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How Automobiles Work

Okay we’re changing out the battery connectors
on a Toyota Avalon. This is a ’95. Basically these ones…the connectors look
like this. They’re Marine terminals, the leaded ones,
are the ones I chose to use. To get them off, basically you just take off
this nut. I’ve already loosened it up. And then loosen this so you can pop this thing
off. Then this part right there just comes loose
from the connection itself. Then you take the new connector, you can see
it right there, just pop it up through there. Screw the nut back into place and tighten
it onto the terminal. Alright so with these ones I did take some
sandpaper and scrape it underneath to get kind of the corrosion inside. And then make sure that you attach both of
the terminals to each other before you connect them to the battery. Anyway, that’s it. That’s how you change out the connections
on a battery.

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