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Hold on.. hold on… Whats up…. sir…? What happen uncle? Hey? You gonna hurt our bike. Gotta seat belt too.. What else? [Funky music is going on] Song? while riding? Song? Oh…Haha!! [Laughing] Hey uncle. There must be a music in background. I’ll tell you. This friendship going to be last long? Right? Sir, there is nothing like that. You know… we are the best friends. Whenever we go out. This song plays automatically. See, he doesn’t believe it. You don’t right? BRIJ: Give me the key.
POLICEMAN: Pull over the bike. I will show you sir. Oh well, okay… I will pull over, don’t you worry sir. Until you don’t give me the key, how will I do that? I will over uncle.
Now you see… Why do you invite trouble, bro. Shouldn’t we go home? We can be trapped.. Don’t be a pussy. Look, since our childhood we always paid. We have everything this time. We will have fun with these offenders…. Don’t you worry bro, I am with you. Ma’am, show me your license. GIRL: Lincense?
Constable: Yes. Wait a second. GIRL: License I think…..
Constable: Hurry up Ma’am. Wait a minute sir, let me grab it. Huh!! She is bluffing. hmmm… [Brij and Shubham laughs] What is this? It is a PAN card. Haww! I thought this is The License. CONSTABLE: No.
BRIJ: Show them the license. This is called a license… Yeah.. right… this.. this is the license. Ma’am, you please show me the license. PAN card… Show me the RC? Right here? So where? Oh!! She will show it from home. GIRL: Okay!! See it right here.
CONSTABLE: Yeah… show me. Okay!! Here it is. Oh!! haha!! CONSTABLE: Ma’am what is this. Shut this up.
GIRL: Hey.. CONSTABLE: Keep it inside. It is the limit.
GIRL: You asked for it. CONST: This ain’t RC. (Registration Certificate)
BRIJ: She is a drinker. BRIJ: She drinks whiskey. Sir, smell her mouth. Have you got insurance paper or not? Sir, a year back, I got life insurance. But papers are at home not here. Hey, fine her. GIRL: But why sir, what happen?
CONSTABLE: Fine her. Yes, you come now. Show me the RC. Here it is sir. What is this? where did you put it? Uhmmm… Sir, two days back it rained alot, so it got all wet. So what it rained? Can’t you take care of it? Boy: It got wet.
BRIJ: Sir, let me. Wait a moment and shut up. Wait a second. Show him the RC. BRIJ: This is called as an RC sir.
BOY: This is RC too. Sir, me please. I will take just a moment. Now I will speak. Two days back it rained? Right… right? You got wet so your RC. Why aren’t you wet? BOY: Dude, I had a raincoat.
BRIJ: Yes….. yeah… Got you. Look, for yourself a raincoat. But nothing for RC? BRIJ: Sir….?
BOY: Sir, I will get it done. BRIJ: Its called as lemination.
BOY: Sir… I will get it done now sir. No sir, he just lying. Huh!! Sir, you stand here whole day in sunlight. Even in rain sir, you keep the watch. Sir, I say fine him a challan. Hey you shut up. You does lot of hard work. Is that a joke? Fine him sir. Hey, Hey… Fine him. BOY: Please talk to him on phone sir.
CONST: Hey… hey.. Get lost. Sir, this lady got the RC (Whiskey). RC? So what if It is a RC? Sir, Its your brand RC. RC? Okay.. so.. ummm… Do one thing. Confiscate her RC and let her go. Sir, its 2 minute thing for me. I am so perfect in it. Hey wait. Let the scapegoat come. Wait for some time. Sir, here is a scapegoat. Really? We will do it later. Dr.: Let me show you an example. Inspector: Put it inside. Okay? Put it inside.. BOY: Please talk him once. Sir, please talk. I don’t know whom he wants you to talk. Don’t you understand? Sir, please talk once on phone. Do some adjustments and let him go. Hey, come here right now. Yup!! give it to me. Sir, this is all I got. Alright, Get lost right now. Our boss doesn’t need you. SHUBHAM: Why doctor is here? Sir, they are really making fun of others. INSPECTOR: These two?
CONST: Yes. BRIJ: Yes sir. You guys show me your……. BRIJ: RC?
INSPECTOR: Not RC… but… BRIJ: Insurance? Not insurance…. you show… License? Hmmm!! got the license. License… hmm..! [Both laughs] Where are your helmets? We have it, two of it. Show him. Show me. SHUBHAM: Bro, it was on bike..
BRIJ: Yes it was…. Where are your helmets? Sir we hanged it right there. We had it and two helmets. CONST: Sir, fine them.
INSPECTOR: Sure? Sir, please listen. It will be a challan. Hey sir… but.. sir.. Sir, we had helmet, Please listen. INSPECTOR: One thousand for helmet.
BRIJ: No sir, Please sir. Sir, why this two thousand? Look there, it is a no parking. Sir, please sir. Let us go please sir. INSPECTOR: We didn’t let him go even.
BRIJ: Who sir? YUMRAJ: [Laughs] [Snoring] [Yumraj laughs] [Inspector] Who is that? Its me Chitragupta. What do you want? Our sire is here to take you. Who sire? Chitragupta? Yes sire. Tell him, whose life we gonna take today. Life, whose life are you gonna take? Hold on sire, I tell. Village name Ghat, Partapur. The person gonna die, Radheshyam. Son of Paplu Singh. We are going to take his life sire. Lets take him. Yes sire. Hold on, I’ll come. What is this? This? this is our sire’s vehicle. Vehicle? CHITRAGUPTA: Yes.. Is this really your vehicle. INSPECTOR: Helmet?
CHITRAGUPTA:We both have it. Hmmm!! Helmet. Show me your RC then. RC? Vehicle’s papers…. Oh…. Registration paper? YUMRAJ: Chitragupta.
CHITRAGUPTA: Yes sire. Show him Registration Certificate. I’ll show him right away. Inspector have a look. Look at this. What is this? What language is this? It is in Sanskrit, inspector. Sanskrit? Its in Sanskrit? hmmm… okay.. Yes sir. Show me that….. [In distinctive conversation] Polution? Already doing….. CHITRA: Pollution?
INSP: Yes. Sleepers? Driving with sleepers? Come here… Chitra: Mr. Inspector.
INSP: Come here. Don’t try to talk about sleepers, these are Kohlapuri. Kohlapuri? Come here.. come here.. Pull over right here. We were here to take a life here. You can’t get us fined. One thousand for for that? It is gonna five thousands. Five thousands? But thousand plus thousand make two thousands. Yes, it is two thousands. Take this. Chitragupta, what is he saying? But sir, we don’t have that much money. Don’t have it? So go and sit behind the car. They have been fined five thousands. Few thousands for you too. Sir, by the way where are they? Go and see him sitting in back. Sir, shall I open them up? Hold on… hold on. [Yumraj Laughs] This man is still laughing? Sir, please.. We don’t have that much money. No money? Yes sir.. We are students sir. Sir we beg you please sir. No issue son. Meet him. Come Mr. bakshi. Why is he here sir? Sir, who is to be opened? He will take all you owe. He will take your kidney. BRIJ: Kidney?
SHUBHAM: No. No.. sir… please no. Its gonna be very less painful. DR.: Its not gonna be painful.
BOYS: No no no. Told you not to take the trouble….

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