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– Hey, this is Sam. I’m at the Camp Nou, FC
Barcelona’s beautiful stadium and we are going to
see what Huawei claims, is the world’s first self-driving car, powered by a smart phone. (electronic music) They’re using the Mate 10
Pro and it’s Kirin 970 chip, which has AI capabilities inside it and what they claim is that the
processing inside the phone, is gonna help the car
detect and avoid obstacles and behind the camera
there is a Porsche Panamera with a Mate 10 Pro
mounted on the dashboard, going forwards and backwards
and forwards and backwards, over there, there are a
bunch of cardboard cut-outs, there’s a giant soccer ball,
there’s a guy with a bike, there’s a dog and on the first run, the Porsche is driving
at five miles an hour and during that time it’s
learning to recognize the object and we are gonna say, like, what to do, when it sees the object,
should it swerve right, should it make an emergency stop or so on. Then on the second run, it’s
gonna drive at 30 miles an hour it’s gonna recognize one of
the objects and hopefully, if the system works, it
will act accordingly. We’re waiting for the
USBC connection to work. Story of my life. So yeah, we’re sat in this Porsche and it looks pretty
much like a normal car, I think that’s sort of
the point of this demo, just like the car is not an unusual car, beyond the mountain of tech on top of it, it’s just a regular car. So the phone isn’t acting
completely by itself, to be clear, there is a big ski box on top of the car, with a bunch of tech in it,
there’s the whole camera set-up and that’s what’s sort of acting
as the eyes for the phone. It’s linked up to the phone
by a USBC but the processing and the recognition is
what’s happening on the phone and that’s the important
thing, Huawei says. So I’ve, everything is set up, the phone has taken control of the engine. Now the phone says your
car are ready, are you? Press drive and enjoy the
ride. So, let’s do that. I feel very ready. (awkward music) We’re moving. At five miles an hour. There is nobody next to me. So I guess what’s happening
right now is the tech above me, is viewing all these cardboard
images in front of me and the phone is learning what they are. A bicycle has been detected. Now we’re looking at a soccer ball. A ball has been detected. Now, most importantly, is
it gonna detect the dog? The dog has been detected. What was that? So our first run has been scuppered because the phone lost it’s
connection to the camera on top of the car because of
perhaps a faulty USBC cable, which we’ve all been there. Okay
– Put on phase two, okay So, if you’d like to press continue. Okay, so if you see a bicycle, do you want it to swerve
left, swerve right or break? – Err, let’s swerve left – If you see a ball? – Swerve right. – Okay and if you see the dog? – That’s break. – Right, okay, very good. So the guys are now
gonna pick one at random and put it out on the track. – So if we see the ball,
the car’s gonna swerve right – Very good, okay, so we’re going to gear, so if you’d like to press I’m in gear. – Okay, we’re in gear. I messed up the touch. (car revs) Whoa, we’re going. – [Man Behind Steering Wheel]
We’re scanning for obstacles. A ball has been detected,
preparing to swerve right – [Man In Passenger Seat] Swerve right. Wow, I guess it worked. So, Huawei isn’t getting
into autonomous driving or self-driving cars on a real level, this is really about showing
off what its phones can do. Huawei has been talking for a long time about the AI capabilities
of its processes, the Kirin 970 is said to have an NPU, a neural processing unit and this is really just a way to show off, how the phone can use its
capabilities in a real time way. The man is going to get
some tape, thank you. I just wanna capture how
beautiful the camera looks. Which is very beautiful.

84 thoughts on “Riding in Huawei’s phone-driven car

  1. Before we start inventing self driving cars, can we instead focus at stoping global warming and focus on trying to make cars electrical fuelled, not gas???!

  2. The Verge it's more of a marketing gimmick rather than a actual finished product, as Phil rightly pointed out in the end of the video and as far as your question goes no I wouldn't want my phone to power my vehicle, I would rather watch the verge on YouTube on phone while I commute to work in my self driving car.☺️

  3. Soon your phone will be doing all the thinking for you. We will carry a Motherbox (dc comics) or the little computers either Cable or booster gold has. Also I didn't realize the first version of KITT from knight rider Would be made in china 😸

  4. It's not about Comma AI is similar or even better, it's about the capability of the NPU in the Huawei (an actual handheld phone) and widening the the era of smartphones

  5. am I the only one to think
    Huawei might have purposefully stop the car due to the phone's connection loss to show that the phone is really doing the computation?

  6. This is interesting, in the future your phone is gonna be a super computer in your pocket, no reason why it can't drive your car instead of you.

  7. Technically this isn't the first self driving car powered by a phone. Geohot did it with his OpenPilot software which runs on a OnePlus 3T.

  8. This's really a nice idea. Without automating the age old cars we can improve our mobile technology to support autonomous driving. This would be win win situation for both.

  9. If you actually had some basic knowledge and experience regarding machine learning, then you would find this hilarious. And just sticking the AI tag for market hyping – makes me sick.

  10. I want to use my phone while the car drives itself with ANOTHER computer. Also, this is just to show that this phone is powerful not to create a self driving car

  11. I wonder what will happen, if your car system says, Sorry, Your car has stopped responding' or 'your car has stopped working'

  12. Come on! This is sure not showing off the AI capabilities. It's pure image recognition. Not expected from Verge. Stop misusing the keyword AI.

  13. My Birds are my family and children, but as possessions go my Huawei honour 9 is the best thing I own at the moment

  14. So I guess all that the phone is doing is basically providing the CPU? I mean am I missing the point here? You can do that with any processor.

  15. ježíší android nechat řídit auto 🙂 to bude mrtvol na cestě ! zaprvé na tohle nemá HW androindu vypočetní výkon !! za druhé android je děravy jako emantál možnsot napaděni viry nebo hack androidu a bude pruser !!! tyhle kraviny by se mně zakazat !!!

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