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This is the new Porsche 911 GT2 RS which we
had in the UK for not very long and we’ve managed to squeeze quite a lot into a short
amount of time so we will come back to this car and do a fuller video later but for now
please enjoy this brief first drive. Hello, welcome to the inside of a GT2 RS, how exciting.
Which is what? Which is a limited run 700 metric horsepower, so that’s 690 brake,
560lb ft turbocharged version of the 911. I won’t lie to you, straight away, they’re
amazing, they’re fabulous, they are brilliant. The GT2 RS has always had a bit of a reputation
in the past, a sort of slightly wild, dangerous would be overstating it, I think dangerous
would be unfair but, you know, people like to think that this car is a bit of a wild
thing to drive but over the years 911’s have become a bit more sanitised, a bit more
sensible and I think Porsche has gone yeah, maybe this is our chance to let things just
hang out and go a little bit bonkers again because it is eye poppingly, ridiculously,
absurdly fast. 2.8 to 60 from rear-wheel-drive, top speed of well over 200, I mean it’s
just monumentally fast. Now, you may be able to tell already, it’s quite loud isn’t
it? It’s loud for a turbocharged 911, so what else has changed? Well it’s got an
uprated 7 speed PDK only transmission, behind me is a titanium cage, this car is lighter
all round, it’s got quite a lot of carbon fibre bits from 911 R, GT3 RS, so it’s got
carbon fibre body panels, carbon fibre bonnet. Normally this would have a magnesium roof
but this car has the Weissach package. Everybody must spec it, surely? 200 odd grand limited
run 911, of course everybody’s going to have the Weissach pack, that takes another 30kg
off of the GT2 RS. So, you’re looking at a car that is 1470kg, comes down to 1440kg
which is pretty much what a GT3 weighs, I think it’s only 10kg more than the GT3 which
is remarkable given this has a turbocharged motor in its back. So what’s it like? Well
they don’t just take a GT3 RS and up the wick, it’s got its own bespoke suspension
system as you would expect because it has just set this fancy lap time at the Nordschleife
of what, 6:47 and if you spec the Weissach pack as well as getting rose jointed suspension
and stuff that you get anyway, it has carbon fibre anti-roll bars, magnesium wheels so
it reduces the unsprung mass, the wheels do even more, carbon ceramic brakes are standard.
Titanium cage – that’s really cool, that’s really cool because welding titanium is really
hard and welding titanium is hard because you have to do it pretty much in an inert
gas because titanium will catch fire before it melts. It’s also got a titanium exhaust
which is 7kg lighter than the standard 911 turbo exhaust. Just weights has come out of
everywhere, it’s one of those special 911 projects where they take stuff out and they
add power and goodness back in. PDK is quick these days, PDK is really good these days.
Oh god the steering is so nice, the steering is so good. This is quite a thing, this is
quite a thing. Traditionally you wouldn’t necessarily buy a GT2 RS if you were after
the ultimate track car because you’d probably get more back from a GT3 or a GT3 RS, they’re
that bit more linear, that bit less unhinged in the head but this car, I think they’ve
got pretty much absolutely bang on. Steering is beautiful, steering has just got that perfect
911 weight, you can feel it’s a fairly lightly loaded front end because it’s light but
weight and feel and response builds through it. Proper road feel through it, handling
balance is like other 911’s in slow corners, there’s a bit of understeer and then you
can get rid of that and then you’ve got 560lb ft from 2,500 to 4,000 revs, so of course,
a Porsche can quell any understeer. It’s just a sensational, brilliant, wonderful piece
of kit. In previous times, if you’ve bought a GT2 RS thinking well, you know, actually
what I want is just tyre smoking, slightly dangerous ridiculousness, I mean you can have
something outrageous and tyre smoking here but it’s not a dangerous ridiculous car
anymore, this is a finely honed very impressive, very capable, quite stiff, quite loud, but
a brilliant, brilliant piece of kit. Really enjoy this car. Thanks for watching and I
promise we’ll be back with more on the GT2 RS at a later date, if you don’t want to
miss it you could always subscribe. Meantime, thank you and cheerio.

42 thoughts on “Porsche 911 GT2 RS review | most powerful 911 driven | Autocar

  1. For a very exciting car, that is quite probably the least exciting start to a video I've seen. Warning – your viewers may fall to sleep, of boredom.

  2. How are you going to say that the GT3 and GT3RS are more track focused than the GT2RS??? Sorry but I’m honestly triggered and this guy seems like he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. This might be one of the most boring reviews of arguably one of the most exciting cars ever produced

  3. If anyone told me 15 years ago that in 15 years Porsche would have produced a 700 HP 750 NM 1911 I would have laughed at him. So would have anyone else. Many of us were somehow convinced by the then popular claim that a flat six engine is structurally limited to producing extreme power due to its design, per se. We were apparently lied to by a bunch of dumbasses, ha.

  4. You have to be a true race driver and be very precise with your driving in order not to be killed…..👍

  5. Nice review! Btw magnesium is the metal that can catch fire when welding. Titanium indeed also needs special welding procedures.

  6. I nearly clicked off this because I didn't want to hear some wanker trying to be a Clarkson or a Hammond, glad I didn't – you made this very easy to watch, thanks!

  7. Over all it’s amazing… I just with the body kit was full carbon fibre,, that black plastic in the back looks a bit off…. it’s th only thing I don’t like. So all N all …. what I’m trying to say is that the GT3 RS is nicer looking 😬

  8. It's first and foremost a race car, that is also road legal, like the new Ford GT. Just look at that giant Le Mans style wing…

  9. “Titanium will catch fire before it melts”
    I believe the material you were thinking of was magnesium.
    The cage is Titanium though…

  10. My dream car right now. I saw one in the showroom window in Mayfair London on a quiet Sunday,I nearly walked inside but didn't want to torture myself. I'll stick to getting the same performance on 2 wheels.

  11. That video was so disappointing… I loved how you talked about how great and fast It was then just putter around like a grandma wtf rev It up at least once for the viewers!

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