There’s the axle! (hip-hop music) Now that spring’s
finally here and I can get outside and do some work, I’m going to get
to your fan mail. This one’s from Morgan
S., it’s a tire inflator. So thank you very much
Morgan, I’m going to finally put it to some use. And Fat Lee I’m
using your tripod, it’s working excellent,
thank you very much. So those are two fine
individuals that we have to thank for this
3DMachines Production. Without them, this Gator
wouldn’t be where it is. It’s not very far
yet, but it will be! It’ll have all five
tires in a second. (hip-hop music) First test! (air hissing) Thank you Morgan! It worked! (hip-hop music) So the Gator has all five
of it’s tires inflated. Not saying that two
of them won’t leak, you know the back two. But the front one
shouldn’t leak, we got a brand-new tube in it. That’s step number one. Now there are a couple more
steps to get this thing running. Unfortunately, my garage
is extremely messy I’m working on an outside
project right now. We’ll get to this thing
very, very soon I promise. I hope you guys
enjoyed the reveal. Tell me what you think. If any of you have anything
similar like this at your house, or if you know anybody
on YouTube that has something similar to this, leave that in the
comment section. Why? Because it looks like
we’re on team Gator now. Four-wheel drive baby. I think this thing’s gonna
go through all sorts of mud. Enjoy your day, thanks
for stopping in. Until tomorrow, we
make videos every day! 3DMachines out. (hip-hop music)

100 thoughts on “NEW TOY REVEAL!!! (THE BIG SURPRISE)

  1. LOVE it. those things are tough. frequent auctions, you will find killer deals. stuff you can fix and resale.

  2. freaking love it dude. Gators are tons of fun and for just over 650 bucks you can make your money back easily after you get your hands on it or you can have tons of fun with it.

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  4. I love your videos man I watch them all the time and it makes me happy to see that someone shows their daily life of working on machines like you to keep up the good work

  5. Did you get that from a guy in Texas cause my friends dad had one that looked exactly like that and the tire was off the front too

  6. I have a gator 4×4… very powerful and fast… these things can do what three four-wheeler combined can do plus more.

  7. In the last video, I thought it was going to be a side by side, the fast, off-road type. So I guess I was half right! πŸ˜€

  8. there was probably nothing wrong with the front tire other than knocked off the bead from being moved around flat. likely sat around for years and got plucked for cheap at an estate sale or foreclosure sale. likely could have just smashed it around with a ratchet strap and got it to re-bead on the rim and been fine.

  9. hey their Dalton . The gator looks braap tastic , it look's like you may have whined down the front two rear tyres .stay froggy fresh ……

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