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You’re both legged right?
– Yes! So you’re three legged they say! I’d say two legged. I’m gonna get in trouble with you! – No! Hi guys, a new “In the car with Andy” On way to Brussels. In a minute I’ve “Big Rom” Lukaku in the car. I’m pretty excited about it. Good player, one of the best strikers in the world of this moment. Scored the most goals of all time for the Belgian National team. Been through alot in his childhood, so I’m curious about his story. See you later! Yo, how many camera’s do you have?
– What? Three! How are you?
– Good my friend! You?
Happy to see you! Thanks for coming man! I’ve just returned from Dubai, it was about 45c degrees. Yes I saw, that’s why I was worried you’d forget about me.
– No, not at all. Thomas sent me a message during my flight. Yes, I’ve sent Thomas a message.
– Yes, he texted me, I said don’t worry I’m on my way! Sign it please. Nice man, I wanted to buy a Inter Milan jersey for you. but I couldn’t find a shop here. I’m gonna shut up, because I’ve already got enough problems about this. It is a beautiful club though.
– How long did you play there?
Two years. It’s very nice!
Yeah? Was it in the Adriano era? – Who?
– Yes! He was very strong when I played with him! He was on fire then! But after he went to Brazil and didn’t came home for a week. – Whoa, what happend? Women! I spoke about him once in a interview with some Brazilians how came to the club. Then he messaged me on Instagram and I was in shock! Because… He was one of my idols. Drogba and Anelka were the main guys for me, but after came Adriano. And when he messaged me, I was like oh my god, wow! I was just in shock!
– So he messaged you? Yes he said thank you for the kind words in Portugees. So i was like wow! I was really like wow! Because for me he was… At a certain time he was definitely one of the best strikers in the world.
– Yes, for sure! At that moment he certainly was, he was playing really good. He really was one of the best strikers of the world at that moment. Very strong, good shot with his left! You’re both legged right?
– Yes! So you’re three legged they say! I’d say two legged. I’m gonna get in trouble with you! – No! How was Everton?
– Everton was good! Yeah and you know what… I came there and I just wanted to play! At that moment I was in a difficult situation at Chelsea. I just turned 20. At the end of that season we had the World Cup in Brazil. I really wanted to play in a team that plays good Football and where I’d be in the starting eleven. Because Benteke was doing really well at Genk and was in the starting eleven and also at Aston Villa he was doing well – Benteke right?
Yes, Cristian. I’m just very competitive. Oké, he plays at a good level and that’s good for the Belgian national team, but I also need increase my level. Then Everton came with Roberto Martinez
– Yeah, Martinez. He called me two hours before the deadline. I spoke to Demba Ba and Demba Ba said, Rom what are you going to do? Are you staying or leaving? I said look my friend… I’m willing to leave. But… I want to go back to West Bromwich Albion. – So you wanted to go back there?
– I wantend to go back there! So I already received the whole training schedule from West Bromwich Albion of the month. All of that.
– So you could prepare. Then Michael Emenalo called me, the old Managing Director of Chelsea He called me and said, look my friend, you did well at West Bromwich, but you need to try to play for a club who’s closer to the top. I said, that’s true, because if I do well there, I probably get my chance at Chelsea. I’ll go to Everton and say yes to Roberto Martinez. He called me twice and I didn’t even pick up the phone. Really!
– But it’s kinda strange, you scored 17 goals at West Bromwich.
-Yes! So you score 17 times at a small club… You almost got injured. Then you have to prove yourself again… Because you go to a club who plays in the top 4 of the competition? Yeah, but you know it was like this. José Mourinho had three strikers at that moment. And he wanted to bring Wayne Rooney in. I don’t know if you heard about Rooney coming to Chelsea?
– Yeah, I remember something like that. He supposed to go to Chelsea. When David Moyes came to United, Rooney supposed to go to Chelsea. He wanted to come to Chelsea, that was the rumor. I thought wow! If Rooney joins, where is he going to play, midfield or striker? I’m 20 years old, I need to play. He’s captain of England he needs to play. There is Torres, there is Ba! That’s a lot of guys! I did well pre-season, so I thought I’d get a chance. Eventually it didn’t turn out that way. I spoke with Mourinho in his dressing room. I said… I want to leave. And then that shit happend in the Super Cup when I missed that penalty. But that was because I wasn’t there mentally. I was a substitute. It’s true when they say your mental state is very important in Football. – Yes that’s true! So I left. We had a match with the Belgian national team. I flew to Manchester. And I arrived at the training ground Finch Farm. Yes, Finch Farm is nice right?
– I thought I’m gonna to Everton I don’t what to expect. I came from Chelsea to a place that looked like a wellness centre. At the training centre of Chelsea we had everything. Everything wis so big, everything.
– And at Everton it was the same. I came in and was like… Oké, this is good! And the trainings were great! And then it went fast for me. Then it was up to me to score goals fast. I was lucky to score in my debut. – But you did that before. You always score in your debut match right? Unbelievable man! That’s nice! – It’s like… You have to adapt quick to your team mates. I immediately ask what they prefer on the pitch, where I’d like to receive the ball. And on the training you work on that, you look for each others strong and weak points. That’s how it went.
– Nice! But there’s something about you and Dutch people right?
– Yes! Koeman, Advocaat…
– Yes, I love Koeman! Mens! Listen…
When I was on the plane, I just knew… – You know I was going to ask this? I knew it, I just knew it! Dutch girls are nice! – No comment! But you know, I do love Dutch people, because Dutch people… They are straight to the point! – They’re not like that in Belgium?
– They’re not straight forward? Yes and I can’t stand that bullshit. I’m a person who… When I think I’m better than someone, I just say it. And that’s difficult in Belgium. They think you’re arrogant then?
– Yes! But it’s not like that, i’m just confident about my abilities. That’s why when Koeman came to Everton… And we had our first phone call and I said to him… I was at the World Cup and we were playing against Sweden and I said to him… Ronald. You worked with him at Ajax right?
– Yes! I said to him, look coach… I’m leaving, I had an offer from Chelsea at that moment. I said I want to leave. He said, yes I get it. I was in a similar situation when I was at PSV at went to Barcelona. I looked it up in Wikipedia, because I knew he played for Barcelona and Feyenoord. But I wanted to know his age when he went to Barcelona and so I saw all that. He used to a Football player, he gets me. And that what he told me. He said I get your situation. That’s when I thought… He’s honest, he’s open. It wouldn’t be a punishment to play another year for him. – Koeman is great!
Wow, and in the beginning… He and I were like this… You don’t run enough! You’re lazy! This and that! You got all that quality, but you don’t do enough! So he pushed you!
– Yes man! We played against Chelsea and lost with 5-0. 5-0! At Stamford Bridge. He called me… And he compared Diego Costa’s statistics with mine. And Costa scored. And he did this many more sprints than I did… This more than I, that more than I. And that gave me some kind of burning energy! So then I woke up and became a beast. And also on the training everyday, trying to be the best. Win! Win! Win! And I’m very please to see he doing so well with the Dutch national team now. – Yes, he’s a good guy!
I think he deserved that chance sooner. But I’m glad I had him as a coach! He’s definitely in my top 3 best coaches I’ve had. He just knows what players feel and want, because he was a player himself. He also caught me once, I was smoking and drinking in a pub. Next day I had to report to him at the training. He said, I saw you smoking and drinking Yesterday. I said, that’s right. But he also enjoys life right?
– Yes, sure! Yes, he definitely enjoys life! – Yes, definitely! And that’s what he said. He said to me, Guus Hiddink always told him… Ronald you enjoy life to much, this and that… He said, Rom you are a striker, but you have the same character as me. – Yes?
I thought you’re right. In the end we had such a good relationship, it hurt a little when I left. Also when he got fired from Everton, it hurt a little. – You already left then right?
I was already at United. It was because him and his brother Erwin… They worked with me in a way as player and as a person. They just got me! – It’s important to have a man like that in your life.
Yes, he was strict, but… When I did good, he said, oké Rom, this is good… But when it was bad, he said, Rom it’s bad. And that’s important, because at that moment I was 24… 23 or 24, I was young I needed that. – That’s how you know where you stand. So you can work on that. – That was my best season! – Where did you live, in Liverpool? No lived in Hill.
– Oh, Hill. It was near the airport. So when we had a day off, I was gone! – Gone immediately?
Yeah man! You know what it is? When I was 18 I left to England. And I was very homesick. I wasn’t prepared for that step. I was still living with my parents. And my brother just came to the first team of Anderlecht. So when he came I thought my dream has come through, playing together with my little brother. Then Chelsea came and Chelsea is a dream club. So I went there and then the mind games started. – Does he still play for Lazio?
Yes, my brother still play for Lazio. He speaks Italian and all. Yes, do you talk to him a lot? – Yes every day, about 4 or 5 times a day.
– Lazio Roma! Is Italy something for you? Look! No, I’m gonna be honest with you? I always said Italy is a beautiful league. But I still have a contract at Man U. So I respect whatever happens with United and… those are conversations we will have about the future. But I’m not gonna deny it. It’s allowed to say you like an other league. – Off course! It doesn’t mean you want leave or anything. That’s the thing in England. If you say something, they immediately sensationalize it. That’s what irritated me a lot. It is irritating, they twist everything.
– They twist everything! I was just saying the Serie A is a beatiful league and that’s the truth. – It is a beautiful league! Beautiful matches, stadiums are full, the fans… They connect you to Inter. It’s really a beautiful club, I only played there for two years. But the fans will never forget you. Really! They threat you like a god.
– That’s when you win. They respect you! But also… When fans of Juventus or AC saw me… They couldn’t believe it when they met me on the streets. – The respect is there right?
So much respect for players man! Unbelievable!
– My brother has the same thing. Yes, it’s great! This is where we used to hang out after school. Hey most goals of all time in Belgium already. 26 years old. Unbelievable! – You know what it is… With Belgium it was… I want to do good so bad for my country. I’m a different person when I play for Belgium. I just want to win and do good. Also at the club. The players around me, it’s like… You know the ball will always come. So you just have to make sure you’ll be at the right place. And then the ball will always come. If you play your matches, you’ll get about 5 or 6 clear chances. – You mean with those kind of players around you?
Yes, it’s just different. It’s nice to see… How Eden has grown from where he came from, till where he is now. De Bruyne. Yes Eden Hazard. Jan. He was playing as a defensive midfielder at my first match. – Who you?
No, Jan was playing as a defensive midfielder. – Oh really?
Yes! Maarten Martens was also playing. From AZ. He was also playing.
– Oh yeah Martens. It’s already ten years ago. Time really flies. That was with Dick Advocaat. Yes it goes fast. You made your debut under Dick Advocaat right? He gave you number 9.
– Yes. I had to gave that away when Wilmots came. Did Wilmots made you give it away? No, someone else was playing and I already missed 2 or 3 matches. So they gave my number to someone else. He was also playing, so I thought that was normal. It’s an important number, so give it to player who is important. I’m honest. I’m not the kind of player who creates drama in the dressing room. If I want to concur my spot, I do it honestly. Always!
– Nice man! How was your father as a player. Was he also a striker?
– My father was a striker. Yeah he had an average career. Yeah? Yes, he made 15 goals a few seasons in a row in the Jupiler Pro League. I always said to him when I was 14 years old, that I was better than him.
– You already said that then? So I told him… What you could do, I already can do now. Only I’m 10 times faster. And I shoot with both legs. Your headers are only better.
– And you’re stronger. Yes I’m stronger. Were his headers better?
– Yes! Last time with the Belgium team you made a good one right?
– Yes. Headers is not my strongest quality, but I’m always in top of strikers who score the most goals with their head. Together with Giroud. But headers is not my strong suit. – My headers aren’t good either. And I think like…
Your head is so big, but you aren’t good with headers? – I’ m not good at it. I’m just not good! – Yeah I know, it’s unbelievable. Something I see players make headers… – For example Zlatan. He’s 2 meters tall, but is his header good? it’s not!
No, that’s right! Incredible feet, but no good header.
– No. There are guys who can make a header, harder than we can shoot. It’s unbelievable! – Huntelaar can make good headers!
Yes, Huntelaar?
– Yes, I love Huntelaar. I think he’s really good.
– Yes, he’s good. He stays another year at Ajax. – Deserved! He deserved it! Especially this season.
– Yes, definitely! It’s not normal! – At that age. You see he’s from the generation of… He really loves the game! Like Robin van Persie, Huntelaar… Sneider. Those are guys who really love the game. Yes they enjoy it.
– They do! Or else you couldn’t play like that. He old is he now?
– I think 35 years old. How many goals did he make this season. About 15 or 16?
– Yes, something around that. I think so. He was important for Ajax a few times. – I also think Dolberg is good.
Yes, but he needs to regain his confidence again. You know who’s gonna be good next season in Holland?
– Who? Donyell Malen. – Who?
Donyell Malen. Oh Donyell Malen of PSV. What do you think about Bergwijn? He might be going to Ajax. – Wow!!! I spoke with him after the friendly match against Holland. I told him, he’s a very good player. And if you decide to leave, make sure you go to a club where you will play for sure.
– Yes, that’s important. And I don’t know, but… I watch a lot of Football and sometimes I see.. The Dutch national youth team. And he plays as a striker. And at PSV he plays as a left winger. – Yeah, they use him for everything. – Yeah, but you’re 23 years old, pick a position! That’s where you should stand. – They also use him as a striker at PSV now. Now it’s as a striker, then it’s midfield, then as a left winger. That guy should just play for a good team. Do you have to leave? – No I’ve time.
Oké, will make a few rounds then. We gonna make a picture later. Do you go out sometimes?
– Me? Yes! You drink alcohol?
– No never!
No alcohol at all? But I do go out. I only go out… I go out about 3 or 4 times in a season. But only when it’s really lit. Like when a rapper comes or something. And in the Summer in the U.S.
– You’re are there often right? That’s nice! Driving your neighbours crazy over there. Listen to this story mate! So… I’m having a pool party at home. Paul is there… Sané, everybody was there. Everybody in the Premier league was at my house. The A.C has shut off again. I’m hot man! I’m not this is nothing compared to Dubai. But what about the pool party?
– So I’m having a pool party at my place. So I call Leroy Sané, I call Thilo Kehrer from PSG, Paul is at my place. – Pogba? He your mate right?
– Yes very good friend! A few Basketball players. So a lot of people at my place. The DJ turned up the music. But really up! It was so loud, that the house where I was staying was like… It was about 1 KM from Sunset Boulevard. So I had to pick someone up at Sunset Boulevard and I heard the music. Then the police show up at my house. So my best friend and says, the police is here. I say, the police? Yeah, there has been some complaints from the neighbours. I said alright! So we turn down the music. So eventually I came home, we party and the police shows up again. Again we turn down the music. We continue to party and the DJ turns the music up again… Party over! But it was almost over anyway and then they said I got arrested. No I just had to fill in some forms. Just fill in forms and then I went to eat at… Do you know restaurant Tahoe? Where, over there?
– Yes, they also have it in New York, it’s a Asian place. So I come out… – I only go to the Pizza Hut! Yes but I was over there with some friends of mine. So i come out and I see cameras pointed directly to me, because I had my medical test for Manchester United the next day. So I came out and there was TMZ… Some showbizz TV show or something over there. – Oh TMZ.
Yeah TMZ. They came to me and said, you’ve been arrested and this and that. 2 hours later me mom calls me up, what happend? The news already hit Belgium.
– Everybody already knew? It made me laugh. But I didn’t do anything! I just had to fill in some papers… But I did had to sent a lawyer to the courthouse. I got a fined for a few Dollars. It was nothing.
– That ain’t so bad. I’m still alive! But it was a lot of money that transfer from Everton to Man U. € 87 million? – €85 million. They earned back the salary they gave to me now. – Something like that. I’ve played 17 matches. – At Everton?
In 4 seasons. – Wow, how’s that possible? What happened? Who was the coach?
– Moyes. Do you know Moyes?
– No, he just left when I came. Oh you were lucky then!
– Was he that bad? Where did you live?
– I lived in Knutsford. Knutsford?
– yes, it’s near Manchester. They got that very big pond in the middle there. Jagielka lived there.
– Yes, Jagielka He’s a good guy.
– He left there. I was already like a year over there, when he came. And he just left last season, that’s how long he played there. 4 years you’ve been there?
– Yes 4 years, 17 matches. A lot right? We need to make a picture with shirt. Is that possible?
– Yes, off course! Can I post it on Instagram?
– Off course! We do it in the car, it’s nice. Here is where it all started.
– Here? Anderlecht! It’s started there and this is what you drive now. It’s amazing!
– There used be a little bus here that brought us from school. We had to walk from there. The good old days! Champ!!! Thank you!
– It’s been fun!
That’s mine! But don’t wear that when you go to Liverpool to Everton. – No, they’d kill me! Mate, when we lost 4-0… I got a lot of death threats. Oh Goodison! It’s a problem when you leave Everton and you come back to Goodison. Yes they kill you. It’s because they are such club people. But that’s nice! That’s nice! That’s nice about Everton. They people really love the club. The fans are amazing! – Yes they are good! It’s a people’s club. I once said it was a shit club. Oh really?
– Yes, but I said that… Look I was a classic winger. But they used me as a midfielder.
– Oh really? Yes, they put me on the midfield, so I could never reach my potential. So I was with El Ghazi in a TV interview He was saying that Everton was interested in him. But I spoke emotionally and said you should go there, it’s a shit club. My Instagram went like… You Fcking bastard and such! Those good DM’s man! I don’t open my DM’s. Except… Take care mate! Thank you! It’s been fun!
– Take care bro!
We keep in touch! Later! Ciao!
– Have a safe trip! Great man! Yes guys! That was Lukaku! Nice guy! I had fun with him. Nice stories. He is just a world class player! I like how he came from nothing to being one of the best strikers in the world. I wish him the best. He’s been trough a tough childhood. He is a great and relaxed guy. Subscribe for the jersey. So you have a chance of winning it. Thanks for watching! On to next one! Later!

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