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Why did you choose for Morocco? – Why did I choose for Morocco? Hello everybody, on our way for a new episode of ´bij Andy in de auto´ This time we are going to Mazraoui. He had a good start of the season. I Respect him, he is doing well. Unfortunately he chose for Morocco, but we are going to ask him about that later. I would have liked to see him in the jersey of the Dutch national team. As you can see I am wounded. My wife did not shower properly, after which we had sex. Well, this happens sometimes. Still I have to make a new video for you guys, to not disappoint all of you on Tuesday. He is coming, thanks again. Bye! Hey man! Soldier. How are you?
– Fine man. – I didn’t even see you. I made a detour, otherwise I had to walk by all these people. – Oh, you would have had to sign autographs again.
Yes, it is very crowded. – Do they even want your autograph? I don’t think so, but I am just showing off a little. – Did you play yesterday?
Yes. I did not watch because I had to do a theater show. But did you play the whole game? – Yes I played the whole game – Good. And what do you need to do today? – Just recovering. Some running. Some exercises with the ball (rondo), that’s it. After that we did do some exercises in the gym. It was tough and I think it wasn’t planned. But I’m not the type of person for the gym. – Can I actually drive over this? Don´t you like going to the gym? – Well, I don´t know. I´d rather play a game on one day and another one on the next then going to the gym. It’s just not for me. – I used to think the same back in the day. Did you already sign it? – No not yet. Look, it is still dirty. Did you roll in shit with it or something? – No, it is sweat man. Thank you!
– You’re welcome! Did you choose this number yourself or was it assigned to you? No, I made my debut wearing number 40. That was last season, which I expected to wear again this season. So I asked him: why did I get another number? Then he told me he wanted to prove something with it to me. – The 12th player? – Yes indeed, I swear, this was the reason. I didn’t understand it at first, but it meant that I was close to being in the starting eleven. – First you were part of the F-side as one of the supporters? Haha, yes indeed. So he did that on purpose, Erik Ten Hag? Yes he did that on purpose. I told him I didn’t care about it that much. But still 40 was my debut number, which made it special to me. Did you keep your debut shirt? I only have one shirt. – Your debut shirt, right? Number 34. I actually have to donate that to Nouri of course. I put a frame around my number 40 debut shirt. I don’t care about a particular number all that much – You are not the type of person that necessarily wants a particular number? – No not at all, a number won’t make me play better. – Hey honey. Look at her, she is getting all excited. – She’s cold. – Yes, she freezes instantly. Do you have a girlfriend? – No. I don’t have a girlfriend. – You want to stay single? – I am still single, yes. – Do you live on your own or with your parents? – I still live with my parents, to kind of protect myself. I already know what is going to happen when I am going to live on my own. Living with my parents prevents me from doing stupid things. As you know, Moroccan parents are strict. I won’t come home with a girl out of nowhere. That is off limits. You are from Alphen aan de Rijn right?
– Yes. You also started playing football there right?
– Yes AVV Alphen. Then you switched to another amateur club?
– Yes to the Alphense Boys And then the next year you immediately moved to Ajax?
– Yes. That sucks for that other amateur club then. Yes indeed, because they wanted me to stay with them. I was playing at AVV Alphen and I played in the first youth team, but actually belonged in a lower ranked youth team. The following year they wanted me to play in the first youth team again, because we promoted to a higher league. So they wanted me to play there for another year in order to make a promotion again. My dad did not agree with that and told them that it was not going to happen. That year I also participated in talent days here. – At Ajax? Yes at Ajax. I already did a very good job that time, but they thought I was not physically up for it yet. I was a very small boy. Then they told me I was not physically up for it yet, but they were keeping an eye on me. Then I moved to Alphense Boys where I played as usual and I grew stronger in one year. Then I did get the opportunity to play for Ajax. – In which team did you start at Ajax? – Ajax under 10.
The Ajax under 10? So you experienced a lot here right?
– Yes, a lot of experiences. Yes. I went through the entire youth academy. How did you travel then? Did your father bring you?
– Yes my father brought me. And were you also picked up with a little van every day? – Yes, in the under 12 teams. That was a great time. That was fun right? Fooling around?
– Yes, a lot of fooling around and being annoying. We had the best driver ever. He is from the Bijlmer. His name is Dennis. He always picked us up from school with sandwiches and drinks. He brought that for all of you? Also candy?
– Also candy, crisps. But after training. Candy, crisps, sometimes even döner kebab. I swear, he was the best bus driver. Everyone always went to him if they wanted to get sweets. He was not a child predator right?
– No no no.
Just joking man! He is a big hearted and sweet man. – That’s nice! What’s the story behind you and those tracksuits? What tracksuits?
– You only wear tracksuits right? No, I am not only wearing tracksuits. This is what Hakim told you right? It just when I go to Ajax after waking up early in the morning, all dizzy. It’s just comfortable, that’s what I always tell them. I am going to Ajax. There are no cute girls or anything. I don’t have to dress up all fancy for anyone then. While, actually, I do wear tidy looking tracksuits right? Yes, beautiful man. Last week I saw you on an Instagram post of Hakim which said you were wearing jeans for the first time. He always posts those kinds of annoying things. He is a very annoying guy with that. You are a good friend of Hakim right? You regularly see him at home and stuff? Is he a role model for you? He used to be a real role model for me in the time that he was playing for Fc Twente. When he was making crazy goals every week. He was a proper role model. And when I joined the first team, I was a bit nervous because I really looked up to him. But that was only in the beginning, now I am not nervous anymore. Now he is just a good friend of mine. Do you see him regularly?
– Yes, also outside of football. What kinds of things do you do outside of football? How does your average day look like? Jerking off at home? You are a dirty guy man. You only think about those kinds of things right?
– Yes of course! You are not allowed to have any girls in the house right?
-No that’s true, I can’t have any girls in the house. But what do you do? I’ve heard you sleep a lot right?
– Yes I sleep a lot. I don’t consider myself lazy, but if I come home I am usually tired and take a nap. Play a bit on the Playstation. During the evening I go out and do fun stuff or have dinner with friends. That’s it. Alphen is not that far from Amsterdam right? It’s an half hour drive. Only the mornings are annoying because of the constant traffic jams. There are always traffic jams at the A4 near the Schipholtunnel. Always traffic jams. This easily makes it an hour journey, And if it’s really busy, it takes an hour and a half. That’s why I want to go and look for an apartment in Amsterdam. I don’t necessarily want to move out of my parents house. My mum prepares dinner for me and cleans everything. The only annoying thing is that I have to wake up very early in the morning in order to try and prevent getting into a traffic jam, which usually happens after all. How late do you guys train in the morning? 10:30? No we have to be at the club at 09:00. Really? Yes. If you want to avoid the heavy traffic jams, you have to get up at around 07:00. But I try to sleep as long as possible, snoozing until 07:45. So you have to be at the club at 09:00 already?
– Yes. That didn’t use to be that way back in the day. Who did you have as coach? Peter Bosz? No I never had Peter Bosz. Only Erik Ten Hag? You mean at the first team? Since I am an official player of the first team, I have only had Erik Ten Hag as a coach. I have had Marcel Keizer as a coach in the second team. He is a very good coach. Good guy? Yes he has a very good personality and he is a very good coach. He is actually the first coach that really saw potential in me. You never forget that.
– No never. Of course, Ten Hag is also an excellent coach. He gave me my position in the starting eleven. Are you trying to score points?
– Haha yes. But in all honesty, he gave me a place in the starting eleven right?
– Of course, he gave you confidence. What kind of player calls the coach who gave him so much confidence a bad coach? That is not possible. No that’s true. I feel the same about my old coaches. The coach that gives you your first spot in the starting eleven and eventually lets you stay there, gives you a lot of confidence. – Of course. Who´s that? Hakim Ziyech.
– What’s he saying? ´Bella Arino´ or something? No, doesn’t sound familiar.
– What’s that? Oh, you asked him about what kinds of crazy things to say to me didn’t you? What a fool man, what a fool. You asked him about what kinds of crazy things to say to me. Yes just playing around a little bit, who cares. What’s ´Bella Arino´? That’s a really long time ago. Tell me, what was it? I don’t know man. It’s gay man from Morocco. Do you know him? No He is a singer.
– He names you like that? I don’t know. In the time that I know him, he has given me so many nicknames. It’s unbelievable. Is that a gay Moroccan man?
– Yes, a gay Dutch Moroccan man. Look him up if you have some time to spare.
– He calls you like that during training? No not anymore. Now, for example, he calls me ´Mouse´. Everytime something is popular or hyped he gives me that nickname. ´Mouse´ is from the series Mocromaffia?
– Yes. Yousseff right?
– I don’t even know his real name. Is he called Yousseff? No his name is… Zebi No I don’t know, but he acts very well this guy. Yes his acting is very strong. I’ve seen everything.
– Yes I have watched everything in no time. It didn’t take that long actually. So this time you look like ´mouse´?
– No I don’t necessarily look like him, but I get the name. And if Hakim Ziyech starts with it, everyone copies it. Why did you choose for Morocco? Why did I choose for Morocco?
– Yes. Im the type of person that wants to return the favor if someone does something good for me. The Moroccan team was there, I don’t want to say from the start. But the Moroccan team has been there for me during my youth career at Ajax. The Dutch national team had never really shown interest in me. Have you never played for a Dutch youth team? I have once played for the youth Dutch team during the pre-selection stage. I felt really good then. I once participated during the pre-selection, and I had to play against Anthony Berenstein. During that time I also played right back. He was a very big talent back then. He played for Fc Utrecht. This pre-selection didn’t go very well. But I don’t understand it, you have played in every team for the Ajax youth academy. But not for the Dutch national youth teams. That’s weird right? They must have seen that you had the potential to reach the first team? I never really had that potential man. The potential to play in the first team of Ajax? I don’t know. How is it possible that you did end up playing for Ajax 1 then? Does it have to do with getting confidence? Now you state it like that, there’s one person that said that I was going to reach Ajax 1. That was back in the youth teams. You have players that get stamped as being potential players for Ajax 1, like Ryan Gravenberch, Naci Unuvar. I never really got that confidence. There was only one person who said I would make the first team. The way I was growing and all. His name was Ruben Jongkind. He was not a football coach, but a running coach. So I thought, he didn’t know what he was talking about. This man knows nothing about football, he is just talking nonsense to give me confidence. I didn’t believe it at all. But it turned out he was right about me. You also used to play in the right midfield position right? Or have you always been a right back? I’ve played in a lot of positions during my career in youth. I started out as a midfielder. I was smaller and less intelligent in the midfield than Appie Nouri. So whenever I came into contact with physical players I felt to the ground. Because of that I was positioned right back, only then I had to play against very fast left wingers. It was abnormal, they simply kicked the ball past me and easily outrun me. Me with my small steps and them with their big steps. I was never really doing very well in the right back position either. But in the youth teams they cannot leave you out of the first eleven for a whole season. That’s the story man. It’s weird that you never believed yourself that you were going to make the first team. But you have an abnormal stamina, you keep going right? I also used to have a teammate like that called Trabelsi. You´re the same as him. You keep on going. How is that possible? I don’t know man. I have moments during a game when I´m totally exhausted. For example, when you think it is almost half time and look at the clock and find out it is only the 25th minute and you’re already totally exhausted. These are the usual down moments during a game. You just grow over it and I just keep going and going. I don’t have to carry around a lot of weight either. What do you weigh? Around 65 kilograms. Unbelievable, when I played in the first team I weighed around 82 kilograms. -Definitely a lot of fat or not? What was your fat percentage? – It wasn’t that bad, 8 percent or something. – 8 percent is good man. Then you must have been very muscular right? Yes, but not anymore. Now my belly is only filled with beer and stuff. Did you say 65 kilograms? Yes 66 kilograms or something. I try to gain weight, but it is really hard for me. – Why do you have to gain weight? You’re fine the way you are now. – Just a bit of muscles. You’ll get that automatically if you keep training the way you do now. You do need to spend some time in the gym. 2: Yes thats what im trying to do now. But, for example, if I go to the McDonalds three times a day for one whole week, I gain nothing. – I wish I had that. – The only consequence I experience is that I have to go to the toilet more often. – You don’t have it in you to become fat. You are very lucky with that. Some players really have to watch what they eat. I used to be just like that, I really had to watch what I ate. I did train a lot, which made me lose the weight I gained. I needed to watch my weight. I always used to have a very fat ass. That is actually very important in football, sometimes I see those footballers who use their fat ass to shield the ball very well. You don’t come near the ball. Nordin Amrabat is a very good example of that. He just uses his fat ass to keep you from getting the ball. You should also join our group chat man. We have a group chat with Souf, Mechie, and Tannane. Yes they were joking about it when you asked me to ride along with you. They said go play or something, what are you riding with him for. They are nice guys. – Yes they are nice guys, they are always joking around. – Always, always. They can never be quiet. Hey, I’ve come to return him. See even grandma´s recognize me. Fuck her man, she didn’t even want to let me through when I came here.
– She is right, who are you? I got angry. I said: fuck, I have to pick up Mazraoui. She said: I don’t know you. It’s an eighty year old woman. – She knows me, but not you man. She is almost the same age as you man. – Former glory man, former glory. Oh that red one is yours?
– Yes man. That’s quite nice right. You do need a new ride man, this is not acceptable. – I always get bullied because of this by Hakim as well. Because I drive a red car, which apparently is not a nice colour. You should have taken it with a white inside coating. – For what? – The Ajax colours. You know what he does? He says it’s ugly, but eventually he says he wants a new colour for his car. So I ask him what colour? and he says Burgundy red. I tell him that I also have that kind of colour. But then he says it’s just slightly different from what he wants. So he always turns everything around. He can be very annoying. But he’ s a good guy. – Thanks a lot man, also for the shirt! – No problem man. What are you actually going to do with it? Give it to one of your followers? – Yes, I’m going to give it to one of my followers on Youtube. Is this a Champions League shirt?
– No man. Okay, nice. Thanks a lot my friend! If you need anything, you know where to find me. Ciao. – Will do mate. Ciao. That was Mazraoui. A relaxed guy, very down to earth. No bullshit, you know. He smartly lives with his parents still. Good player, I respect him. He is a nice guy. We had a nice talk. Thanks for watching again. We are going on to the next one. Ciao.

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