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100 thoughts on “School Bus Conversion – Building The Bed And Walls

  1. Awesome job. I have the same bus. So I see you didn’t frame. If I’m correct you insulated then screwed wood on top of the insulation? I guess framing isn’t really necessary. Less work for me lol

  2. I had a bus very similar to yours. It was stolen from be before I had a chance to finish it. Bought an RV later only to have it burn to the ground. Now I am preparing my van to hit the road. It will be outfitted with GPS tracking and many fire extinguishers.

  3. Did you consider putting some cabinets/shelves in the upper corner between wall and sealing? That's how it's done in most caravans to get some aditional storage. Greetings from Germany, nice project and well done!

  4. You could drill holes into the surfaces and build sets of removable fiddles with pengs to stick in, like they are used on ships so your crap doesn't fly off when driving around. Would quiet give it the…
    "edge" (•_•) / ( •_•)>⌐■-■ / (⌐■_■)
    see what I did there?
    That and maybe some storage nets to the walls and under the ceiling, you see what's in them and they don't make it feel so tight.

  5. Until you showed lifting the bed I assumed you were going to get Mariela to crawl through the little hole under the bed to get the crap out from the back corner….

  6. Miss you guys! Rem and I watch all your vids on our TV all the time! Stoked how far you're getting on your bus! Can't wait to see it in person! Man, we dream of they day we get to do that (hopefully to a sprinter) ❤️

  7. Nice job. Lock,s is North Idaho not so depressed like in the movie. I must googling were is Idaho. Greeting from Serbia and good luck both of you.

  8. How did you attach the material for the walls without any framing? I noticed that the insulation was glued on but after that you lost me

  9. I liked the way your girl said "MY BED" . Bud, I think you better marry that girl cause ones like that are few and far between!

  10. I like how creative they were with the ideas. It was really inspiring thats the kind of project I really want to work on.

  11. In our big bus we have the master bed in the very back and we use the back door as an access door for the storage I built under the bed. I would like to have cut the door in a way that it would only open to the storage area… Idea for another time perhaps.

    Ah…. I forgot to say that your bus has turned out great!!! Definitely keep us up to date on any modifications you make to your current layout and what you would or would not have done differently.

    And that rope swinging footage is sick!!! Won't catch me doing it.

  12. What is the status on the bus now?? I'm so curious to see how the final build turned out! I really want to see what you did with the bathroom and how you fit everything into such a small bus. I need more videos with a short bus. They are so freaking cool!

  13. Hey, bud ! What tool did you use to remove the metal rails at 1:25?! I ripped the subfloor up yesterday and am eyeballing those rails and noticed that a drill won’t do it as there is no insert on the hardware for any tool that I’m familiar with….

  14. We have the same kind of bus but it is a 2000. We are gutting our bus now and I was wondering why you decided not to strip the walls down? Also, do you have a video on how you wired everything? We are not super handy but learning as we go. Thanks for your help!

  15. Having lived/traveled more than once in a westie… I'm SOOO jealous of you're syncro. My only suggestion? KEEP FIRE EXTINGUISHERS HANDY and NEARBY… 😂😂 maybe a smoke alarm too!!!

  16. I love the build! Good work. Do you use the porch as much you thought you would? Do you have a video with the sink and work area installed?

  17. Put some hinges on the plywood of the bed at the rear wall. To keep it from shifting in travel. Then add some 3 inch blocks.The placement will depend where the Automotive or screen door gas shocks go this will aid in lifting the plywood and mattress. A short bit of broom handle can be used as a prop when open if the shock can't support the weight. They will help open it though

  18. I am just wondering why you call her "Girl"? It seems kinda disrespectful. Hopefully it's just to discourage creepy people. If so I understand. Thanks guys

  19. Great videos! I'm loving it 🙂 I can't wait to begin mine. Did you notice that at 12 minutes and 7 seconds you were standing in front of a rock formation that look like a two-faced man? Wow that was wild! Great capture

  20. What's the coldest you had living in the bus? Was it insulated enough? Would you like to change something about it?

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