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How Automobiles Work

Hey folks, great you’re watching again! I’m Milo Here’s the RollGolf Let’s test it! I think we’ve lost a headlight glass Super! 1st roll is a success! I think a headlight glass fell out here.. What a pity.. but the rest was a success! Bart! Are we going to try a duo roll? Let’s do it We have 2 seats Let’s see if we can do it with two I’m secured Excited? Here we go 1st duo roll! Works well and? Perfect, don’t change anything another round? Well folks, the car is not finished yet It needs a propane installation to prevent it from stalling when upside down But.. the rest.. Yeah.. it works well like a rollercoaster, without a track You can say that againt; a rollercoaster without a track I think it’s great Great folks, thanks for watching see you next time!

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