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[music]>>NARRATOR: On August 8, 2011, state and local officials gathered to observe the grand opening of the Pontiac Transportation Center on Woodward Avenue in Oakland County. The new intermodal station will serve both intercity bus passengers on Greyhound, and train passengers on Amtrak’s Wolverine service between Detroit and Chicago. SMART public transit buses will stop every 30 minutes outside the station on Woodward Avenue.>>KIRK STEUDLE: “It’s important that the state of Michigan, in our transportation network, that we invest in a system that is safe and is modern and has accessible transit buildings.”>>TIM MELTON: “It’s going to be a great visual sight for the city as you drive around Woodward, or the loop. Very, very thrilled to be here today. I look forward to bigger and better things coming from this.”>>NARRATOR: The $1.4 million facility features a transportation lobby with bus ticketing, seating, and canopies at both the bus loading area and the train platform. On hand for the ribbon-cutting event were state and local officials, and leaders from MDOT and Amtrak.>>THOMAS CARPER: “Out here in the Midwest, we can really, really do well with good quality service, with good equipment, great on-time performance. No 30 mile-an-hour zones, no pulling over for freight trains. Traveling at 79, 90 and 110 miles an hour. We can do that.”>>GARY PETERS: “America is a great country, but the only way we’re going to continue to be great is by making those investments in infrastructure, building transit stations like this, improving tracks, improving speeds and building integrated transit systems throughout the area. So the fact that we’re dedicating this station here today shows that Pontiac is back on the right track, again.” [applaus]>>NARRATOR: The new Pontiac Transportation Service Center is now open for business. The Michigan Department of Transportation is dedicated to providing the highest quality integrated transportation services for economic benefit and improved quality of life.

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