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The chassis is in terrible conditions… …then a youtube email poups up in the middle of the video, I must delete this part… Hello my friends, how is going? I’m Felipe and I present you another Car Mechanic Simulator video! In this video we are going to rebuild this BMW I showed it on the last video That we’ve done this Ford Mustang Was 3 videos to be sure I will leave in the card above So you can check it out, they are cool This was our first car ever on the channel A Ford Mustang Mach 1 It’s a nice car, we even test drive it on the last video An amazing V8 engine And in this video we are going to work on this BMW the objective of this build is assemble the car based on a diecast model on scale 1:18 I’m gonna show to you It’s really nice This is large, you can compare with my hand size It’s big, made in diecast, it opens the doors the hood It’s awesome, a BMW M3 E36 this one The we gonna build it in game just like this model On the same color, now lets get started? First lets move it to the lifter there Going up, we will disassemble it Build the wole suspension, that I’m gonna fast foward the video Because it’s a boring part and not so interesting… On the engine I will give a little more attention The body part is easy, just replace parts The we gonna do the paintjob Lets start by the bodywork Now with the body disassembled, there wasn’t even much parts to do Just front bumper, windshield and a window, the car was in very poor condition The interior We must disassemble it… It’s just a seat Only a seat the rear seats do not come off in this car

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