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The thing about the Range Rover, and this one
in particular, is just the way it wafts along the road. You can actually feel your heart
rate going down and just your mood lifting. As a result, you don’t really want to pile
down the road in this car fast; you just want to bumble about a bit. I don’t know how they’ve done it; they defied
the laws of physics at Porsche. They have managed to give this thing body control, handling
composure, and grip that would allow you to drop most well-driven sports cars. It actually
does your brain in when you start to drive this car fast. Conclusion: having driven them on-road for
most of the day, is that the Range Rover is massively more comfortable, much more chilled,
much more refined, much more accomplished overall. But the Porsche undeniably
is quicker and it’s just more hooked into the road. If you want to drive an SUV like a sports
car, buy a Cayenne. But I think we need to go off-road to draw the full picture and the
full conclusion, because I suspect that the Range Rover might well get its own back when there’s a bit of mud involved. So let’s see. That slope up there might look incredibly
innocuous, in fact, it looks like it actually breathes from there. The bloke that’s just
let us into this off-road facility has just said that he took a full on Land Rover with
nobblies on it up yesterday and got stuck. He thinks that we are absolutely crackers
to be trying this in what he calls our Chelsea Tractors. However, we’re going to give it
a whirl, we’re going to see how far the Range Rover can get into the field and up that slope,
and then I’m going to do exactly the same thing in the Cayenne. We shall see which one
wins. Before we set off, I need to put it in low
range, which I have done. You’ve got a choice between rock crawl, sand, mud ruts, grass,
gravel and snow, or special programs. I’m going for mud ruts. No, I’m not. I’m going
for mud ruts. Low range, drive and traction control on, because that’s what you should
do apparently. Here goes, what I’m not sure. Oh, my word.
No, that’s alright. A Range Rover is a Range Rover. He reckoned we’d get stuck straight
away. I thank you – straight up to the top of the field, absolutely no problem. Thank you
Range Rover. Thank you for producing such a fantastic car. I’m going to try exactly the same thing in
the Porsche. I’ve got off-road mode on, I’ve got the centre def lock on, and I’ve also
got the rear def lock on, and it’s at its highest ride height and here we go. I’m a
bit scared. I don’t think it’s going to do anything at all. Come on, car. It has, it’s done it. It’s gone
onto the better bit. Wow, okay. It was definitely more of a problem in the Porsche than it was
in the Range Rover. The Range Rover just struggled for about half a second and then just went
straight up the hill. Whereas I have to say, just for 2 or 3 seconds, I thought we were
going nowhere and I would have to get my wellies out. Give it its due, the Porsche has just gone
up that hill that the off-roading expert thought that we would be absolutely crackers to even
attempt. Well done Porsche. What we’re now going to have to do to settle
it once and for all is actually have a race to the top of the hill. 3-2-1, go. Come on, Range Rover. No. Yes, the Porsche
is stuck and the Range Rover is still going. He’s totally stuck; he’s up to his axles.
Yes, Range Rover won, Porsche nil. He’s just sitting there going nowhere. Point proved. The conclusion is the Range Rover is more
comfortable, more relaxed, more chilled – just nicer car to drive on the road – and it murders,
of course, off-road. I think that means the Range Rover wins quite easily. What a thing.
What a fantastic vehicle this is. The end.

100 thoughts on “Range Rover v Porsche Cayenne drag racing off road – autocar.co.uk

  1. Can't see many of these expensive SUV's being taken off road in a big way like that. Surely if you wanted an SUv to do that a Land cruiser would be more suitable.

  2. So many butthurt Porche fans. Keep your toys on the road and don't try to beat the king of offroad. You can't beat the Range Rover.

  3. notice all the comments from dickheads saying this and that about tyres and a prejudiced reviewer.the range rover WON you cunts.

  4. no offense to Cayenne fans but Cayennes, audi q7s etc are shit off road, why do you think that people in offroad events laugh at people who turn up in them?

  5. The old Cayenne was actually quite good off road. I think a fairer test would have been the range Rover versus a Land cruiser V8. The land cruiser is actually quite high spec and not bad on the road (I know, because I own one!) and it would have stormed up any muddy hill or rocky mountain without even the slightest wheel spin. But obviously the reviewer hasn't seen or heard about land cruisers I guess.

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  7. Yeah like the viewers here are that damn stupid… At the end of the video they made sure to put the Porsche to the far leftt side which is so sticky compared to the side the range rover was on. Seems like a set up to make the Range Rover shine…..#noshade

  8. This is bullshit the porshe is not invented especially for mountains is invented to race I have a porshe Cayenne Turbo S and on the street is beautifull

  9. And then right after that the Range Rover is off to the shop for two weeks because it's falling apart, while the Porsche goes on for another 10,000 miles without a care.

  10. The driver of the Cayenne deliberately not wanting Cayenne to win; he just step on brake and stop instead of accelerating up the hill!

  11. 2:20 first ill put it in Low Range 2:25 Dashboard Shows "High Range Selected" 😂 Genius Editing … Range Rover much more powerfull much more luxurious much more spacious much more capable much more much more everything …. but they should put the porshe againts the SVR Not The Vogue

  12. Rubbish comparison. I'm a RR fan but biased unrealistic test. So many variables not considered. Don't bother watching…

  13. This of course is a slanted test drive. You must use the same point of start and the same driver and the same revs otherwise you get a skewed result as seen.

  14. I know a lot of people dislike this video but I thought it was great. It was just meant to be a simple, funny off road mess about rather than which car is the best for heavy off road use. Clearly the Range Rover would win that. I do like the way you have an old Defender there to pull them both out if they get stuck LOL shows technology can't beat old fashioned grunt and mechanics

  15. Tires are a big deal and you have summers on there. The RR had all seasons on it. This is not a good comparison.

  16. In real car world USA, the land rover have zero reliability and resale value, compared to much better car porsche. Even in consumer reports land rover falls short to every automaker…people say, if you buy land rover, you better buy two, because one will be sitting in the shop lol…

  17. Range Rover has better a/t tires less muddy path and a better driver so yeah of course the range Rover is gonna win

  18. Porsche was never known for being an off-roader, now if they both had off road or all season tires, the range would still destroy the range, I’ve had both, and still have the range supercharged, off-road it’s amazing, the cayenne turbo I had was good, but the range was all around better drivers suv. I’m pretty sure I will get some hate comments, unless you have driven both or owned either one then you wouldn’t understand.

  19. Btw they both had all season tires, it’s not like the Porsche had summer tires on, land rovers off-road management is on another level and way more advance and controllable.

  20. You're SO Range-Rover-biased in this 'test' your face should be green. Even before you started you said the Porsche wouldn't do it… Easily better than the Range Rover (or what they call a hut on wheels when it comes to aerodynamic value). The Range didn't win at all – you cheated by turning right lock and going across the field while you made the Porsche look stupid pointing upwards. If you had allowed the Porsche to do the same it would have muddied your pride easily. Of the two separate trials, timing them, Porsche was faster going up.

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  22. I mean…without a doubt the Porsche is a far superior car hahaha…this video has nearly 1000 more dislikes than likes LMAO, speaks for itself

  23. Sorry Steve, this review was shite and so biased, being no off road expert or enthusiast I could see the RR was driven more intelligently and purposefully whereas the Porsche was intentionally driven into muddy tracks, floored, and as soon as it gained grip and started moving the driver was braking.

    No worries, RR wins, as it should this being a UK channel 🙂 amazing though the RR made it up the hill without breaking down, might even catch up with Porsche one day in terms of reliability, even if it won't ever come close on drivability.

  24. people wht do you expect an “english“ testing vs a pure german car, of course land rover would win…too biased for a fair review, shame

  25. They range starts on fresh grass (with better grip) while the porsche starts at the already muddy slippery patch… the range was stronger though..

  26. The cayenne had to compete against the range sport, no against the vogue. Second, it was the cayenne turbo, that is not the best for this types of challenges, cause is for races. The better one is the normal cayenne

  27. I own a RR sport and even ill admit they didn't give that cayenne a fair go at anything to do with the test. Given a fair chance, I'd say the cayenne may beat the RR at the hill climb.

  28. Second time where you put Porsche wos not clean deal.😉 but you are English what you whaiting for. Range rover pay you

  29. Odd….the beast…pardon Porsche made it up the first time…conveniently the second time during the 'race' it got stuck? Whatever…I'm about to buy a Cayenne…stay tuned for a REAL review!!!

  30. THE RANGE ROVER BETTER. You will only understand when you have owned a SVA dynamic. And I can ashore you the RR is best TOP DOG!

  31. So he's in a grassy field, yet chooses 'mud and rut' mode in the RR… Err muppet, there's a clue in the function names – ie 'grass'.
    The Porsche is just a fanny wagon on stilts.

  32. We are looking for an indian review who will demonstrate that TATA is much better than RR ! About myself as a Romanian, I can bet Dacia Logan will go faster than RR … And I didn't throw
    in the game Duster which will tow the Porsche up to the hill .

  33. Not bad video but do best out of 3 !!! Also swap starting positions to make it fair. Get that Disco at the bottom of the hill to give you a run too.

  34. He put it in mud ruts and spun the tires out. Put it in hill climb next time and this review was incredibly biased

  35. The most stupid test of the Porsche off road I have ever seen. Put them on the same ground. The Rangy had firmer ground than the Porsche. simple. There are much better tests out there that are not so Range Rover Bias. Also both vehicles tried to take a different route up the hill. They need to take the same path. Simpler to send them one at a time and time it. Much fairer.

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