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So the Regional Transportation Management Centre is very much based
around innovation and a lot of it centres
around ITS or Intelligent
Transportation Systems. The fibre lines that
we’ve installed in our roadways, the video and the camera feeds that we’re now piping
into the Centre, there’s a lot of technology that we’re leveraging to be able to reduce the amount of time and friction that we see
on our highways. PATRICK LIVOLSI:
The Regional Transportation Management Centre has the key role of incident
management. Traditionally in that, incident management’s been
done at a very municipal level, on a microlevel. What we’ve done is we’re taking all of those incident
management centres and all that, and combined them into one to make more of a
seamless operation. THOMAS KWAN:
One of the key innovation as part of the RTMC project, was the establishments of the fibre network across
Metro Vancouver, which is the key to enable
the collections and dissemination of
traffic information. PATRICK:
The Centre is actually an emergency operation centre, instead of having all
these different, smaller, little municipalities
trying to struggle and to get their systems going, we’ve got a bigger centre where all of the
emergency responders and municipalities can
get together and respond to the incident. THOMAS:
I think the partnership really started during 2010
Winter Olympic Games. During the games, we wanted to be able
to move people, the athletes and the guests, efficiently through
Metro Vancouver. And it’s from that partnership that kind of extended towards the permanent establishment of the Regional Transportation
Management Centre. PATRICK:
The Regional Transportation Management Centre will improve response times to motor vehicle incidents by having a better
detection system. Because we have more
cameras right at the scene, we can actually identify
very early on what the incident is and what
kind of emergency vehicles should be dispatched. ASHOK:
This is a centre that, previous to its existence, it didn’t really offer an
opportunity for us to be able to connect
with our partners, our other municipalities to be able to give updated information and video and data feeds, governments announced
the various systems, like the variable speed
limit system, as well as a rail corridor
information system. These are all projects
that build on Intelligent Transportation
Systems that need a centre like this
to be able to be viable, and I think that is
a real testament to the investment
that was made here.

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