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Hi I’m Chris with AffinityHM.com and I’m going
to share with you in the next few minutes the Transcend Travel Mini CPAP. It’s Summer
time here right now and if you’re like me you love to travel and if you’re on CPAP this
is actually the CPAP for you. Based on the cost, the size, the quietness of it, it’s
a wonderful combination. Im going to share with you a little bit about the CPAP machine
first, and then I’m going to talk with you about how you can actually get it online understanding
there is a perscription required but we can help you actually obtain that perscription,
make it really easy for you. So here is the actual machine, and the little carying case,
that it comes with. and I don’t know if you can tell on the video, but this machine is
like really really small look it’s fitting in my hand very easily. It weighs less than
one pound, and it’s very easy to operate. It’s super easy to operate. So the first thing
I want to do is share with you what you actually get whenever you order your machine. You get
this case, and inside the case, you have several different pieces. One let me show you this
is the owners manual all of the information that you get couple of disc’s that you would
need if you want to get some data out of your machine and of course the owners manual. So
that comes there. Additionally of course you’ve got to get your Transcend CPAP machine. This
is the model with the EZEX. EZEX, what that means is that it has easy exhale, so it’s
a setting that we can set the machine at so that every time you exhale, it just backs
off of the pressure a little bit making it easier to exhale. Of course you get a CPAP
tubing with it. You get this adapter which is important, and I’ll share a little bit
more in just a minute about that. You get this data cable so that you can actually connect
it to your computer to get the data. If you need the data for your physician, who maybe
wants to see how much you are using it and how well it’s working for you. And then, since
we are traveling, obviously you may want to travel abroad so you would need various electrical
adapters. Let’s see, can you see this? Got this one…now I don’t travel abroad a whole
lot, so I don’t really know exactly which countries these various adapters goes to but
there they are, and they’re very easy to change out. Here’s the one for the U. S. here that
I have connected up at the moment. To change it out, you just press this button, you turn
it about an eighth of a turn, and then it comes right out. and then you can put the
different one in. and it snaps, make sure it snaps. So those are all the electrical
adapters. Also I want you to know that this travel mini CPAP is approved to go onto airlines
so you can buy a battery that goes with this, there are two options for the battery, there’s
a P4 battery which is good for about 7 hours, and there’s a P8 battery which is good for
about 14 hours for a single use. Now these two batteries are about the size of a deck
of cards, on is a little smaller, one’s a little bigger than a deck of cards, and very
light weight. Very excellent to have, you could actually use your CPAP on the flight!
So let’s get into the CPAP machine itself a little bit. The first thing is I’ve already
connected up the power cable to the power. And then this end of the power cable connects
to the machine right here. like this. and in order to turn it on, you do nothing more
than just hit the on off button right here. So I’m going to fire this up, let you see
what it sounds like. Now I’m covering it up so that you’re not hearing all of the exhale
flow, and it’s probably hard to really know, but I’ll tell you this, It’s a little louder
than your standard basic in home type unit, however it’s very very quiet. It’s only slightly
slightly louder. And then here is your ramp button right here, if you want to start off
with a little bit of lower pressure, that can be done, and so I’m going to turn that
back off. Now I want to show you also, right here, is the port where you would connect
your data cable to connect this up to your computer. right there. And then finally, I
want to show you the filter. It was really an ingenius idea, here’s where all the air
goes into the machine as you’re using it and you simply hit this button right here and
that entire cartridge pops off and here’s the filter. So that filter just needs to be
replaced on a regular basis, as you can see, all of the air will go in through this filter
before it’s delivered to you. When the cartridge goes back on, the bottom has to insert first,
like this, and then it snaps in place, and you’re good to go. So there it is, your travel
mini CPAP. So I want to tell you about a perscription. So obviously if you’re getting a CPAP machine,
it has to be set at the correct pressure for you, and we would need a perscription to be
able to supply that to you. The way to get that done is simply give us a phone call,
our phone number is (888) 666-2005 I’ll put it in the comment’s too below so you can access
that. But just give us a call let us know who your physician is, we will give your physician
a call and ask them for a perscription they can email it of fax it to us, we set your
machine at your prescribed pressure, we double check it and triple check it, to make sure
that it’s right before we ship it to you, and so then you receive your machine and you’re
good to go with your travel mini CPAP. Perfect for going out to the hunting camp, obviously
we talked about traveling abroad, traveling, taking it on the airline, using it on the
airline if you’re going on a long trip as a passenger in a car, it’s perfect. It reduces
the amount of luggage that you have to carry, it’s just a wonderful machine. We do have
th batteries, we have the heated humidifier that can go with it as well, but check out
our website and you will see all of the different adapters and accessories the go with the travel
mini Transcend CPAP made by Somnetics. Thanks for your time. I hope you have a great day!
Bye bye!

6 thoughts on “Review Travel Mini Auto CPAP [Transcend With EZEX] FAA-Approved

  1. I found that when I switch on the power, the machine sound very high. I did try to adjust the ramp button. Seems no change of the volume of sound. Is it means that this machine is something wrong?

  2. One more travel CPAP with a power brick nearly as big as the unit. We need someone to make a compact unit that plugs directly into the AC without an external transformer that we have to lug around. That would truly be useful.

  3. My husband & I both have one! We travel a lot the best purchase we ever bought. In our opinion it is quieter than the big unit at home.

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