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In vehicles with iDrive 6, you can use Spotify just like at home. With BMW Apps, the Spotify smartphone app seamlessly integrates in BMW’s iDrive system. Please be aware that you use your smartphone’s data when using Spotify in the car. Make sure to have the BMW Connected app and the Spotify app with an active Spotify account on your smartphone. Connect your smartphone to the vehicle with Bluetooth. After doing so, your BMW automatically detects if you have the Spotify app installed and started on your smartphone. Please go to “MEDIA” or “ConnectedDrive” and after seeing the app appear, select “Spotify”. Now you can start enjoying your music. Continue watching our How-To Series to get the most out of your BMW.

19 thoughts on “Play Spotify from an Android device in your BMW – BMW How-To

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  2. It would be nice if it was so simple, but actually is not. To make it work (sometimes) you need to open connected drive before iDrive does the start up (meaning car locked) and is not working all the time.

    Moreover the browsing feature is not loading all the times, you need to go back and forth in the Spotify iDrive menu few times and if you are lucky it syncronize something from your library/history.

    You cannot skip songs with the controls on the steering wheel because it tries to load for some seconds in the cockpit and then fails, you can only use the iDrive controller (no possibility to pause or fast-forward/backward a song).

    I have iDrive 6 on a 2019 X2 with all Connected services and it's really frustrating, but I think is the same for most of the owners.

  3. The last time I tried this Spotify would not work until I cancelled the message on the BMW app which was telling me not to use my smartphone while driving. I appreciate what the message is trying to tell me but it isn't conducive to safe driving. Example, 1, Motorway driving, 2 Select Spotify, 3 Spotify does not work, 4, Message on phone needs to be cancelled /accepted, 5, pick up mobile 6, Crash !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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