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Pravin Gordhan: Now, in the first video,
we saw you riding a motorcycle. Sadhguru: That’s not a crime in Africa (Laughter)? Pravin Gordh an: No, not at all. If you
follow this awareness, you’ll feel good actually. Motorcycles and transformers seem to have
some association, from my limited knowledge. So, Che Guevara also went onto a journey in
Latin America (Sadhguru laughs), on a motorcycle. So, I think there’s a movie called Motorcycle Diaries. And that transformed his
understanding of the human condition and interestingly of the kind of
health conditions that people lived in. What did your motorcycle journeys teach you
and how has it influenced you? Sadhguru: Oh (Laughs)! I crisscrossed India on my motorcycle. I rode… Pravin Gordhan: I must confess
I don’t ride a motorcycle (Laughter). Sadhguru: I did not ride with a destination in my mind.
I simply rode because at that time for me… It’s… It’s very difficult to explain this to you because… Let me put it as succinctly as possible. As I paid attention to the world around myself, for me, the most striking aspect of creation
was the geometry of creation. It’s much later that I earned… that I learnt that
yoga is a very intrinsic geometry, very exquisite geometry, as to how to align
your system to the larger geometry of the cosmos. This is something that came to me later. But right from my childhood, if I looked a tree,
I looked at the million forms of geometry first. That is what dazzled me before I could even
grasp the color and the other aesthetic aspect of it. If I look at a human being, if I just see them,
how they sit and stand, I can easily tell them in next ten years,
what problems will they have, how will they live, what will be the state of their body,
what will be the state of their mind, simply looking at the geometry of their system. The entire universe is just perfection of geometry. For example, there is a solar system in which we exist. Because planet is maintaining a
certain geometry of movement, we are on. Suppose planet Earth decides to meander a bit,
go for a picnic and come back (Laughter) – well, it won’t come back. It’s because the precision of geometry is
all the time on, universe is on. Similarly, in our own bodies, the geometry
is in a certain way, so it’s functioning. A misaligned geometry means you’re going towards… Perfection of geometry means a machine lasts
for the longest period of time. So, for me, the terrain of India just grabbed me like that. For me, just the thing is to look at that little outcrop,
that rock, that one bent something, you know? It is like, in my mind, there are hundreds and hundreds of hours of video that even today I can play back, it’s like that for me. Because, I very judiciously saw that I don’t get educated,
to the shock of my highly educated father (Few laugh). Right from the day you’re born, everybody is trying to teach you something
that’s not worked for them (Laughter/Applause). So, because I kept nothing in my mind – even today (Laughs)… Just to make myself… my head look substantial,
I wear something (Laughter) because otherwise it’s just empty most of the time (Laughs). So, I just grabbed the… the visual images,
the geometry of the terrain – how a rock is sitting, how a small pebble is sitting, how a grasshopper is sitting – even today it runs in my mind. People ask, “Sadhguru, how do you spend your time? Suppose… You know, you don’t read, you don’t do anything,
how do you do?” If I just turn on my video, my motorcycle days,
it just runs and runs and runs and runs endlessly. There were times… You won’t believe this…
Because this became such a… It’s very difficult to say this. The motorcycle, the me and the earth
became so much one that I would ride sometimes three days and three nights, without sleep. And barely with any food because
all my money went into the tank (Laughter). This tank (Referring to his stomach)
was empty, it didn’t matter, I want to keep this tank full and I want to make
few more kilometers if I can with whatever little I have. So, I crisscrossed India. This grasp of terrain is so big in me. People may think,
“What is there to learn about the terrain? Did you learn geography? Did you learn geology?” No. I learned nothing. It’s just that I absorbed the earth
in a certain way into myself. And of course, the people. I never ever stayed in a hotel. I just had a tiny little tent if I had to pitch it in a forest. Otherwise, I just rode into some village somewhere,
walked into somebody’s house and I told them, “I just need a shower and I’m hungry.” Never I got refused. Always they welcomed me (Laughs), I had my shower, ate well, sometimes they allowed me to sleep there. Many times, I never asked their names,
they never asked what’s my name; I just rode on the next day morning (Laughs). So, there was an incredible connect with the people. I didn’t have to know people to make themselves…
to make them a part of my life. I did not have to own the land to make it mine. I did not have to own anything to make it mine. I think that’s the biggest lesson
that came to me with my motorcycling, that I did not have to possess anything to make it mine. I’ve already made all of you mine. You may not give me permission, I don’t care.
I’ve made it mine (Laughter), that’s all. And because of this, my life is constantly
exuberant and phenomenally rich because I’ve not seen one human being, who is not
very, very deeply involved with me. I involve them, whether they involve or not. Pravin Gordhan: It’s a good starting point
(Sadhguru laughs) (Applause).In today’s world…

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  1. Sadhguru, your stories, metaphors and life experiences are absolutely beautiful! Sending you lots of love and light.

  2. If anyone ever has access to a transcript from such talks please let me know where I can find it. Thank You Much! I would much rather read the Message than listen to a video and hear it.

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  4. This is the fact where is our world heading to why people r so upset on small things ?…. Life is short live to the fullest and ride motorcycle its less polluting than cars

  5. That's exactly how I rode my motorcycle…the experience of the landscapes, the smells, all of that was my only destination. I had entire circuits that I rode as a meditation.

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