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It seems slightly spooky that the Range Rover
is now 43-years-old. Despite it being that old, this is only actually the fourtth generation.
What do you get for your £94,000, in the case of this car, which is a 4.4-litre V8 autobiography
diesel? They have thrown the kitchen sink at it and
then some this time around. You get an aluminium monocoque, which is basically the chassis
is aluminium. You get air suspension as per last time. You get a much more sophisticated, powerful,
and potent diesel engine. It has 334 horsepower and 516lb ft of torque. That’s up there in
the AMG twin turbo league for torque. You also get an 8-speed gearbox, which is the same
ZF gearbox that you get in X5s and Maserati Quattroportes. It’s the gearbox to have at the moment. Of
course, more than anything else, you get this beautiful, spacious, majestic, luxurious cabin
from which to look out upon, and normally, over the rest of the world. The thing about the Range Rover and this one
in particular, is just the way it wafts along the road. You can actually feel your heart
rate going down and just your mood lifting. Not to a point where you feel arrogant, but
just where you feel comfortable and relaxed, just chilled about everything else that’s
going on around you. As a result, you don’t really want to pile down the road in this
car fast. You just want to bumble about in it. What’s particularly impressive with the new
Range Rover isn’t just the effortless performance that is available under your right foot, but
just the lovely ride and the properly-connected steering. This is an enormous vehicle, it
weighs 2.6 tons, but you can thread it really accurately down the road and that’s because
it steers so nicely. There’s no question that this thing feels
huge on the road. You feel like you’re driving around in your own lounge. The more I drive
this thing, the more I’m absolutely falling head-over-heels for it. They’ve got the refinement
and the body control just right, too. It feels genuinely luxurious, this new Range Rover.
That’s absolutely what Land Rover was trying to do with this car. You mustn’t really think of it as a rival
for conventional SUVs or conventional 4x4s. Really, it’s the sort of thing you’d consider
instead of a Bentley, a Maserati Quattroporte, or a Mercedes S-class. Having said that, there is one very obvious
rival with which the new Range Rover absolutely has to be compared, and that is the Porsche
Cayenne. From the moment you set foot inside the Cayenne, it feels so much smaller and
a lot harder-riding than the Range Rover. It does feel smaller on the road. It feels
nimbler, the steering wheel almost feels like a little Caterham wheel, alongside the
Range Rover’s tiller. Everything going on around you just feels so much busier.
The ride isn’t just more firm, it’s louder too. The engine noise is more and the wind noise
is more. To begin with, you do tend to think, “What on earth have I climbed into this for
when I was in the lovely, luxurious, comfortable surroundings of a Range Rover?” A very large
chunk of that changes when you put your foot down, because what happens is nuts. What happens
is that you unleash 500 horsepower, and exactly the same amount of torque as the Range Rover
has, 516lb ft, but in a vehicle that weighs half a tonne less. The results are mind-bending. I have to say honestly, it doesn’t feel an
awful lot slower than the 911 in a straight line. The incredible thing is how fast you
can drive it down the road when there are corners. I don’t know how they’ve done it;
they’ve defied the laws of physics, Porsche. They have managed to give this thing body
control, handling composure, and grip that would allow you to drop most well-driven sports
cars. It just . . . it absolutely does your brain in when you start to drive this car fast. Despite the fact that they cost very similar
amounts of money, and in theory are appealing to the same sort of customer, I don’t think
these cars are rivals at all. The Range Rover is just head, neck, haircut, and shoulders
above the Porsche when it comes to refinement. It has everyday usability, it’s so much more
comfortable than the Porsche on the road, as well. I just don’t think there’s really
any comparison. If you want to make a comparison between these two cars, if you want to choose
between one of them, it’s the Range Rover, it has to be. It is an absolutely phenomenal
piece of engineering and just a lovely, lovely car in its own right.

92 thoughts on “Range Rover v Porsche Cayenne tested on-road – autocar.co.uk

  1. u can't compare anything to a Range Rover .. ! It's the best ..!
    and the fourth generation is just amazing !

  2. buy a Porsche for performance, buy a range for luxury, simple as that. trying to compare the 2 is stupid. you're comparing a Caravan to an RV, and im sorry but I wouldn't take the brits word on anything brit vs germ there is obviously going to be some biasness in it especially knowing their past

  3. A train is even heavier, more luxurious and has the same looks as RR, so is that what makes a wagon a wagon ?

  4. Is Steve Sutcliffe on the JLR payroll?
    OK. The Range is the last legendary car of the island. All other legends are meanwhile owned by german brands. It must be very frustrating for him.
    Drive your Range on an german Autobahn and look on the exhaust manifold of some of the Cayenne turbos. Soon you will be bored by all that Range driving comfort. Ha Ha Ha ….

  5. why dont more SUVs have the rear wiper tucked up under the spoiler like the range rover? it looks so much nicer. Toyota/Lexus is the only other manufacturer to do that.

  6. Both cars are fantastic but the Range Rover wins anytime. Just an absolutely amazing car.
    I wish that the presenter didn't pronounce the Porsche as 'Porsch' all the time though. It is just so wrong…

  7. The stats shown on here state that the Range Rover weighs 2360kg and the Porsche weighs 2170kg.
    You don’t need to be an accountant to work out that the difference is 190kg yet the presenter claims (at 4 min 37 sec) that the difference is half a ton. Is this to encourage school kids that even if you’re a bit dim you can still get a well-paid cushy job?

  8. This is the Autobiography edition. Not Vogue!
    Autobiography edition is the most expensive and exclusive Range Rover.
    Vogue, HSE and Sport is for poor people.

  9. They are cars with diferent purposes, but these cars have more or less the same price, and the same category. That's why they are commonly compared.

  10. haha, good answer. I think they have to stop making other Range Rover versions and make only the Autobiography. It is meant to be an exclusive car, and cheaper versions only makes it popular.

  11. to be honest, why the hell would you buy either of those things? what the hell does anyone need a car that big for? key word being 'need'.

  12. This review couldn't be any more bias. "Wafting" and performance are complete opposite yardsticks to begin with. So, I am scratching my head how can you compare comfort with speed and handling ? While I agree the Range Rover is a lovely place to be if you want a relaxing drive, you cannot deny the Porsche Cayenne Turbo or Turbo S are the undisputed King Of SUVs when it comes to performance. Plus, the Range Rover is hugley expensive, I just can't get over the fact how a diesel Range Rover can be more expensive than a Porsche Cayenne Turbo which apart from the Turbo S is at the top of its range ? And the Cayenne is not small at all, the difference is when you drive the Range Rover you really feel like you are driving a truck whereas the Cayenne feels more like a performance car. I would take the Cayenne Turbo any day and twice on weekends !!

  13. they just insulted the porsche .. Cayenne is like a sports cars shaped as a suv .. he shouldnt have compare them ..

  14. You bloody idiot! How can you be so biased??? Yes, the RR is certainly more luxurious but it is so much slower and heavier! The Porsche is much much faster, better handling, and more exciting to drive – plus more adequately priced! You Brits don't even own the RR/Jaguar anymore! It's been tossed around and currently owned by the Indians, your former colony! Fools!

  15. And when your 3 year warranty runs out with range rover your hand will never be out of your pocket.the porsche will be trouble free

  16. 2:32 at very low speed almost loose control with range rover, with the porsche that wont happen at all and for me safety is very important too….

  17. if the range was built by VW Audi group or Mercedes, I would definitely agree with you … but it's built by Tata Motors … so the Porsche it's by far the winner

  18. Is there one British car mag that does not completely worship the range rover? Porsche has much better driving dynamics and the ever-so-important "mechanical stuff" which is what matters. Its not as butt-ass ugly as that range rover also. 

  19. i have driven both cars and let me tell you this… porsche cayenne its so so much better than R R…. i couldnt wait to drive the porsche again and again its addictive

  20. It's like choosing between a Rolls Royce and an M5. Ofcourse the brits will prefer the softer more luxurious one but you can NOT deny both are good at the things they're aiming at despite being 4 door saloons. Get my point?

  21. the funny think is in his review of the porsche cayenne he said it and here i quote "show me a range rover that drives like this and i will show you a lair" so which one is it ? make up ur mind plz !

  22. It would be nice to list the options on the Cayenne. No mention of the optional PDCC, or the noise and heat insulating glass. The thing with Porsche is, you can make the car whatever you want. Porsche offers by far the highest level of customization of any manufacturers. 

  23. The same model of the range rover in india cost an insane 285000 pounds and goes upto 380000 pounds for the black addition…and that's just the showroom price.

  24. His age might also be a factor here.  He might prefer a SUV that is more comfortable, quiet and supple.  Younger folks might prefer the more dynamic, sporty chassis and feel. Also, I've never thought the range rover was more luxurious.  If you fully option out the Porsche it can hold its own or even surpass the RR.

  25. dear presenter  u forgot  to mention :  The Ford 4.4 TD is a diesel engine developed and built by Ford Motor Company. It is based on the Lion V6 Diesel and has a power output of 330 hp (246 kW) and 516 lb·ft (700 N·m) of torque. As with the other AJDs, it has a Compacted Graphite Iron block that reduces weight while increasing engine block strength.
    The 4.4L is built at Chihuahua Engine Plant in Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico along with the 6.7L Ford Power Stroke Diesel engine available in Ford Super Duty trucks. While in development, the 4.4 TD was rumored to be for use in the Ford F-150, Ford Expedition, and as an entry level diesel option for the Super Duty. No such option ever became available with Ford citing the reason as being a low demand for a vehicle with a $6000–$8000 premium over its gasoline models. Current application of the 4.4L TD engine is the Land Rover Range Rover. short version : crapy  shit . clever marketing makes stupid humanoids to buy a nicely packed and overpriced guano .

  26. Comparing RR and Cayenne is like comparing Apples & Oranges……R.R is all about Prestige, power, status and heritage while cayenne is like steroid injected 911……..Whole purpose of buying RR is let the world noe tht ur a successful and the best…..Moreover, if u want to buy something sporty, go n buy 911 or subaru impreza, Y to haul 2 tonne SUV on a racetrack..I mean, I cant imagine climbing a hill in a BMW M5…..Lastly, Most important thing is Looks of Car….. m sure most of ur frds or relatives wont b noeing PDDK or technological stuff……. they ll c the Looks f ur car and I bet, R.R is miless ahead in looks as it has evolved over 48 years unlike, cayenne which is like a egg on wheels……..i really dnt understd wat cayenne designers wanted while designing it……..

  27. Allot of Cayenne fanboys commenting. Look, in the real world you want your SUV to be practical, comfortable, nice to drive and good off road. If your into performance then the Cayenne is the one for you however if your like me and don't really care about the numbers then the Range Rover is the one to buy.

  28. Comparing different variations of each car , we went for the cayenne. The Range Rover quality didn't compare to the quality of the cayenne. On the other hand both good cars.

  29. These days only bell ends buy Range Rovers which is sad. Even Bentley has sold its soul to feed the egos of people with more money than taste, who just want to elevate themselves and their egos. Give me an old and honest Range Rover Classic 4.2 V8 LSE any day however, and I can guarantee it will never be seen without mud on it…

  30. Not really a good review , there both different types of cars one is a luxury car for cruising around in, the Porsche is a kick ass machine ! I love to drive and I want fun in both areas cruising and speed . I know which one I want the CAYENNE EASY !!!!!!

  31. Just bought a Cayenne. Both vehicles are incredible but what simply swung it for me was the sheer beauty of the Porsche. Undeniably the most beautiful car ever made.

  32. cayenne is a women's suv. they're nice trucks but every man worth some money bought one for his wife nowadays. it's a chicks ride now. I wouldn't be caught dead in one.

  33. No bias from the Brit?
    They have a Land Rover dealership nearby.
    The shop guys say LR breaks down all the time.
    Just like my first car, 1971 TR6.
    I know, no comparison…
    Just like Porsche and LR
    A sports car like SUV and a Limousine like SUV…
    Depends on the taste…
    Porsche is the most reliable German car on the road, LR not even close.
    A Lexus IS the most reliable car on the road..
    If your ride is not reliable, the other things really do not matter!
    LOL my experience / 2 cents.

  34. Not as durable as japanese cars. Toyota fortuner, montero sport, mu-x/ alterra is more reliable than this super expensive car. Wont care bout the parts cause its cheap & easy to replace. Can go anywhere this super expensive crap thing.

  35. Look at all the comments from Asians and Arabs and Nazis who are jealous as fuck of the British motor industry .get back on your camels.

  36. He is driving the hell out of this Range Rover. I love both vehicles. However, there is something special about the Range. Iv'e driven two and the Porsche Cayenne.

  37. This guys sponsored by Range Rover….the cayenne is by far a better ride with better handling and much better appointed. I've driven both and the rr is crap com paired to the Porsche, plus the RR will be in the shop for the next 10 years.

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