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Not going to lie man, I have holding on for
dear life but, wouldn’t change anything, do it all over again. You’re not going to judge
me if I scream like a girl are you? No believe me it happens all the time. We’re here at
the largest automotive event of the year, if you’re a car guy or girl this is where
you need to be, right here at the 2013 SEMA show, taking place in beautiful Las Vegas.
What’s up guys, Justin with AmericanMuscle.com, now we’re going to be bringing you all the
crazy Mustangs of the show this year, in addition to some other fun stuff along the way, in
fact we’ve got cars sliding around out there right now, our boy Vaughn Gittin Jr’s here,
and we’re going to unveil the MMD car live, right here at this year’s SEMA show. We’ve
got a lot to check out man, so what do you say we get inside and get to it. Alright,
we’re here at the source interlink booth here, of course Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords,
got a little something special under this blanket here and I’m pretty interested to
see what it is, supposed to be a pretty big reveal so, let’s check it out. Evan Smith:
SEMA 2013 looks to be an amazing show this year, and without further ado let’s check
out Project Hypersilver! Justin: We’re here with Marc Christ, technical editor at Muscle
Mustangs and Fast Fords and this is actually his car. Give us some of the technical, quick
specifications of the motor and the power output and all that good stuff. Marc: ok well
this is a 427 cubic inch, pushrod engine, based on the Windsor platform. This is a cross
ram, fuel injected intake manifold, Jon Kaase Racing Engines P38 heads, all comp cans, valve
trains… Justin: total power output at the wheels sir? Marc: We haven’t chassis dyno’d
it just yet, we wanted to keep it clean for the show, but the engine was dyno’d at 601
on 93 octane pump gas. Justin: That should work, that should work. We are here in Ford’s
booth, obviously the Mustang is very well represented as you would imagine, all kinds
of crazy cars here, a crazy Nitto car, wide body GT500 up there, wild black Mustang back
there with an all aluminum raw roof, very cool stuff. While we’re here checking out
this awesome Mustang, I actually notice it has a Raxiom navigation system installed in
this car, right here in the Ford booth. No 2015 news unfortunately, but hey we did get
to meet Gene Simmons and his wife Shannon Tweed, got to hang out with her a little bit.
Shannon Tweed: Hi AmericanMuscle.com! I’m here at SEMA with Justin! This hot guy right
here! Justin: Oh hey now. Oh by the way, Mustang, hottest car of this years SEMA show again
for the 2013 show, so Ford, Mustang, doing it big as always. Here with my buddy Evan
from Exedy, Evan long time no see man, good to see you again, last time I saw you of course
at our offices, hanging out with me at the shop. Been checking out some of the stuff
over there, maybe you can tell us some of the new stuff coming out next year or a little
later on this year? Evan: Well so far for next year we’ve got a lot of the automatic
stuff for the Mustang coming out, we’ve got the Fox body flywheels coming out, and we’re
expanding on our twin plate line for the Mustang as always. Justin: Nice man, we could definitely
use that flywheel for our Fox we just took it down the track, we slapped a blower on
it, it went 11.6 at 120mph on its second pass, but I think we underestimated our clutch needs
at first so we’re going to throw one of those bad boys in it, go back and see what we can
do. Of course we’re checking out some of the cool Mustangs and SEMA and this definitely
fits the bill, check this thing out, beautiful beautiful 2013 Mustang GT equipped with this
thing under the hood, checking this out, Prochargers new I1 blower, debuted at SEMA last year but
this is the first year it’s actually on cars, Jim’s is one of four cars which is actually
rocking this blower here, but let’s check out some of the cool things that make this
blower special so come on back I’ll show you guys. So the cool thing with the Pro Charger’s
I1 blower is this, you have to check this out. Basically, first touch screen, changeable
blower setup I think available ever. You can choose from touring mode, which gives you
2lbs of boost, great for putting around, staying out of boost, you can save your tires, save
your car, save your gas, You want to have a little more fun you go to sport mode, basically
acts like a typical pro charger, builds boost like a centrifugal blower, but if you want
to have fun, competition mode, you hit that button, changes from a centrifugal to a typical
roots style blower, you get that instant power, right off the throttle, right off redline,
and you can also do custom which you can balance between the two a little bit, so I’ve never
seen anything like it, I mean as a car head, that’s pretty cool so like I said really fits
the bill as one of the coolest Mustangs we’ve seen here at SEMA. Man: So you don’t just
play a car guy on TV, you actually do it? Justin: Yeah man, I get dirty. Hey guys, out
front at SEMA here, all the fun stuff is taking place, we’ve got Mustangs sliding around,
Ford Raptors jumping over huge jumps, let’s go in and check it out. Here with Mr RTR himself,
my man Vaughn Gittin Jr., what’s going on dude, good to see you! Long time no see since
the show of course, what are you thinking of SEMA so far this year, 2013? Vaughn: It’s
been a blur, but i think it’s been a blast. Justin: I saw you and Turk out here yesterday
killing it dude, you had quite the crowd for the whole demo. How does it feel to step out
of the car and hear people going nuts? Vaughn: It feels really good to see how pumped everybody
is on what we’re doing out there drifting, and obviously love driving with my boy Ryan
Turk and we’re just having a blast. Justin: That’s awesome man, now obviously we’re standing
in front of the demo car, I understand there’s maybe a chance I can sneak in this thing with
you and… Vaughn: I think you have to, we’ve been talking about it, I’ve seen you busting
some donies and playing around in the parking lot, so I think when we go for a ride… Justin:
you’ll show me how it’s done? Vaughn: I’m not saying that, but we’ll go have some fun.
Justin: You’re not going to judge me if I scream like a girl are you? Vaughn: No believe
me it happens all the time, in fact I hope you do. Justin: I thought I knew what I was
doing behind the wheel, this guy makes me feel like a noob man, unbelievable. Peter
Chaney: I was excited to actually have you know, the Project MMD Mustang in our booth.
Brian Ellis: It’s beautiful I love the flat white. Evan Smith: It’s unique, but it’s also
classic. Justin: Of course one of the biggest reasons we’re here, the unveiling of Project
MMD underneath the bright lights of the convention center, if you haven’t seen the videos of
this build you can do so by clicking on the link below. It’s got big company here at the
Forgestar booth, Lambo, M3, but I got to be honest man, the car is getting a ton of attention,
a lot of looks and in fact some of our friends stopped by the check it out, it’s really being
well received here at the big show in Vegas. Peter: I love it, I love how it turned out.
Justin: the wheels just set it off, the F14’s. Brian: I got to tell you you know, the MMD
car has come a long way, I’m impressed. Evan: It looks like a package you can really get
down with, take it to a show. This is a very good example of why Mustangs are so popular
right now. Justin: Here at the Ford out front at the autosales booth, checking out some
more really cool Mustangs, check this thing out, 2014 Shelby GT500, all metal wide body
kit, our friends from Magnaflow have an exhaust on this thing, really really sick blue, blue
interior and blue paint job. Very cool stuff, but this thing caught our eye man, this is
unbelievable, here with Gary, the owner and builder of Gill, your 69 Mach 1. 4 351 Windsors,
pushing about how much horsepower you say? Gary: Right, we got about 500 per motor about
2000. Justin: I’d say that’d be enough to smoke all 4 tires! Gary: Oh yeah definitely.
Vortech: Alright man, here it is, Project Yellow Jacket, 2014 Mustang GT. Justin: It
is certainly unique man, you can see it glowing from the corner over here, I notice you’ve
got the Raxiom nav in there as well what do you guys think of that? Vortech: It’s an incredible
piece, looks great, easy to install, it’s great! This is our V3 SI supercharger, air
to air intercool, competition Airaid inlet on it, maximum motorsport suspension, strut
tower brace is brand new you’ll be seeing that come out soon, got a full color matched
K member, coil overs, braces, panhard bar, you name it, it’s amazing. Justin: All color
matched the same Ferrari yellow huh? How cool is that? Here with Jesse from Ford Racing,
how you doing sir good to see you. Jesse: Good to see you Justin. Justin: How are you
enjoying the show so far? Jesse: So far so good and it’s always exciting to be part of
Ford at the SEMA show. Justin: Absolutely, you’ve got a great seat for all the Ford out
front driving stuff going on. Talking about some cool stuff man, what have you got going
on right here this is pretty neat. Jesse: This is a Mustang GT, and we’ve got it equipped
with all our various performance parts. It’s really great because it gives people an opportunity
to see the underpinnings of the car that they don’t normally see, the downside is it’s got
all this fun stuff on it but we can’t ever drive it because we’ve got to keep it clean
to put on its side. Justin: I noticed the Boss mid pipe, we’ve got that on our MMD car,
we love it, really growls, sounds nice, and you can see kind of what’s happening underneath
the car. Alright so we’re checking out this bad boy man, tell us a little more about this
setup and can i have one for my 1927 T bucket? Jesse: Well we’ll talk about the T bucket
afterward off camera but yeah, Ford Racing is known for aftermarket performance parts
but we definitely don’t forget about our earlier Ford brethren, this is our newest push rod
offering, based on our 351 block is the largest small block we’ve ever done, 460 which is
an iconic number in the big block world, 575 horsepower, 575 ft/lbs of torque in a very
compact package. Justin: I think that’ll work just fine on my ’27, that’ll do, thank you.
I think I already know this answer but anything you can give us on the 2015 whatsoever I know
it’s really hush hush but… Jesse: I want to thank you for your interest in the brand,
and i… Justin: There it is. Jesse: I appreciate you asking and having such a passion for Mustang,
I can assure you that when Ford motors has information they’re ready to give out, you’ll
be the first to know. Justin: You’ve said that once or twice before haven’t you? Jesse:
I have. Justin: Hey guys, Justin here with a legend, a man that really needs no introduction
of course, Jack Roush Jr., good to meet you sir. Jack: Nice to meet you. Justin: Now,
explain your SEMA experience so far for 2013. Jack: It’s exciting, you know, I have a hard
time coming here and keeping my jaw closed. At Roush we are unveiling a number of things,
this is actually a Roush stage 3 Mustang, Justin: Speaking of keeping your jaw closed
I definitely couldn’t when I saw this thing, tell us some of the juicy details it’s got
going for it. Jack: This has 675 horsepower, it has our track pack suspension, True Track,
the Cooper RS3 tires, racing seats. Justin: We saw you out there a little earlier, and
from what I hear through the grapevine I might be able to sneak in the passenger seat in
the next demo? Jack: Yeah. Justin: You going to show me a good time? Jack: Yeah, let’s
do it. Justin: Here we go, tell my wife I love her! Well guys that’s going to do it
for the 2013 SEMA show from Las Vegas, what a crazy time man, we saw some amazing Mustangs,
we met some really cool people, and as a result, my voice is kind of shot. How fitting is it
that the Mustang was the hottest car of the show again this year, I like to think our
MMD car had something to do with that, so cool place to be if you’re a fan of Mustangs,
speaking of which I got to ride in some pretty cool Mustangs myself, Vaughn Gittin Jr. In
his read to rock RTR Mustang, and Jack Roush Jr in his crazy Roush Mustang. I mean I’m
like a kid in a candy store, we had a great time. And by the way it was great fun driving
this thing up and down the Vegas strip, and taking some really cool videos out in the
desert, so I’m ready for some sleep man, it’s been a hell of a time, but we hope you’ve
enjoyed our tour of the SEMA show right here at AmericanMuscle.com.

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  1. if make a car for a show like that ,why not make it something beautiful??
    cuz what u did is a white boring stang i would not look twice at it on the street

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