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Outstanding feature of the car is high stability,
which makes it predictable turning in the corner. Even when I lift the throttle, there’s
no yaw reaction that makes the driver a bit nervous. I’m going to switch it to Sport, which means
that we have a different engine, different gearbox, and different PASM setting. I will show you the off-road performance right
now. It’s the same car like you have driven right now; it’s a V6 diesel engine. This car
is equipped with air suspension. We have the PDV Plus. If you want to go off-road
with the car, it’s very easy. You only have to push the button here, the off-road button.
The car is moving up 40mm, and the drive train and 4×4 system is optimized to the off-road. When you’re on the top of the mountain, you
have to go down anywhere. This car supports you, we have hill descent control, that means I can
drive the car and the speed is controlled by the ABS system. In this case, it’s suggested
that I go down with 3km/h. I can totally remove my foot from the brake pedal; the car is making
everything by itself. When I want to drive fasterr, I can take the
gas pedal. When I want to reduce the speed, I can sharply push the brake pedal. I can show you at the next hill how to handle the hill descent. Now we are driving down with 6km/h, sharply
push the brake pedal. It’s getting down with 3km/h an hour. When I say it’s too slow, I
push the gas pedal and it accelerates again.

86 thoughts on “Riding shotgun in the new 2015 Porsche Macan SUV on road and off road

  1. If you want to have a "status" on the road, buy a big car with small offroad capacity, not a beautiful car. How times are changed,,,

  2. The looks on a car is always subjective so I will just say, nothing is fundamentally wrong with the styling. The driving experience, reliability and overall satisfaction provided by the Macan is bound to be far above its competition, being a Porsche.

  3. Where I lice , word 'macan' is read 'ma(ts)an' , and it means male cat (mačka is word for female cat , but is also slang for very atractive woman).

  4. When the guy is cornering hard with one hand on the wheel and chatting that tells you all you need to know. No driver involvement whatsoever – just computers sorting it all out for you. 

  5. This fucking Renault advert can go to hell..such a boring advert and never let's me skip. Kmt Renault and the dry bitch in the video

  6. so, he's essentially telling us that braking in descent slows down the car, while accelerating increases speed? gee, thanks – i feel so much smarter now. germans do love exactness!

  7. Being the "world's leading motoring magazine and website", I'm surprised you make the mistake of saying the X3 will take on the Macan. Any informed person knows the X4 is on the way for that job.

  8. You know what is even more predictable and sporty? A proper sports car! These SUV's that try to be sporty are a joke. What's the point? 

  9. I did not see one comparison, nothing. Not even a comparison to a shopping trolley laden with diet soft-drinks and mangoes driven in a church car park, or something equally bizarre.
    I question if this video is authentic Autocar! 🙂

  10. Compact, better looking than its big brother, with what I'm sure will be a good range of engines, yes no doubt this car will sell like crazy in the UK. But how different will it be than the VW Tiguan and the Audi Q5? 

  11. To /Dream Car Garage 1 (DCG1): Porsche developes there cars totally independent from the VW group, diffirent than Audi and VW, so it would probably be much more dynamic and reliable, not saying the others are not though.

  12. I just got a 2014 BMW x3 xdrive35i and after seeing this I feel like I got a ford escape…dammit Porsche, why do you have to make awesome vehicles!?

    Why get this over the Cayenne, because it's smaller, less weight, better looking (IMHO) and less expensive for the highest end version. Cayenne turbo MSRP is $146K…a "bit" out of my price range…

  13. It is missing something : Assisted parallel parking.
    All Mercedes' model are equipped with this, and even the assisted parking-lot parking for in and out. Well, men don't need this feature, but for most women it's a must have. Most buyers of this car are married, not teenagers or beginners.

  14. I have an experience with the Hill Descent Control. I have a very steep and long driveway with one turn, when it's covered with 2 inch of snow, using an all season tires, I tried to go down with ML320 turning on the HDC. The car fell down like a stone, ended-up hitting the stair, and damaging the wheel. Lucky I didn't turn on the 4wd, other wise it could run over the stair and flip-over. Next time I will call a taxi.

  15. How in hell do they put cars out more than a year ahead of time? This is fucking ridiculous! It's as if car companies don't know what fucking year it is. Duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. what an informative video, i did not know the brake pedal slows u down while the gas one makes u accelerate !!!! good to know, thx bro 🙂

  17. One of the ugliest cars I've seen, Range Rover will have nothing to worry about, Jags new 4×4 will be an interesting addition to this segment.

  18. Fell in love with this little beast at the L.A. Auto Show. Love the tail lights, which are reminiscent of the 968 the most underrated Porsche design of all. Will test drive!

  19. doesnt look bad ass like its big brother Cayenne, turn in smooth and more to safety side but less feedback probably because it has  electric power steering, still heavy. 

    yeap, still no.

  20. Seems like a great car, but I dislike the dashboard + center console of porsches. It looks too flat, boring and far too many buttons.

    BMW are doing a really great job. Regarding Mercedes, the new S class is outstanding, but C,A,GLA,B Class… are all a mess inside with the ugly plastic looking tablet sticking out.

  21. BMW x3 Audi Q5 can't even come close to how good this macan looks…. IMO none of the suv's look as good as this macan, not even the cayenne 😀

  22. As a purist it is sad to see where Porsche is going. I do not want POrsche to be for everyone. It is not exclusive anymore. Making hybrid etc. Just sad.

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