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2 thoughts on “[Review] Atomic AMZ 1/27 4WD RC Car

  1. Time stamps
    Packages Pricing and requirements: 0:26
    Chassis: 2:15
    Electronics: 5:24
    Building & Tips: 6:34
    Fixing Problems: 8:17
    Final verdict & conclusion: 10:22

  2. I hate those batteries that are to be plugged in, which I found them dangerous in many ways. It's hard to plug in, hard to unplug you have to pull the connectors really hard. And, at plug in it creates sparks and inconvenience. Why don't they provide a heavy duty switch on the model side of the cables. This way you don't need to plug and unplug every effing time you want to turn on/off the power. Sometimes larger batteries cause sparks when trying to plug the connectors and if there are petrol or gas fumes in the vicinity, especially with petrol driven engines, chances are it could start an explosion and burns to the user or those in the vicinity. Connecting high voltage plugs that cause sparks is really a stupid idea. As stupid as them retards who came up with this plug/unplug idea like a 10 year old school boy.

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