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100 thoughts on “[S2 – Eps. 27] What am I doing??

  1. Argentina as an adventure route has really been wonderful to see documented here in the way you do things. You have a particular, unique style that is creating a true classic in these trips. As I, and others of course, have said , I predict that these collections will endure. It’s a pleasure to watch this trip and work unfold, as you create it by living it and recording what you are living. Thanks again!

  2. Oh no! I arrived late and lost my 2.1 K Thumbs up spot. Waaa! 😥 LOL. Joined the team @ 8.5 K. 👍🏼 Never the less enjoyed this Eps, The Ice bar, the cave paintings and the lesson departed to us by our personal tour guide, miss N. Thanks again for taking time out teach us. C U on Eps 27. Take care and ride safe.

  3. It was the same temperature outside my house this morning as in that ice bar, but I didn't have to pay an entrance fee and was spared the cheesy music. Of course, there is nothing the least bit interesting in my driveway, so you still win !
    Btw, speaking of cheesy music; I got ads, so it looks like despite the music, YT did not demonetize this video. Yeah !

  4. HaHa! Disco in the Ice!..On the glacier and caves, thanks for the very interesting tour. We are with you Nora. God Bless.

  5. I really enjoy your willingness to learn new things, because that gives all of us the opportunity to also learn. For example, who knew there was an ice bar in rural Argentina that plays old techno music at 2:00 in the afternoon?

  6. Hi!! Noraly,
    Wauw! Dat was echt geweldig, samen met een interessante les aardrijkskunde en geschiedenis! Net als jij heb ik ook iets nieuws geleerd! Goed idee van uw kant om nog een dag te blijven, kijkend naar de vervelende wolken voor de boeg, ik weet zeker dat u zou zijn opgevangen / gereden in de regen. Blijf veilig en rijd veilig!

  7. You might have thought you are alone in that ice bar, but there were more than 100,000 Ghosts with you there as well from all around the world. XD

  8. Amazing video .. middle of nowhere there is a ice bar and disco music… that's really a random thing in you videos.


  9. Love your videos…your a beautiful courageous inspirational adventurous women, with a beautiful positive soul, keep it up !!!
    Your never alone, you have 303k subscribers with you !!! Doggies !!!

  10. How much longer before a deal is struck with National Geographic. Thanks Noraly for the archeology and the museum. I've been watching for awhile and really like the sites you take us all to.

  11. Mate… can't help but think you'd be bloody hilarious with a couple drinks under the belt…❄❄❄😁😁😁 great vid as always. Amazing sights. Look forward to the next one. Cheers. Ride safe.

  12. One of the better days. Lots of new things to see. Ice bar is very special. Thought for a moment you are going to dance with the music😁

  13. I come to work every day and I look forward to seeing an Itchy Boots videos. When a day of video is skipped, I feel like something is missing in my day.

  14. Holà Noraly, writing from Quebec, Canada. If you have the chance to go in Quebec City in winter for the Carnaval de Quebec, you will have the chance to drink in an ice glass to! but at minus 20 degrees, believe me that you want to put alcohol in your coke, or much better have a caribou drink JAJAJA . There is also an Ice Hotel where you can stay for sleeping. A new experience to discover ?! Thank's to make me travel with you. Takecare.

  15. Ancient stone caves with prehistoric paintings to man made ice bar cave!!!!!! Norali has mad us to visit the super duper continuity of time!You do
    nothing wrong.What ever you do makes us happy, the Ambassador of happiness! Its a good idea to have such ice bars as tourist attractions in Indian Himalayan region too.Thanks Norali!

  16. Noraly çok pozitif bir insansın cesursun sempatiksin harikasın..seni seviyorum ve keyifle izliyorum..teşekkürler..

  17. Rubia, cómo no te vas a tomar un fernet estando en Argentina? Uno solo no te hace nadaaaa
    Blondie, how dare you to not drink a fernet while visiting Argentina? It won't harm you drinking only one

  18. Thanks to you Argentina is on my wish list , learnt many new things about this wonderful diverse country . Argentinians should thank you for the promotion ..keep exploring .

  19. In 1943 several planes were forced down onto a Greenland glacier. 50 some years later one P38 fighter was brought up through a hole melted down into the glacier with hot water hoses. The planes were buried under 265 ft of ice in only 50 some years. It appears that glaciers grow much faster than was originally believed.

  20. You'd think with all that land they could have made the car park a bit closer to The Glaciarium? Promontory – Prom-On-Tory

  21. Up north in Sweden in a townn called Jukkasjärvi there is a Icehotel built every year with ice from Torne river including an art exhibition made of around 40 artists from all over the world.
    When the ice melts you can still see the art in the new hotel from 2016

  22. Sehr interessantes Video. Mal was anderes als Landschaft ,Natur und Strecke. Alles Gute weiterhin Noraly. Pass gut auf dich auf und komm immer gut an.
    LG aus Deutschland

  23. hola Norali, soy de argentina me gustan tus videos, siempre que esten traducidos a español yo vivi en Ushuaia 32 años y hace un año me fui a mendoza, me gustaria saber cosas de la moto royal enfield me gusta y como vos hace mucho la usas me gustaria saber si es buena en potencia, felocidad y autonomia. gracias

  24. The ice bar experience was priceless. Noraly strolled through the place as if it was at room temperature. I was freezing just watching her. As always, another great video.

  25. Really great places. As soon as you come back to Europe and to "maximum civilization" you get into the usual crap like comsumerism, politics, the fuckin scumbag trump's war, and so on non stop. It should be needed to move to the most remote little isle or on the top of a mountain, probably Himalayas. Though it's not possible yet to move to Saturn.

  26. Have you ever stayed anywhere where there was bed bugs? I read they're quite common in South America and in India/Asia too.

    Have you ever been bitten, if so how did you deal with it?

  27. Hello noraly … how is Dhano doing. Last time u had some issues on Basanti with regard to cone set breakdown. Is this issue u feel is still persist with dhano ?

  28. Sie hat wirklich ein Suchtpotenzial mit ihrer Lockeren und herzlichen Art ihre Erlebnisse zu teilen ,
    Gibt es auch deutsche Fans von Ihr? 👍😘

  29. What a very strange place that Glacier Museum is; a very modern piece of architecture, but in the 'middle of nowhere' – and the 'ice bar' – bizarre!
    A promontory is a thin stretch of high ground, like a peninsula, but can be jutting out into the sea, or into surrounding lowland.

  30. 3.08 Dhano 🙂 awesome weather with great entertaining RidEr… Norley this video goes to 300k+ likes in coming days.

  31. Hey Noraly! Are you happy with your neptune jacket and trousers so far? Maybe you can talk about your experiences with your new gear in your next live stream.
    Good luck on your journey, stay save and keep smiling.

  32. Hey Noraly, that was definitely different!!…but interesting stuff about the glacier. Loving this journey!. I've hopped over from West Sussex to Costa Rica at the moment…but I'll be long gone before you pass through this way! Cheers, Steve

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