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Hey Skittle Biscuits!
So I was thinking, what can I do to make your time in Korea
a lot more easier and better? So I’m going to be making a series of videos
giving you guys hints and guides to make your time here in Korea
a lot easier and better and awesome. [crickets] So, now we got the intro out of the way, Let’s get to our first topic,
which is: transportation! So there are a lot of options in Korea
for transportation. Subway, train, bus, taxi,
and much more. But first off,
before we get into those, we’re going to be talking about
something called T-money. So T-money is a transportation card.
Think of it as like an all-in-one card. So first, where do I get it? You can get it at subway stops, convenience stores, or online. It comes in many different shapes and sizes,
such as a card, or keychain. If you’re going to be here for a while,
you can get it on your cellphone so you can just put your phone
on the beeper and make it work. Or you can get it on your credit card. Now I got my T-money,
how do I use it? First, you can take it to a convenience store or the place where you bought it
and ask them to charge it for you. Well, to use it for transportation,
you’re going to have to put it on this electronic pan — I’ll have a picture over here —
and you just beep it. Subway and bus can go from 1000 Won,
which is a dollar, to 2500 Won, which is about 2 dollars, roughly,
depending on how far you’re going. Regular taxis, which are orange and white ones
for Seoul, go from 3000 Won and keeps going up
depending on how far you’re going. “Mobeom” taxi or luxury taxi,
they’re the black taxis, which can start at 5000 Won and goes up a bit faster
compared to the regular taxis. So if you’re going far
it might not be the best choice, but if you’re going for luxury, it might be better,
but it’s not a big difference. And “mobeom” taxis cannot refuse you,
so if you’re trying to go from Seoul to Busan — which is ridiculous if you’re going to take a taxi — it’s going to be over a thousand bucks maybe…
maybe, I don’t know, I’m just making it up. But, if you do want to go that far,
they have to take you because it’s the law, I guess. So “mobeom” taxi, they can’t say no,
even though if you’re going to ask them to go down a river… Okay, maybe not a river,
but you know what I mean. Jumbo taxi, which are the van taxis —
the big ones — they go for the same cost as the black taxis,
which are the luxury “mobeom” taxi, but van taxis,
you’re going to have to actually call for a dispatch, and that will be extra 1000 Won,
which is a dollar. You can actually get a jumbo taxi,
the van taxi, at airports. And usually when you ride their van taxi,
they usually have the card at the front where you can take and call them up
in case you want to travel somewhere else. For trains, not subway, trains,
there are a lot of options: there are KTX, ITX, and Mugunghwa. They’re all the same,
but different train models, I guess. You could go to KORAIL and get a KORAIL pass
using the T-money to buy a pass. Let’s say you’re taking a train
from Seoul to Busan, which is from the end to the other end. You’re getting a standing ticket,
that would be about 50 bucks, which is “o-man-won” —
50000 Won, I think. And standard class, which could go to 60 bucks,
which are just regular seats. And a first class ticket would be 80 bucks,
but it really depends where you’re going. It would be cheaper
if you get the tickets earlier, and if you are going for a closer range,
let’s say from Seoul to Daegu, then it would be a lot cheaper. If you’re taking the train everyday
for some reason, and you’re going from Seoul
to Busan to Daegu, and going back and forth everyday,
you could get a Happy Rail Pass. A two day pass would be 95000 Won,
which would be about 95 bucks, but for the two days
you could ride it as much as you want. But, let’s say if you’re going to be using it for five days,
then you could get a cheaper — the cost gets cheaper
the more days you have to actually use it. If you’re going to be taking it
for a whole month, I would suggest you go and ask them
for the cheapest cost for that. And I think that’s it
for all the transportations in Korea. So in conclusion,
if you’re going a couple kilometers, I would suggest taking the subway,
which is the cheapest. But let’s say if you’re going only a couple miles — just 1 or 2, really close distance —
and you don’t want to walk, taking a taxi would be cheaper
and less time-consuming. If the place you’re trying to go
does not have a subway stop, then I suggest taking a bus.
But if not, subway would be better and faster,
depending on where you’re going though. And if you’re going really, really far,
then I would suggest taking a train or a plane. I would suggest a plane
because it’s actually kind of cheaper and you get there a lot faster, but if you want the experience
of getting on that high-speed rail — levitating, electronic, magnetic force train
that goes like a bullet, a bullet train — have a run for it.
It might be fun. Yeah, that’s pretty much it.
Hope you guys enjoyed and learned a bit, I hope. Even if you’re in Korea,
this might have been somewhat useful, since you might not have known
the actual cost, so jot them down, and see ya. Bye!

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