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Ciao everyone, here it’s Marchettino and today I’ve brought a different video on the channel, today we’re talking about interior car cleaning. As you know I have several cars I don’t make myself problems to use every day to cover lots of miles, using the car regurarly means you have to spend more time for the maintenance, as well as the cleaning of the interior infact I’ve decided to shoot this video in collaboration with Dyson as we’re gonna test the new V11 Absolute PRO with the car behind, my 500! It’s a top vacuum cleaner with staggering performance, just think that it has a digital engine capable to reach 125.000rpm, more or less like my 500! As I mentioned, it’s a product with staggering performance, just think the dust is captured at a speed of 335kph! If I had to make a comparison, the V11 is the Ferrari of vacuum cleaner! In terms of car care, I like to wash my cars by myself because I know what I use and also because I like to stay alone with my car and take care of it. In terms of car cleaning, my tip is to do a costant clean so the interior is always clean and you clean it quick. Let’s stop talking and have a look at this powerful tool, a new feature introduced on V11 is the LCD display which allows to select the different settings, ECO, Medium and Boost. Another interesting new feature is the intelligent brush called High-Torque, A brush that thanks to the sensors detecs the surface you’re working on and so adapts automatically the power of the device. Dyson V11 has an algorythm that learns the way you use it in order to have a more accurate estimation of autonomy left. Depending on the settings, the power autonomy as well as the change as we may see on the LCD screen. Autonomy is up to 60 minutes in ECO mode. To make you understand its power, thanks to its 14 cyclones it generates up to 79.000g and captures up to 99,97% of microscopic particles as little as 0,3 micron, as you understand, this is the ideal devide for a complete interior clean, let’s try it now! Alongside the many accessories available, let’s use the mini-turbo brush, I like the name turbo! With the mini-turbo brush let’s start to clean the floor mats because it’s the place that lies the majority of dirt and bacteria. To clean the floor mats we’re using Boost mode so the max power of V11, In this mode we have an autonomy of 5 minutes and it’s the right mode to remove the stubborn dirt. Now let’s remove the mini-turbo brush and let’s put the mini crevice tool to remove the dirt in the inaccessible spaces. Let’s keep cleaning in the tight spaces, hard to reach by using the crevice tool but now with the help of the extender, a feature of the car-kit. Now let’s use the mini-delicate brush that, like the name says, it’s the right brush to clean the surfaces without the risk to scratch them. Now let’s remove the mini-delicate brush and use the flexible crevice tool with the integrated brush to clean the deepest part of the dash. Once the dash is cleaned up deep, let’s change accessory and use again the mini-turbo brush as we’re about to clean the front and rear seats, the places where most of the dirt lies. Once the seats are clean, let’s change and use the crevice tool to clean the seat joints. Here’s the final step of cleaning the 500, only the trunk is left and we’re gonna use the mini-turbo brush. Eventually for the toughest dirt, we’re gonna use this brush with stronger bristles. As you could notice, so much dirt we’ve removed off the 500! I didn’t expect also because I haven’t been cleaning it since just a week so as I said, it’s important to do a constant clean to keep the interior clean. Useful to be able to switch the accessories to take advantage of the potential of the V11 in every corner of the car, of course you can use it not only in the car but also at home you wouldn’t tell but I’m a clean maniac I like to keep my house clean and I really use my current V8, In case my girlfriend is watching this.. nope! I’m not lending you my V11!

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