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How Automobiles Work

yeah these are cool cars I am in walmart looking at these power
wheels and they are super cool ford f150 power wheels these are the boxes boxes for the f50 Power Wheels is a full ride very cool they have police cars Power Wheels dirt bikes yeah power wheels look up top we have the BMW Power Wheels and we even
now the frozen power wheel and they even the pink one for girls see the big power wheels up top and the tractor
that’s very cool yeah getting in you like it yeah yeah yeah yeah close the door close the door drive yeah yeah turn it there and wheel I think it drive it from room turn the wheel yeah yeah you started it that’s a GPS yes it’s not working drive it it’s not what i can do that a red one
coming out which one the red one that’s a Porsche Power Wheels is locked yeah yeah drive it you don’t like any of them Isaiah there are more cars ha the BMW Power Wheels this is mini cooper Power Wheels yeah this is a range rover and look what
Isaiah found look at what Isaiah found a fire truck Power Wheels he’s a firefighter Power Wheels you want to come out yeah yeah ok yeah yeah oh yeah yeah you like that one you want to drive all of them all for
that one ok coming out yeah yeah ok yeah you’re ready to go I like it yeah it’s not work again

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