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The Boxster family spans 3 generations, with
each its improvements and model years. Porsche is working on it continuously.
We’ll be looking at all generations. I’m going to show you that
the Porsche is available to everyone. Yes, even the new generation Boxster. The Boxster concept was shown
on the 1993 Detroit Motor Show. This generation Boxster
was for sale in 1996. You should know it’s
a real roadster, Porsche’s first. It is mid-engined, a nice 6-cylinder
boxer engine, which is always enjoying. This generation Boxster know as the 986 has
a 2.5 6-cylinder boxer with 201 hp / 180 ft lb. It got an upgrade to 2.7 liters (217 hp) in 2000,
with the Boxster S having a 3.2 6-cylinder boxer. It had only 249 hp. There was a bigger facelift in 2003.
The engines got more hp. ENGINES
gasoline The design changed as well. The bumpers
were smoothed out, headlights got smaller, the rear window was made
from glass and heated. The interior got an upgrade as well. It got the optional Porsche Communication
Management satnav system. If you want to buy this type of Boxster,
you need to look at its general impression. Is it well maintained? How are the brakes?
Is there no damage to the rims? Porsche recommends special
tires with an N code. If it has those, the previous owner
took maintenance seriously. Also check the engine for coolant leakage.
You’ll smell something sweet. Start the engine and let it run.
Check for moist spots in the interior. It’s a convertible, so it could be
a different leakage as well. If there’s a moist spot, you’ll
need to investigate further. Every Boxster has an electric roof. With this gen
it can only be operated when standing still. It should go smoothly, without
strange noises or hitches. The clutch is relatively light.
If it’s not worn out, that is. If it’s worn out, it’ll be more expensive to
replace thanks to the mid-engine. There’s more labour to it. Another serious thing is
the intermediate shaft bearing, notorious for all Boxsters
of this generation. Check if the car got a fix for that. If not,
consider to have that done. This Boxster has joined
the Porsche Classic family. That means the parts
will remain easily available. Over 25,000 parts are available
for the Classic family cars. That’s one of the reasons why 70% of all
produced Porsches is still on the road. There’s more good news. This Boxster
is available at the Porsche dealer under the youngtimer and classic
approved warranty. That means a 6 months warranty
and a 1 year mobility warranty. It’s a different feeling to buy
such a car at a brand dealer. Prices for this generation Boxster at the
Porsche dealer start at 12,750 euros. This newly designed 2nd generation Boxster
(987) was introduced in 2005. The roof was still electric, very important, but
could be opened and closed up ’til 31 mph. The engines got an upgrade
as well with extra hp. The 2.7 base model has 217 hp. The Boxster S still has a 3.2 6-cylinder
boxer, but with 276 hp / 236 ft lb. The engines got a VarioCam in 2007.
The normal Boxster had 242 hp. The Boxster S got a
bigger engine: a 3.4 with 291 hp. The Boxster got another facelift
in 2009, including the interior. There’s a new satnav;
the PCM 3.0 version. It also got a PDK gearbox:
Porsche Doppelkupplungsgetriebe. It makes the car faster.
The engines got an upgrade as well. The Boxster got a 2.9 with 252 hp,
the S got 306 hp. ENGINES
gasoline This generation Boxster is known
to be reliable as well. There are some things to watch out for,
like a dying battery when not used much. Trickle charge it, e.g. in the winter when it’s
inside and you’re not driving it in the brine. You’ll make sure the battery
will be OK like that. You can read a lot about the crankshaft
seal of the intermediate shaft online. It’s a concern. It may leak,
but not with every engine. It’s not clear in what model year
it has been completely solved. Starting form 2008 you
won’t have to worry about it. Check if something has been done about it,
or ask the Porsche dealer if it should be. With this Boxster the roof should
move smoothly as well. Check if the windows go down
a little when opening the door. They should. They’ll close when you
start driving, for less wind noise. The mechanism may fail. For the next thing you’ll need to
lie down in front of the car. The radiators are up front,
the engine is behind me. Junk may collect at the radiators. You’ll
need to clean them and see if they’re OK. The Boxster has 2 and the Boxster S
has 3 radiators. Just check them. This type of Boxster is still widely
available at Porsche dealers. You can get a Porsche Approved
warranty label for a 1 year warranty. You can extend the mobility
warranty to 2 years. If you’re buying privately but want
more safety, buy via porschetrader.nl. The cars there have an official
Porsche dealer inspection report. Prices for this generation at the
Porsche dealer start at 27,500 euros. The latest generation Boxster (981)
again has a new design. There are plenty of new features,
a lot of which are optional. Ceramic brakes are nice when
doing a lot of track days. It has a better satnav and the
interior is completely different. The engines got an upgrade as well, of
course. Porsche always works on more hp. The base version has a 2.7 liter. It almost
sounds disrespectful to call it the base Boxster. It has 261 hp / 207 ft lb. The Boxster S
again has a 3.4 6-cylinder boxer. That one has 311 hp / 266 ft lb. This Boxster is lighter, more
economical and faster. With PDK and Sport Chrono Package
it does 0-62 mph in 4.8 seconds. The top speed was 172 mph
’til the GTS was introduced. That’s the pretty red one. The Boxster GTS
has 325 hp, doing 0-62 mph in 4.7 seconds. Its top speed is 175 mph. I promised to explain how
everyone can buy a Boxster. Porsche now offers financial lease. Starting
at 499 euros a month, you can drive a Boxster. If you want to buy it, it’s over
66,000 euros for the base model. So, what are you waiting for? Will it be the charming 1st, 2nd, or 3rd
generation with financial lease? Subs – Maru

55 thoughts on “Porsche Boxster: three generations

  1. ben altijd een dikke fan geweest van de boxster, alleen ben ik nooit verder gekomen dan de 944 S2, misschien als ooit nog geluk heb dat ik dan uit eindelijk een boxser kan aanschaffen, 

  2. Good review. It could be better if spoked in English, u know… not everybody is Dutch 🙂 anyway keep doing your excellent work. Thumbs up from Portugal

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  4. People below are saying that there are cars with more power and stuff, but the whole point of the Boxster was a pure driving experience, not raw power.

  5. I really respect that such a car channel like this exists, the things you mention with the cars such as the radiator and stuff like that sounds like really professional advice and it really shows that you know what you are talking about. Excellent work, keep it going!

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    Good info on the cars though, so personal ignorance aside, well done with the reviews.

  9. 3:14 actually, the Boxster's transmission was the easiest I've removed and replaced the clutch in, by far. The transmission is all the way at the back of the car and only a very short exhaust system, axles, and brackets need to be removed. All of the bellhousing bolts are easily accessible, and no need to drop the subframe or take apart the intake like on most cars packaged with the transmission in the front.

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  12. Goede, informatieve video! Heb deze ook gekeken voordat ik mijn eigen Boxster had gekocht. Ik heb zelf ook een review gemaakt nu ik hem eenmaal heb! Kijk op mijn Channel voor deze review.

  13. I love the first generation of the Boxster, I think it's the most stylized and beautiful, that's why I bought the 2004 Boxster S, excellent equipment, very comfortable and fun handling, good fuel economy, luxury finishes … what else can you ask?

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