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The public transportation system here
in Toronto is called the TTC or the Toronto Transit Commission and it
includes buses subways and streetcars. It’s pretty similar to other public
transportation systems in metropolitan cities around the world.
I’ve lived in Singapore in Germany and travelled to Japan and I would say that
overall in terms of connectivity and density of the network it’s quite
comparable I I find that it’s pretty easy here in Toronto to get from one
point to the other and I think the TTC is pretty great although the local
people here tend to complain pretty frequently about the TTC not being on
time and not reliable but I guess it depends on which country you came from
previously and how the transportation system was in that country so if it was
pretty bad over there then when you come over here you will see that the TDC is
actually doing pretty great so if you’re planning to use public transportation a
lot here than I would definitely recommend you to get this presto card
it’s much more practical than paying single fares using cash every time you
use the bus or the streetcar it saves a lot more time you just simply tap and
then you’re done you can get this card at presto vending machines at subway
stations that store named Shoppers Drug Mart and you can also buy it online the
first time you get it you have to pay non-refundable fee of $6 and after that
you can reload it either online at the vending machines or also at Shoppers
Drug Mart personally I like to reload my card online because it saves a lot of
time and I don’t have to queue in terms of theatres you have two options you can
pay single fares meaning that each time you tap your card a certain amount is
deducted from your card and from your balance or you buy the Monthly Pass
which is like a flat fee you just pay once a month and you
have unlimited travels for an adult a single trip would cost you $3 while the
monthly pass is one hundred forty eight dollars and 25 cents well if you are a
student a single trip will cost you two dollars and five cents and the monthly
pass is one hundred sixteen dollars and twenty-five cents if you’ve just arrived
in Toronto either you’re working or studying I would definitely recommend
you to get the monthly pass for the first one to two months and the reason
is simply because in the beginning there are so many things that you need to get
done perhaps you need to look for a place to live or you you have to shop
for clothes and furniture to set up your new place and in the beginning you’re
kind of a tourist you want to explore Toronto and you want to get around as
much as possible so by getting the Monthly Pass you can just pay once and
then you don’t need to think about the cost anymore but after that I would say
that it made sense to observe your usage pattern if you are trying to save money
and if you’re on a budget so for example let’s say you’re a student and you live
near campus so sometimes you use the TTC sometimes you walk let’s say you use the
TDC twice a day so two times two dollars and five cents makes four dollars in 10
cents and you use it let’s say for twenty four days in a month which brings
you to ninety-eight dollars so just looking at this example it would mean
that you would be better off paying single fares rather than paying for a
Monthly Pass so it really depends on your personal usage and you might not
even be using that much because the TTC allows you to transit for free within a
two-hour time frame meaning that if you hop on the bus you tap your card and
then you go grocery shopping let’s say at 12 o’clock and then you’re done at
1:59 which is within the two hours and you tap again then you are not charged
anything if all the transit is already included and
original affair so if you’re on a budget and if you’re trying to save money it
makes sense to simply try to calculate approximately how much your usage would
be and perhaps you’ll be better off buying single fare I want to share with
you about another feature of presto that I’ve been using lately that I really
like which is called the auto reload function so if you’ve decided not to get
the monthly pass and instead manually top-up your card what could happen is
that one day you just simply forgot to upload your card and then you already at
the subway station and then you realize okay I don’t have enough balance I have
to top it up first and then it takes you some time and then you’re already late
for something so it can be really annoying so with this Auto reload
function it allows you to automatically top-up your card whenever it the balance
drops below a certain threshold and you can set that set that manually so for
example you set an automatic reload amount of $25 every time your balance
drops below let’s say $10 so that means that you don’t need to load large
amounts of money to ensure you’ve got enough balance but you can just
gradually you little small amounts without worrying that you’ll suddenly
have no balance and you can do this on the presto card you’ll see a website you
simply register your card and you sign up for the auto reload function and
another benefit of signing up your card is also that you won’t lose your balance
so let’s say for example you just lost your card you don’t know where it is
the good news is that the balance won’t be lost I hope this video was useful for
you let me know if you have any questions in the comments thanks so much
for watching and see you again soon

16 thoughts on “Presto Card for TTC || Save time & money on transportation

  1. I bought one today (April 28) in a machine. Will it start working until May 1st? Balance in display says 0 and I'm not sure if I should activate it if I need additional steps for starting using it. Thanks πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks for the information. Just wondering if there are other payment method when you use GO Transit or MiWay Transit when you buy the monthly pass or are they included as well? Not sure if there are any difference among the transits. I am moving to the area soon so any insight would be really helpful. Thanks!

  3. wow thank you, my friend and I are visiting Toronto, we'd be there 4 days so we'd really need this to get around…the State we live in dont use much public transports so were nervous and excited at the same time, can anyone help us identify what kind of busses honor the presto card, thanks!

  4. Prices may change, so make sure to check out
    UPDATED PRICES on passes and fares on the official website:
    For adults a single fare is $3.10 using PRESTO vs. $3.25 if you buy it at the collector booth at subway stations.
    Note the difference between buying a Monthly pass (which is buying and paying for it monthly) vs. '12 months pass' which requires a 12 month commitment.

  5. Interesting video! I was born in (and currently living in) Toronto (well just outside from the city – after the eastern end) and I've been using my PRESTO card a lot.

    Recently, the TTC started to introduce what's called "PRESTO Tickets". They come in a single-ride, two-ride or even a day pass! They're sold at the PRESTO vending machines at all subway stations and even at Shoppers Drug Mart outlets! Ultra-useful for tourists and infrequent users! I was hoping that you can make a video about buying a "PRESTO ticket" as a future suggestion.

    One other thing I want to share (and here's my dirty little secret), I tend the use the words "subway" and "metro" interchangeably when talking about the TTC subway system.

  6. Thank you very much for your nice and detailed presentation. Is it possible to purchase a Presto card directly in Pearson International Airport uopn arrival? And if the answer is yes, will that be operational immediately? Because according to what I read on their website it could take up to 24 hours for the online refund to take effect.

  7. Is there a one day pass for Presto card or a three day weekend pass when in Toronto. Also is it available at the airport

  8. about the 2 hour free transit, it means that I can make for example 10 taps (exaggerating) within the two hours and they only will charge one?

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