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How Automobiles Work

in this video , we’ll see the working of 4-stroke engine this a basic engine model 4-Stroke spark ignition engine what happens inside an engine is nothing but transformation of energy chemical energy is converted into thermal energy Followed by conversion of thermal energy in mechanical work in simple words, the heat energy due to burning of fuel of is converted into mechanical work the four strokes are suction , compression , power and exhaust stroke in the running engine due to inertia force of engine’s mechanical parts piston moves from Top dead center to bottom dead center this movement creates low pressure inside the cylinder the pressure inside the cylinder is below the atmospheric pressure at the same time, inlet valve gets opened since the pressure inside the cylinder is below the atmospheric pressure air fuel mixture enters the cylinder at the end of suction stroke, inlet valve gets closed due to inertia force of engine’s mechanical parts piston is moved from bottom dead center to top dead center now piston compresses the air-fuel mixture the mixture is compressed creating high pressure inside also, creating high temperature inside leading to vaporization of air fuel mixture the mixture gets ignited by spark , produced by spark plug the heat energy due to burning of fuel pushes the piston downwards as the piston goes down , the burnt gases expands inside the cylinder due to inertia, the piston move towards TDC at the same time, exhaust valve gets opened as the piston pushes the burnt gases up, the burnt gases escapes via exhaust por the purpose of piston rings is to wipe the engine oil in the cylinder wall , return it to the crank case also, it prevents the entering of combustion products into the crank case. connecting rod connects piston and crank shaft the connecting rod converts the up-down vertical sliding motion of the piston into rotary motion. this how linear motion of piston is converted into rotary motion of crank shaft the rotary motion of crank shaft, is transferred to the wheel via transmission system and chain drive crank shaft and cam shaft are connected using gears cam shaft rotates at the half of the speed of crank shaft the purpose of cam shaft is to timing actuation inlet and exhaust valves of the engine eccentric portion of cam shaft actuates rocker arm in turn, rocker arm, operates the valves this is how inlet and exhaust valves gets operated spring action closes the valves

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