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Hi, guys, Andrew here from Accelerate Auto Electrics
& Air Conditioning on the Sunshine Coast. Today, we’re gonna look at some of the options that are available for portable dual battery boxes. Portable dual battery boxes have become increasingly popular due to their ability to be moved as needed. Here we have the Thunder
12-volt Battery Box. The Thunder Battery Box provides 12 and 240 volt power for common devices and appliances, acting
as a dual battery system to manage solar and in-vehicle charge. It features a 7 stage smart charger to maintain battery condition. The unit is compatible
with all types of battery, although we always recommend the AGM. Setting up the battery box is simple, with a step-by-step guide that helps you select
your type of battery. It remembers the last battery you used and will warn you if there’s
a fault during the charge. Some of the features include: control panel with LCD, 6 amp, 7 stage AC/DC smart charger, 300-watt, 240-volt modified
sine wave inverter, two 10-amp cigarette sockets, it’s also got a 50-amp Anderson
plug, a 5-volt USB port, and an isolator switch. Both these jump start terminals
are protected as well. A great feature that is
unique to the Thunder is the built-in charger that allows you to plug it directly into
240-volt to charge the battery. Like most other portable battery boxes, if you wanna charge it
from your car’s alternator, you’ll need to install an isolator or a DC/DC charger like these. The next one here is a Projecta Power-Hub. Similar to the Thunder, it
turns your 12-volt battery into a convenient, versatile,
and user-friendly device. With 10 power outlets,
the Power-Hub allows you total freedom to charge or power multiple devices simultaneously. Its versatility makes it
ideal for a wide range of applications, including
camping, caravanning, on the work site, in the backyard, or four-wheel-drive expeditions. The Power-Hub is ergonomically designed for outdoor applications
with gutters moulded into the top housing to allow water to drain away from vital electronics. There are waterproof
covers to shield the plugs and sockets, with a slot
that allows the cords to remain plugged-in
while the cover is closed. The handle provides maximum grip comfort and double as tie-down points to secure it from moving around in your vehicle. Some of the features include
a 2.4-inch, full colour, LCD display, 300-watt, 240-volt
pure sine wave inverter, two USB ports, two
cigarette lighter sockets, two angled sockets, a 50-amp,
heavy-duty Anderson plug, two Merrit sockets, and
some DC/DC output terminals. Like the Thunder, it can fit
130-amp AGM battery as well. The Power-Hub does not come
with a built-in charger, but it’s priced accordingly,
so for the difference, you could purchase a charger. Similar to the Thunder, they
both need the DC/DC isolator or smart charger to
charge from the vehicle. Okay, here we have one of
our own custom battery boxes. This one here is our basic model. The main advantage of the
customer battery box is we can fit it with exactly what you want. We can fit as many different
types of sockets, meters, and different Anderson plugs
as you can possibly think of. The other advantage is that
we can fit different DC/DC chargers inside the lid,
meaning it’s a bit more compact and it’s a lot easier to swap
between different vehicles as the DC/DC charger remains in the box. If you’ve got an older
vehicle, we can use the SBI12 as well, and that’ll work quite well. The main saving with these is
we don’t have to add anything you don’t need, so we can
build these to suit a budget. We always use the 130-amp AGM battery, and we find these are a
great option for people who want something a bit more
flexible and a bit custom. These are just a few of the
options currently available. If you would like a price or options on a custom battery box, shoot us an email to [email protected] or give us a call at 1300 227 353.

9 thoughts on “Portable Dual Battery Boxes Comparison | Accelerate Auto Electrics & Air Conditioning

  1. The thunder box has a built in DC charger already , i can plug mine into my cig socket on the car and charge while i drive around. although charging through a separate Isolator would do it alot quicker. also its a 7 amp charger in the thunder box not a 6 amp thought id just point that out not a huge difference from what you said but thought id just let you know.

  2. Do you see any problem with turning off smart charge on the late model Ford Rangers and using an isolator instead of a DC-DC charger? Or would you not recommend  it? Thanks

  3. Andrew, you failed to mention that the Projecta Power Hub has a built in DCDC charger which can be charged by a 240 volt charger via the + & – terminals, solar or by your car’s cigarette lighter via the 50amp Anderson Plug. With this information, it is now on the same level playing field as the Thunder Box. Now consider it has 10 sockets and better waterproofing plus better handles to carry and tie down, then the Projector is miles ahead.

  4. Is there any real con with using a battery box instead of installing an expensive dual battery system of similar features? Seems like it’s cheaper and does the same job…

    Also, if I bought a battery box could I leave it to go flat for months on end and come back to it and charge and use again no problems? Or do you need to keep it charging on AC all the time while you’re not using it? Thanks

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